Which Shape CUTS BEST? (Weed Eater Line at 100,000 Frames Per Second) - Smarter Every Day 238



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    What’s it called? Weed Eater, String Trimmer, Weed Wacker, Whipper Snipper?
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    He tested other considerations here: de-news.net/online/video-89BkJF0kVyc.html
    I thought this was a well written break-down of different shapes: www.saraheberle.com/understanding-the-various-shapes-of-trimmer-line/
    It’s interesting that so many different companies have their own proprietary shape etc, but I can’t find any scientific research to back any of it up. Fascinating!
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    1. SmarterEveryDay

      Robert subscribed then hit the bell. Be more like Robert. In all seriousness I was impressed by how quickly he came up with a well thought out, nuanced hypothesis without even a moment’s notice. Huge thanks to Robert. Also, a huge thanks to everyone who supports Smarter Every Day on Patreon at www.patreon.com/smartereveryday Thank you! Destin

      1. pigeons221

        Can you do a video of how birds eat in slow motion? Birds eating food are very quick to the naked eye and we do not know how fast they do that.

      2. Andreas Hontzia

        Don't be afraid as a scientist to interview people, who practically perform your field of study every day. It is a win-win situation. You both will learn from each other. I did this a lot and must say: They will tell you the edge case, you won't have thought of in a life time.

      3. Ahmed el shorbagy

        Dear destin thanks for the wonderful easy knowledge, I really want a video about starlink vs Internet of thing's vs smart house vs smart cars what is the plan how life will be after 80 % of this evolution

      4. MM's Visible Confusion

        I litterally live in the same town as you

      5. idiotsloveboxes

        A larger question inspired by the video: what is the difference between a blade, a bullet, & a wrecking ball? Do they all do the same thing but in different shapes & sizes?

    2. Martin Johnson

      if you had a 2mm circle, and 2mm star line, would the star not go blunt and turn into a circle, with a smaller circumference than 2mm, before it breaks? (same with all shapes). We wont see the line going blunt while only cutting 3 blades of grass, I feel like circle line must be the way to go, when cutting on a larger scale due to it holding it's shape for longer.

    3. toomdog

      You know what I saw? They all went through the grass. My takeaway is to buy the one that breaks the least (most durability per dollar). Kind of disappointed you didn't address that too, Destin

    4. Dohan R

      Most call it a "weed eater" in South Africa as well.

    5. M Scott Johnson

      Wee Deeder. It's called a wee deeder.

    6. Sí Mon

      I’ve been all over the us and I don’t know anyone who doesn’t call it a weed whacker.

    7. Scott Gartner

      Please publish which line was the quietest. Frankly, they all cut the grass, so I would think noise level would be a very important variable.

    8. Yazmeli Ayzol

      Weed whacker is a very Canadian term...

    9. XxAlphaBunnyXx -

      It’s 2 in the morning and I’m laying here watching a man cut grass in slow mo. What has my life come to 🤷🏼‍♂️

    10. S Gill

      In Ontario Canada we call it a weed wacker. Never heard the other terms before today.

    11. Matt R

      in Oz we kinda call them whipper snippers haha

    12. Shadowidk

      I’m in Texas and call it weed wacker

    13. Edward's Sisters'Hands

      Choose express VPN so your ISP and communist government will never know which trimmer line you prefer!!!

    14. Brawl Stars Pro Tips

      Love seeing you guys nerd out over weed eater lines

    15. Brian Brissette

      ROBERT, YOU DESERVE A SHOUT OUT,,, as you become smarter every day 🤩BB

    16. Christian Aguilar

      I thought everyone called it a weed wacker. I guess only my town says it

    17. Bauer Gaming

      We all know it’s a weed wacker not a weed eater

    18. J.DEN

      My partner from California calls it a weedwhacker and has never heard the term “weed eater” in their life

    19. Michael Ravetti

      Always a sharp edge on a star shape to drag into the leaf. It's why twisted wire can cut you so easily.

