When You Forget Your Mask

Lilly Singh

Lilly Singh

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    No mask, no service. Time to take off your bra and wrap it around your face with a hair tie. It happens to the best of us. All jokes aside, WEAR YOUR MASKS PEOPLE!
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    1. Lilly Singh

      Hey everyone! Excited for you to watch this tomorrow! Thanks for being here bb! I can't wait to chat with you during the premiere. Most importantly, which snacks are you bringing to the premiere?! Comment below. I'm bringing Lucky Charms with Almond Milk FAMMMMM x

      1. Amazing Stats

        you're welcome

      2. Ataur Shah

        my sis is Bangladesh

      3. Jacob Pfeiffer

        @moco moco wow

      4. moco moco


    2. Kristina Mikkelson Casanova

      lol really enjoyed this...you are so funny

    3. Shahzain Naveed

      THE WORLDS BEST DE-newsR!!!

    4. Charlie Thompson

      I got a mask, just like the lone ranger.

    5. Hargun Virk

      your videos are truly very funny.i have seen most of your video .....

    6. Aisha Diallo

      At timhortons they give free masks now! TO ALL THE CANADIANS

    7. Daysha Cortez

      Imagine if she asked the girl for pads and she brought her tampons

    8. Daysha Cortez

      I’d just show him the picture of the brand Of pads

    9. speedy

      omg you saved my life XDDD just tell them to buy you a mask

    10. Jane Doe

      Not funny didn't laugh

    11. Jfx FN

      I actually forgot it today lol

    12. Hannie Forever22

      I would rather just drive home I would be to sacred to ask random people

    13. M Dutton

      One word MEDICAL

    14. Miriam Rodriguez

      Go on amazon and shop there, no masks needed. Masks do nothing wake up America 🇺🇸

    15. Matty Slice

      How about, " When you forget you're not a good comedian"?

    16. trickdawg

      I be glad when the hoax is over. Probably right after the election.

    17. Hardy boys


    18. Just me Jio

      I betchu Facebook moms are share this thinking it’s funny

    19. cris miller

      in California, there have always been signs like 'no shoes, no shirt, no service. now no mask but never no pants?

    20. tinamy

      we cant refuse people entry into my store because we get enough abuse as it is... i wish i could refuse though. 2020 has me ready to fight

    21. Yohara Ranasinghe


    22. Adithya Bally

      She forgot. your. mask

    23. Leena Raveendra


    24. Trevor Bradford

      Man how unfunny is this chick

    25. CARE BEAR


    26. dangding Bo

      Just pull out a baseball bat next time

    27. Purasuchikku_Aidoru

      She should wear a mask at all times

    28. Chammah Acbb

      Put your mask on. It's. A virus WHO says so.

    29. shubhi

      ok that was funny

    30. Rainbow_ Ramen

      I like how Lilly isn’t let in without a mask the guy just walks right in-

    31. Dan Hurley

      In america never shop where they enforce stupidity. If they demand a mask never return. The best stores ignore the political posturing and the gullible mask people

    32. lina nicolia

      So cute and entertaining....loved it !!!!

    33. xTHECONNORx

      1. No MASK No Service? That's not evem catchy! 2. Just go back home to get your mask!

      1. Reena Sajith

        It doesn't Need to be catchy no mask no service is common and not even meant to be catchy

      2. Bhagya Lakshmi

        Wat if your far from om

    34. Justice For All


    35. Shravya Vivek Krishnamurthy

      Anyone realise how much money she lost by those two people 😂😂😂

    36. Khads Jones

      I was diying when he got her 🍇 grapes

    37. Crystal Peterman


    38. Man Splainer

      This like just isn’t funny....

    39. Farm Madness 4

      I never where mask

    40. prod.swalehbeats

      I got the best type beats hands down if like um subscribe

    41. Tia

      Me today

    42. Nolan Martel

      This just isn’t funny I don’t a single person who would laugh at this

    43. Samwich

      Everyone watching this: 😐

    44. Shayaan Gaming zone

      Didn't she have 15.1 M subscribers?

    45. Jake MacHine

      I will be sure never to watch your lame vids again.

      1. Jake MacHine

        @Reena Sajith thanks for telling me that. Too bad they let everyone post a vid.

      2. Reena Sajith

        No one is asking you to watch so bye

      3. Bhagya Lakshmi

        Look who says that

    46. Game Gamers

      Your not funny

    47. jesscocoinhk

      this is perfect

    48. Jenel Leech

      When I forget my mask I freak out like there not going to let me in 😷😷😥

    49. Giselley Gee

      lmaooo this is hilarious! the wings 🤣🤣

    50. Chasbro Chas

      That was real funny Lilly and it sends a awareness message. Takes a lot of work I'm sure to put this together.

    51. Mark Chapman

      Screw wearing masks! Morons!

    52. DeadArt Plays


    53. JackLox123

      Unfunny, but people need to wear masks more often, america is doomed

    54. notafurry btw

      Died of laughter 2006-2020

    55. Mike Cronis

      I have to admint, "Grapes" was pretty good.

    56. KEKW

      HAHA SO FUNNY AND RELATABLE OMG JOY BRUH. i am trying so hard to find the funny HAHAHAHAHAH

    57. Ponchii Aj

      haha so relatable i think i jizzed a bit 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    58. little girl savage

      yeh i forogt a mask one time lol WE LIKE ROBLOX.

    59. sliptwig1


    60. MiketheYung God

      Businesses can make employees wear masks, but not customers. I never wear a mask and never been hassled.

    61. John O

      What an excellent video. I have NO IDEA why there's 3.4K dislikes & ONLY 60k likes. This had me laughing so hard from beginning to end. This is absolutely hysterical. This would be & should be a commercial during The Super Bowl & I REALLY mean it. You did an amazing job so to the 3.4K dislikes I have 1 thing to say "GET A SENSE OF HUMOR" because again this is extremely funny.

    62. Siddhi Dwivedi

      Your surname (Singh) is like indian surname 😂

      1. Reena Sajith

        She is Indian

    63. Avdhesh Arya

      Super hilarious.... the face mask...😁😁😁😁😁

    64. TopherGrey

      Trying too hard, makes this not funny at all

    65. Narx.en.

      I have been watching too much diesel patches for this to be recommended lol

    66. DriveThru Abortion

      I heard you were the unfunniest person

    67. Roger Frisco

      So we can't buy or sell if we don't....... Not good people.

    68. Banin Neisi

      Did anyone realise that the first man wasn’t wearing a mask

    69. Vipul Jain

      Yo I kinda want a part 2 to see if she actually gets her pads and advil

    70. Lior U

      Bruuh 'Padding' 💀