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    I'm back today with another make the shot, I'll buy you anything, but with a twist! Each shot has a specific prize, so if the boys make the shot, they claim it!
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    INSANE Make the Shot, I'll Buy You Anything Challenge 🏀
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    Make A Full Court Shot, I'll Buy You Anything... NBA Basketball
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    1. Jesser

      Really enjoyed making this one! Here's another one of my favorites - de-news.net/online/video-CURPDbrGP7I.html

      1. ItzTailsYT Plays


      2. Dream Slatt

        Yall need to work on your jump shots except kris

      3. Ebinezer Joseph

        Damm bruh. But where is cash?

      4. Daniel Isibor

        finally grew a beard lets go

      5. Martavious Tisby


    2. Varun Balram

      My room costs $500 for god's sake

    3. Bryce Manning

      0:23 haha 😂 Mitchell’s face

    4. Kaanav

      James was so hype when someone else made a shot lmao

    5. Tzviel Kahan

      i love kris's half-court shooting form

    6. Ryan Duty

      James: Makes half court shot Also James: I cannot shoot today

    7. ShEd _

      That edit 1:37

    8. daniel socool

      It's way 2 hype

    9. Jayden Goly

      What are the tiles they were talking about

    10. Chandra Vislay

      You guys are awesome

    11. A.Michael D

      You should have humiliations for every time you miss!! Worse humiliations for the more expensive gifts, and every time you miss they get doubled or something 🤣😎

    12. Jaxon Miehle

      cmon 100k likes

    13. TLovesGreens


    14. Juju Nuts

      Mopie back

    15. Jacobe Hamilton

      be a disciple of JESUS today if you're not one right now read your bible every day talk to god every day try not to sin jesus did die on the cross for us and GOD gave us this life JESUS might come back soon love JESUS and GOD more than anything try to learn everything that you can about being a disciple😊......😊😊😊

    16. ItzTailsYT Plays


    17. Nacho Olmedo

      12:19 hahaha

    18. Noah Hallahan

      Hay can i plz be in one of your videos

    19. Yoboy Cookie

      Zach only looks at all the stuff because he is getting old

    20. James Reece

      Have any of these shot a basketball in their life before . Bball channel for non players it’s horrible to watch

    21. Marcus Hinks

      Miss SkskmSkskm

    22. Joshua Tobiasz


    23. GAMING OVER 9000 #goodatgames

      When tall guy sniff 5 hundo tho

    24. TheMuffinMan1212

      nice 😃

    25. DOG BOTS

      James: makes half court Later:can’t shoot today

    26. Krystal Keyes

      Your such a good friend Jesser 😇😍😇

    27. Tree Daddy

      Qw is a great 👍 woman and a great 👍

    28. Tree Daddy


    29. LYNX

      Türklerden içerik çalmak mı duymamış olayım

    30. Cameron Brock

      I,could not see if mobi got him

    31. Landon Doi

      The guy in blue...His fall through 😫

    32. Karla Sam

      What’s up

    33. C R O M A T A Y T

      Where is mopi


      I read the title as whoever makes the shot I’ll buy you anything😂

    35. Sattdaddy 23

      Hey i dont teach my kids to swear or use gods name in vein, i ask you to stop or i will no further watch the videos with my children. Thank you

    36. TheOnlyFury

      We just gonna ignore 1:36

    37. Lou diamond Macaraig

      No way

    38. Cooper Dinnebier

      What kind of tiles do they mean?

    39. Shawn Seeney


    40. Finn Oneill


    41. Amber Ahmed

      He saying the s word

    42. Rambo :D

      Mopi and flight will be a good match up who’s with me let’s make this happen

    43. Desmond Baker

      Can you sub to rocket cheez its ok if not

    44. You Start

      That tall guy is a waste of height he is so bad at basketball he has no future in playing it

    45. ilyLxcks


    46. BaBy SnIp3z


    47. Erica Moore

      Can you do a whatever shot you make I’ll by with your fans

    48. Nick Overlock


    49. OhMyItsRy

      Time to up my content 😂

    50. Mike Apila

      There all trash’s

      1. O'Solomon Fitzhugh

        @Mike Apila you said please learned i'm dead 🤣🤣🤣🤣

      2. Mike Apila

        @O'Solomon Fitzhugh in your country, we all know property name it’s “MOM” not mum

      3. O'Solomon Fitzhugh

        @Mike Apila and mum is also mom

      4. Mike Apila

        @O'Solomon Fitzhugh what about your mom by the way it’s “MOM” not mum and it’s “your” not ur. if your going to insult me at lest learned how to spells

      5. O'Solomon Fitzhugh

        ur mum

    51. serge kouam

      did kris fake that ankle breaker

      1. serge kouam

        and kris too

      2. serge kouam

        a kris

      3. serge kouam

        and mitch called that last shot

    52. John Caleb

      Full court laptop faze rug half court Lamborghini

    53. Gilang C

      Mrbeast poor version

    54. Luke Quinn

      Uhhhh The Title?

    55. Montey Gaming

      Mopi ur shots arent weak, you gotta work on that release and follow through

    56. Logxns WRLD

      How does mopi make a half court but not a simple mid range jumper

    57. Aquir

      Was 1:37 racist idk b's and all it is is black people all around

    58. Aquir

      Dont say gods name in vain

    59. Isaiah Soikham

      They didn’t invite faze rug because rug destroyed 2hype last time and took most prices

    60. Kahlil Easton

      Seeing lsk limp run kinda mad me sad

    61. General Awesomeness

      Zach has literally the smoothest jump shot ever! 😮

    62. Trick_poke

      2k in real life

    63. Jeremiah Rolleri


    64. Jeremiah Rolleri


    65. Jeremiah Rolleri


    66. Jeremiah Rolleri


    67. Jeremiah Rolleri


    68. DERVIS

      Lol FaZe Rug did the same thing

    69. Deveron Bartley


    70. Marques Berry

      Where y'all go hoop at somebody need to teach yall 🤧☣️