    20. Spooky

      The only I can think of off the eye on top of velocity is there's a dual mixture of vectors and stress points. The star having multiple points has a higher chance of striking with a an out dia. cutting edge while having more tightly compact vectors to channel mass, which is why the sharp sharp square pulls plugs and even though the star does too they're totally decimated. The grass simply can't handle that many points of impact and separation at such a high velocity. Like a unidirectional blender were all the blades cut and pulverized at once vs a sharpened icecream scoop

    21. Mark Young

      Interesting, as always, but I think the tests would be more valid WITHOUT TENSION on grass blades. I'd like to see some of the other scary accessories (maybe no longer made) w/ pieces of chainsaw chain swinging around madly for cutting thick weeds/brush.

    22. bofooit gojo

      As a Lowe's worker, I'm just impressed at how clean/stocked their seasonal department is right now

      1. bofooit gojo

        try the Echo speed-feed 400 trimmer head. I love mine, put it on another brand of trimmer.

    23. Michael W.

      The star shape one looks like the best one.

    24. Giuzeppe Edrei Meimban

      This gives me the Project farm vibes XD

    25. LIL-Slavic

      I’m in Michigan, but me and my friends call it grass trimmer

    26. JoeyMac

      FYI, the spiral antenna thing is, as I understand it, to break up the frequencies of shedding vortexes so they don't resonate together. As with many dynamic systems, natural system frequencies are to be avoided. Basically the car drives down the road, and at certain speeds, the antenna will experience shedding vortexes that match the first natural mode frequency of the antenna (or some multiple thereof) and the antenna ends whips left to right as the car drives forward. Without the spiral wrap, the frequencies along a length of antenna of similar cross section can happen synchronously and then act on the antenna body as a uniform coherent load. This can cause fatigue and destroy antennas. It's actually pretty cool to watch a plain round antenna whip sideways relative to the vehicle motion for the first time (after you realize why it's doing it)... although I'm a nerd so maybe it's not that cool... If you want to "visualize" shedding vortexes as they roll off a round rod in the wind, look at a flag on a pole. The flag waving motion is literally the vortexes rolling off the flagpole and moving the flag at that frequency. The frequency of shedding vortexes correlates to fluid (air) density, velocity, and the beam cross section. Some cars even use sensors to measure the frequency of shedding vortex within the air intake manifold to calculate mass airflow into the engine (for fuel mix ratio mapping). Shedding vortexes are also a big component in Lab-on-a-Chip micro-fluidic devices. Neat stuff. Anyways, the spiral wrap just breaks up the coherency of the frequencies along the antenna beam so they can't act in unison and whip the antenna around. An alternative method to the spiral wrap is to have an antenna of varying cross sectional thickness from base to tip... which is the primary wind-bucking mechanism used by those old electronic telescoping retracting antennas from the 90s (fat at the base and skinny at the tip).

    27. TheFerrariGuy458

      In Canada it’s weed wacker

    28. Gustajuy

      Robert seriously just showed up and dropped mad knowledge then dipped What a madman

    29. Joe Meyer

      @2:18 get those wire nuts in a junction box

    30. Austin G.

      Grew up calling it a weed wacker, then got a groundskeeping job and was taught to call it a string trimmer

    31. Sambaillley

      Hi smarter every day. I've whatsh you're videos for e while now and I'm a big fan of what you do! Every morning when I wake up I make a coffee. And I do this thing wher I tapp the bottom of the glass and the sound it makes getts higher and higher until I mix the coffee and then it goes to normal sound, it has to be a glas or a mug. I don't know why or how it does it and I would love if you culd find out how its possible! Thanks

    32. Nick Morris

      Lol Michigander here, definitely a weed whacker

    33. AlbertRutter

      How does he do the sound effects for the slow motion video?

    34. Brian Ball

      Thanks for this. I need some new line for my weed whacker. (I'm from Ontario, near Toronto) I always thought of Weed Eater as a brand, like Kleenex or Aspirin so I stay away from the term.

    35. Bubble Boy

      I've only ever heard people call that device a "weed whacker". Those analytics results blew my mind lol

    36. Lion Bear

      Do you not believe in Jesus , the savior of all mankind. I thought you were trying to teach your children the truth about the world.

