Where Are All the Bob Ross Paintings? We Found Them.

The New York Times

The New York Times

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    Bob Ross painted more than 1,000 landscapes for his television show - so why are they so hard to find? Solving one of the internet’s favorite little mysteries.
    Read more about Bob Ross: nyti.ms/2xIsshb
    Watched the video? Here are a few more details on The Times website. www.nytimes.com/2019/07/12/arts/bob-ross-paintings-mystery.html
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    1. Emily Rhyne

      Hi, I’m Emily, one of the producers who made this video. I also shot and edited it! 1) Yes, that is SpongeBob music. 2) Fun fact, I had never watched Bob Ross before making this video. #happylittleaccident 3) BTW, for those of you who didn’t make it to the end of the video… a selection of his paintings will appear in the Smithsonian National Museum of American History. nyti.ms/2xIsshb

      1. Danny Paez

        Emily....you're a legend

      2. MrSjirk

        This video ends with Ode to joy, nice.

      3. Bernie Welch III

        I think this is one of the greatest videos i've ever seen. It took me back to afternoons in the summer at my paternal grandparents' house. I used to hate watching them because I never had any paint to try and do them myself. Thanks for creating, sharing and taking some of us back in time. #nowiwanttopaint #themoreyouknow #nowiknow #halfthebattle

      4. turn keyproductions

        lol I love the spongebob music great editing

      5. Stoo ooogs

        If people cant be arsed to watch the whole video

    2. A Bigs


    3. My dick is small, but

      9:20 I got chills and was going to look it up just as that came up :/

    4. king Eclipso

      1:40 girl your priceless(sorry for bad English)

    5. Ben Dover

      Bob Ross painting heist?

    6. Natnov

      Dude's a legend

    7. Ravi Shirpali

      What a legend.

    8. Zombi Plays Roblox

      Bob Ross was gods happy little mistake

    9. Fatal Error

      Боб Росс крутой, привет из России :)

    10. Philipp Schuhai

      Bob will be a legend forever- best video I've seen for a while👆🏻

    11. Joseph Finnigan

      I believe is painting should either be displayed in a gallery for everyone to see, or sold they seem in appreciated inside a carbored box.

    12. Zainab Faiz

      Don’t ever sell them!

    13. Sir Kiano

      Bob Ross died before I was even born, but I feel like he is still alive.

    14. DanielWarPaint

      "We haven't really thought about selling them". More nonsense on DE-news.

    15. JustAdder

      *Kowalski Analysis*

    16. facite non victimarum

      Is he still dead? Wait.. wait... never mind.

    17. Don't Read My Profile Picture

      4:07 SpongeBob music omg

    18. Dit Kind

      Oh my god, I loved this so much.. I don’t even really knew who Bob Ross’ was, and I ussually watch things that are so much different than this, But I... I loved this just so much.

    19. JayJay Fresh

      I remember seeing Bob on tv when I was younger and I was like “who’s this” I wasn’t very interested but I still watched it idk if it was his soothing voice or the way he painted but I stayed and at the time I was around 6 or 7 so I was looking for cartoons not Bob Ross

    20. Tasha Neumann

      This is awesome.. Such a great Insight

    21. BATQ

      Kowalski is Polish lastname :)

    22. Mayrbek Magomedov

      These guys will be getting robbed soon 😱

    23. D T

      poor aaron never got to buy a painting

    24. roriefel sahagun

      me wishing i am just aaron

    25. Steve Martin

      I discovered Bob Ross on TV I 1999. We used to watch the joy off painting in the staff room before work. Chilled everyone out.

    26. Katie Christensen

      Oh my gosh Laurennnnnn 7:50

    27. Lexi Kortman


    28. Brighton Sheehan

      After I had surgery and had to stay overnight, apparently the only thing I would watch was Bob Ross. According to my dad, I was just giggling like a toddler. I don't remember it too well, but on my instagram, I posted a picture of the show with the caption "Bob Ross is awesome." Honestly, the only thing I remember from that night was just pure joy.

    29. Natalie Rae

      the spongebob music really put the whole thing together.

