Wherever Becky Lynch goes, Lacey Evans will follow: SmackDown Exclusive, May 21, 2019



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    The Sassy Southern Belle says that she won’t be far behind The Man, no matter the brand.
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    1. ღ ѕнιмα ღ

      just like a dog

    2. kelman727

      Hype and an accent don’t camouflage naff ringwork.

    3. Kadijah Milton

      HER MOUTH SO SMART 😭 but it match her hands 🥴💯😂

    4. 🔥LITT🔥

      🔥 Lacey Evans 🔥 Her promo's and accent reminds me of the early 90ties WWE . She is going to be EPIC.

    5. MAGMALORD360

      Hot and sexy.

    6. MrWashu12

      She is pretty much excella gionne from resident evil and that's amazing if or when the wwe ever gives lacey the title i don't expect her to hold onto the title for very long or for people to even care.

    7. MrWashu12

      Let me put it to you this way you both do well together more so when you put becky through a table and also both of you to are heels so the fact that you still want to win the raw title do you really feel that it's in your'e best interest to make a enemy of charlotte flair who because of what you said will more likely not just cost you the title.

    8. shawn candles

      I prefer Lacey Evans than slapping a mosquito on my hand.

    9. Cuddly _xo

      Gawd..... Lacey's a stalker now!

    10. SA.Khan.

      She’s a real sexy women

    11. hopexwrld

      lacey looks like a whole man 🤢

      1. Renal Faulkner jr

        Nicole bass

      2. hopexwrld

        Alqia Mirzan bro how did u know how to trigger me

      3. Alqia Mirzan

        She military woman,not like ugly grandma bayley

    12. Gon Ferrer


    13. Trish Stratus Crew

      Future champion Yes please

    14. Kain R Heinlein

      She's definitely getting better with her character

    15. VintageWrestling

      I am starting to Lacey Evans a lot from her character, to the way she walks towards the ring and her confidence in the ring and on the mic.

    16. RagnaRavage Gaming

      so sexy !!!

    17. john cena

      So sexy😍😍

    18. HIMANSHU Mishra

      Future is Ronda rousy

    19. Benjamin Anderson

      Damn she’s good

    20. Alexandre Epanya


    21. bRi

      She reminds me of the restaurant by bob Evans 😂

    22. Priscilla Orfinada

      Lacey sucks


      I love Evans

    24. Asish Sarangi

      She deserves to be a champion.

    25. SIX PACK ABS

      I love Lacey more and more every week😍😍😍

    26. Mamtuddin Banerjul Talwe Musalmanki Chaato

      Wow Lacey is one gorgeous woman

    27. Miss Chloe Jenkins

      when lacey struts her thang, I get a lady boner ;)


      Lacey is by far the BEST character in the WWE ! Long live the Sassy and Sexy Southern Bell !

    29. Jose Hernandez

      Lacey Evans 🍆😍

    30. Fck'in NonStick!!!

      That lacey's arms are bigger than my own lol

    31. miamikitty91

      Lacy Evans and Charlotte Flair might as well become a tag team and go for the tag titles.

    32. Danielle Simms

      I like This Sassy Southern Belle Ms. Lacey Evans's Promos is Ready For Cleaned Up For The Women's Division & She's is The Future of The Women's Division.

    33. Randy Holyla


    34. Budit Bliss

      Just love everything about Lacey Evans ❤... She is totally full package women. She is beautiful, blonde, sexy and the most importantly she is very talented in ring performance.

    35. Hyp3S4v4g3

      So she’s a damn Stalker

    36. Mychael Corinthos

      I love this woman


      Stalker much. But 🆗

    38. London Campbell

      That’s how you shut someone down lol good job Lacey

    39. Yuridia Lopez

      Ok... Now thats just being a creep 😂😬

    40. Sunober Dahri


    41. Shahbaz Rajput

      Lacey Evans is great Female Heel 😈

    42. EBAG tv

      Absolutely love her promos

    43. Salman Utim

      Charlotte Flair vs Lacey Evans for wrestlemania 36.

    44. reedone816

      don't mess with woman's right...

    45. Too Moo

      Horny lacey

    46. Jonathan Oscategui

      Can Lacey EVANS teach me some MANNERS???!!!!!! Also didn't know Charlotte had a southern sister!!LOL!!! WOO!!!!!

    47. Human Ya

      So Lacey was Lesbian?

    48. baca baca

      Lacey’s the best ! & the hottest 🥵😍😍

    49. amit yadav

      Lacey Evans future of wwe

    50. Bitu Brown

      Love to hear her call out a “Nasty” 😘

    51. Garoux

      She KILLS these promos.

    52. Iconic Destruction

      I extremely in love with Lacey's Voice and her accent 💖💖💖

    53. SS88doubleturn

      She doesn’t sound scripted at all like almost every other woman on the roster

    54. Munjica Njose

      I love her obsession with the word "honey" every time she address to her opponent.. She is the next big thing in divas division 👌💪🎉.

    55. Julia Jimoh

      Lacey Evans = a mix of Abby Newman from Y&R, Claire Brady from Days of our Lives, and Lana

    56. Josh Playz

      Why does they upload at April 21 when its April 22 here

    57. Imama Hussain

      'Charlotte came up short when she lost the title at MITB' Girl, you didn't even win it, so what you on about?

      1. Jackson Perry

        Imama Hussain she’s saying she came up short this week jus like she did at Money in the Bank

    58. Chris Wolff

      Great heel. I know not everyone is sold on her, but she plays her goody two shoes character excellently.

    59. Bruce Bruce

      oh she good...

    60. Shanay S

      But why? Shouldn’t this feud be over

    61. Lil jeeezi Santos

      Push heeeer

    62. Sammy Rivera

      I love lacey evans

    63. Ahmed Hussein

      What a great tag team ❤

    64. Bren Washington

      Oh my very good I wonder what else they will have for Lacey it'd be cool to see

    65. No NaMe


    66. IronMeds


    67. SWOOPDIZZY #オオカミのギャング

      Damn stalker much? 💀💀💀

    68. Brandon Robinson

      Already over her, the WWE really needs to stop bringing in blondes.

    69. dannybob42

      Because Becky's carrying her through the feud and matches

    70. Jeep Amir

      Oh really, Lacey... She did lost her title in under minutes... Right after she submitted YOU