    37. Lion Bear

      You're a good Alabama boy, why don't you ever mention Jesus in your videos and what he did for us all?

    38. Paul Productions

      Pretty cool! I never really considered what shape mattered, because I thought that all shapes will just rip through them all the same.

    39. Ray

      try the Echo speed-feed 400 trimmer head. I love mine, put it on another brand of trimmer.

    40. Sean Musson

      "We gotta put on our goggles before we science." I'm going out to whipper snip right now!

    41. Charley McGee

      Any chance you could get high-speed footage of a rotary cutter? That seems pretty interesting.

    42. Broodjekaas !

      sharp sharp square gang

    43. Raviron

      in hungary we call it "swinger" from the motion you do with it. just like a regular old scythe. But the official name is "side trimmer"

    44. Sikkaht [zrugel]

      I had been putting off watching this video. but it was really good. thank you, Destin.

    45. audio

      did the weedeater get your eyebrows too

    46. Night Owl

      I'm pulling out the whipper snapper

    47. moismyname

      From now on I will call these yokes a whipper snipper.

    48. Monotone Man

      Dude im northwestern US and I always have called it weed whacker no way actually

    49. Connor

      Trimmer or weed whacker

    50. HKOlaura

      This video might have originally been about weed eaters, but it ended up being an even better example of how (and why) being a good neighbor is so important. Robert and Destin were already smart before their conversation, but watching the way they made each other smarter was just so cool.

    51. Ryan Carlo Marcilla

      Grass Cutter.

    52. Roel Videler

      I think the star works the way it does because there is always an inefficiency that is consistent instead of a more turbulent result coming from less cutting surfaces on the square or triangle where sometimes you hit it at the right angle and it works very well or it pretty much explodes the grass.

    53. will64gamer

      Really? No comments about VegieTales? Randomly generated?

    54. 60hz Syco

      I call it whipper snapper

    55. NoneOfThe Above

      "whipper snipper"

    56. Janis Dubra

      In Latvia we just call it a trimmer.

    57. Bullet Wulf

      My own opinion, the Star shape cuts cleaner because each contact point regardless of its rotation is a uniform length when it touches with its flat edges. Occasionally it’ll cut using the vertices, and considering there are more of them, it’s also a higher chance you’ll make contact with one of those corners. You’re trading off a sharper edge for more edges, and consistency? Also considering you’ve sacrificed how tight the edges can be and thickened the wire to create more contact points, it’ll have a harder time cutting thick grass more consistency due to the thickness

    58. fouoii gyhh

      I’ve lived in Texas my entire life, and I call it a weed wacker

      1. fouoii gyhh

        COVID-19 positive.

    59. Christopher Nanco

      Robert is the man!! Lol

    60. Riley Okubo

      the sound of the wire is slo mo makes me really anxious

    61. FalloutUrMum

      I think Weed Whacker is more accurate

    62. Dracadin

      Question. Why would you use Weed eater around the house where you have small soft grass.... isn´t lawnmower better? (doesn´t make such a mess, quietter etc...) Weed eater is for hard terrain with variety of grass (like thistle for example). It is these hard grasses that weed eater lines have problem with. I would like to see experiment on these. Interesting video nentheless.

    63. Jacques Nuttall

      Straya - Whipper Snipper....lol

    64. Jeffrey Artiaga

      Destin, I would do this myself but in dont think my I phone can capture a Bullet Hitting A Rain Drop. Or does the rain drop hit the bullet ? That’d be fun to know and see. Just saying😁😬😳

    65. Samuel Sailors

      Man I’m a weed wacker

    66. Drew Eccleston

      I'm from michigan and i have never heard anybody call it anything but a weed whacker until a month ago

    67. Zach Norris

      12:40 I wonder if Robert uses a higher RPM weed eater?

    68. Remix 236

      *In the future,entertainment will be randomly generated*

    69. ssgssjaiden 「空白」

      I grew up calling it weed-eater too lol

    70. Michael Rodimon

      In NH we religiously call it a weed whacker