    30. Worst Producer

      So this lady picks up a random dude and his husband let him let with them, cougar and cheater spotted, Bob you dog

    31. Worst Producer

      2:29 Not even Bob Ross could paint like Bob Ross

    32. ryan d

      why is there spongebob music in this

    33. x XxToxic_RosesxX x

      These paintings are near me and i never knew that... ._.

    34. Its_ Akali

      6 million view = 6 million people now knowing they could call a place that has bob ross's friends and paintings in

    35. Mountain Man

      As a kid he was like yoda to me in real life. All chill calming and peaceful. Painting nature beauty. Love bob for realz

    36. RichelleG.

      Bob Ross his voice is good for ASMR... painting version

    37. Dead Meme

      I remember like 7 years ago I walked out on our porch and my dad was watching a bob ross video

    38. Motaki Rukushi

      bob ross is probably a drop out. for sure he's creative 👍

    39. Smoked Salmon

      What I've learned from this video: _Bob likes his mountains._

    40. Dawson Roth

      There are 2.7k heartless demons out there.

    41. The Trucker

      I watched bob ross when I was a kid but at any time period now or in 50 years . If you post bob ross videos people will watch it . The man is timeless.

    42. uniqueflgirl

      The paintings should be put into a bob Ross museum that offers painting classes and has a merch store. I'd totally go

    43. Eddie

      “The whole world now is seeing what I saw that first day” I legit started to tear up! I love Bob Ross he was such a good soul! Thanks for making this video it made me so incredibly happy!!

    44. Jon Hulen

      Bob was banging your wife bro

    45. YOG RANA

      I thought they were inside Area 51

    46. Kaylie 24

      There’s spongebob music in the background at one part

    47. Kaylie 24

      This has been in my recommended for a month, and I finally gave in. You win this time, DE-news.

    48. Chris Martin

      The reaaon Bob Ross never sold any of his paintings. Is because he wanted to teach others to paint and to make their own masterpiece.

    49. Panda ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

      1:42 is such a mood

    50. Mitchell Kugelman

      kowalski analysis

    51. Nellie S

      seeing these paintings in this good quality...wow they're even more amazing now. i wish i had one. the fact that bob ross didn't really like being around people is a bit funny since he's such a friendly guy haha but i guess he's just an introvert. very relatable. i'm 17 and discovered him last year, i had heard of him before but never watched his show. he made me so calm when i felt anxious. actually i'm going to watch his videos right now, i need a dose of bob ross right now to feel less anxious.

    52. obito uchiha


    53. Samantha Zayas

      1:43 , somebody please tell this woman shes worth more than paintings

    54. nct trash

      I'm not saying that the paintings should be sold or whatever but at least they should be shown to people, keeping the paintings in the boxes simply does not make any sense to me

    55. Ben Johnson

      I had recently went to Spencer's in the Southern Park Mall. They have a tye dye t-shirt. Picture of Bob Ross on it. And it has one of his famous saying's. NO MISTAKES , JUST HAPPY ACCIDENTS.. I posted the picture on my Google maps. That was a week , all most two by now. That picture has well over 3,000 views. And it keeps going up. For my caption I put how I feel about him. Bob Ross , one of the most amazing artist of all time. I even seen a Bob Ross engery drink. Thought that was cool..

    56. theProdigalSon

      much love my brother....

    57. Isabelle 11

      what a sad thing... a legend died at the age of 52😔. he would want us to celebrate his life!

    58. kaitlyn valentine

      From Herndon!

    59. Nicole Mckenzie

      Why did this video make me cry.?

    60. charlotte mallentjer

      I had never heard of him untill a couple of weeks ago when i was babysitting my 7 year old niece she loves the show and so i watched it with her and it was so piecefull

    61. Shant Ohanian

      A legend is never forgotten

    62. Kick Master13

      Rip Bob

    63. cody herron

      People like Bob because he was real.

    64. Tiny Cushions? I eat them

      This video made me so sad for some reason

    65. raceface_m

      Their staff is so wonderful haha they absolutely adore Bob and his fans. I love that they sit in on conversations and connect with his fans. Wonderful documentary.

    66. lenny le lenny

      kowalski, analysis.

    67. someone

      Shut up and take my money I WANT IT

    68. B Scooter

      Loved this 👍🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

    69. Hans Mueller

      No ones talking about the spongebob music though(

    70. Laura Harris