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    Am Vor 51 year


    1. Cyantica

      You're the only youtuber where I also watch the promo-stuff, you are hilarious! love it!

    2. Eric L.

      Do productive people have brains who killed their primitive older brother?

    3. Bladed Asskicker

      I hate how accurate and relatable this is

    4. Kendra Haan

      This is the kind of relatable content I need

    5. Memes4days

      Someone: So Daniel, did you get any *work* done? Daniel: It AiNt FaMiLiAh

    6. Levitating Eternity

      The only man who can make me watch an ad.

    7. Clockwork Kirlia

      Honestly this is a mood, a personal attack and a vibe all in one.

    8. theaf linus

      mhh time to make a joke but I think it's TOO FAMILIAH

    9. Shai Hijikc

      Wow, that insertion of Freudian psychoanalysis you don't expect...

    10. Warp Zone

      When making funny videos about playing the piano just isn't profitable enough, so you have to resort to selling butts on the internet.

    11. Sandra


    12. Timothy John K

      I need this guy in my life

    13. Dylaroonie

      Anyone else noticed the little Robert Downy Junior dance at the very end of the video? xD

    14. Laila

      Ai don undeztend una kk

    15. Random Junkyard

      Why does his brain sound like a tarot leader? *Tuesday's bad* *and ID*

    16. Fifth _Magic


    17. wilt ruddles

      This dude is ALWAYS funny, in every one of his videos😂😂🤣🤣🤣😂😂👏👏👏👏👏👏

    18. LZanimation 64

      2:28 I feel a disturbance..... as if all male an female viewers got diabetes from all that sugar

    19. Adam Raymonda

      I absolutely hate how much I relate to this video

    20. Holdfish

      Wait what happens on friday??

    21. Coltz-Pun

      Just got a notification for this video

    22. Kyle Batting

      His clone videos always remind me of the characters from XKCD.

    23. Tabor Mayes

      This explains my brain so well

    24. Viva Frei

      Far too much truth in this jest me thinks.

    25. Aly Alynni8

      You make me laugh so hard it hurts... _thank you_

    26. seriously where’s tae’s bag


    27. wahida

      the way he wrote the letter E as Ɛ inspires me

    28. Atlanta’s Cowgirl


    29. Fredrik Nygren

      Set up your day so that you don't NEED to use willpower. Its hard to not cookies when your on a diet. It's even hard to eat them if you don't have any at home.

    30. Caerulean

      1:21 - When he actually 'choked' on his spit and so he nearly broke character. 😆 At least that's what it seemed. Also: s u p e r e g o h a s l e f t t h e c h a t .

    31. Fired Blaze


    32. snoopyguy21

      I can't be the only one that heard say "claro!" after being told to go away.

    33. chapstik crazy

      Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha this was hilarious and so relatable. I'm laughing so I don't cry. It's working, see? Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

    34. vbddfy euuyt

      These characters are getting familiah. I’m pretty sure Daniel is creating his own cinematic universe

    35. Minion You

      The real, true, burning question is..... What about Friday?

    36. Jec

      "this is id" omg I can't random pieces of Freud

      1. vbddfy euuyt

        Soo true

    37. Alex Martin

      Daniel: What haven’t I done yet? Oh I know... Cue Daniel running out of his closet covered in a blanket and screaming nonsense

    38. kai neff

      God he's hot

    39. Sara Uniya

      I love the voice Daniel does for his brain character. He killed me with the "ID" part.

    40. KirbyDudeTag

      Thinking about how he KNOWS he's gonna get a text on Tuesday. He was either told in advance or it just happens so often its practically a routine.

    41. Aditi Srivastava

      he's so funny 🤣

    42. Maxwell Miscavage


    43. Noriel Sylvire

      This is literally my life sumarized in one video, only most days are monday and once I forgot how to eat and literally didnt eat anything solid for two weeks strait cause I was choking, I never really fully recover from that. In fact wtf can anyone explain to me what the heck was that?

    44. Ayla Almikhi

      Wait.. How do we submit our talent?

    45. Ayesha Nazir

      "Why would you wanna do that?" *"Variety"* *Good answer*

    46. Rodney Iseminger


    47. Guille Sa

      I don't know if I'm crying or laughing or both. You just put my week on a video. You won a little subscriber.

    48. Susie Perdue

      I wish i had a mood forecast sometimes maybe i don't know

    49. Funko Speed

      - Happy Sunday. - Wow! Who are you? - I'm your brain, nice to meet you. - Did I have a brain?

    50. Funko Speed

      - Happy Sunday. - Wow! Who are you? - I'm your brain, nice to meet you. - Did I have a brain?

    51. Jayden Bulsara

      i like the word gillop

    52. buffnuffin

      Soo true

    53. asha mohammed

      it aint familiah the best words ever

    54. Joseph Stalin

      Monday you can hold your head Tuesday, Wednesday, stay in bed Or Thursday watch the walls instead It's Friday, I'm in love

    55. qopoy dnon

      Why would you want to do that? Variety

    56. Tyrannosaurus Lex

      This was funny but I was not prepated to be attacked

    57. Master Oogway

      Bruh the id 😂 what a big brain joke

    58. Jesse Hughes

      We didnt get to see friday and i feel cheated

      1. qopoy dnon

        Is this the first time Daniel has met his brain?

    59. nashi lolo

      What about Friday?

    60. Graceson Zauzianlung Gonmei

      He got socket near his bed

    61. Poupu Ru

      That thursday is so relatable

    62. Shanna S

      I feel like this video is directly calling me out

    63. Enzy C

      The it's laugh is hilarious 😂

    64. Simon Lewin

      They say *variety* is the spice of life.

    65. I’m Not Mia White


    66. Rei Bean

      The primitive brain brothers name is Id, and that word literally means the primitive and instintual mind. Look it up, search id, ego, and superego, I think you’ll learn something new! :)

    67. Grayson Bell

      Id is my spirit animal.

    68. Urgenci #

      See this is why I always watch the sponsor. 🤣 It's always good.

    69. seeni gzty

      Me: *Sees no piano My Brain: It aint familiah...

    70. Hennii

      Okay but like this dude should do stand up comedy if he doesn't already.

      1. Hennii

        I died at the water part