White Woman Who Called Cops on Black Man in Central Park Issues Apology | NBC New York

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    A white woman called the NYPD and accused a black man of threatening her following an exchange that started when the man asked the woman to leash her dog in Central Park. She's now issuing an apology after the video was seen millions of times.
    NBC New York’s Checkey Beckford reports.

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    1. Josiah Percentie

      @user name IKR???😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    2. gary hibbert

      i bet she did it already.

    3. Sarah I guess

      That poor dog 😭

    4. Τάσος Πισιμίσης

      i don't think she is racist. I think see is sexist. If the black man was a black woman, she wouldn't have call the police. And the dog must be male, that't why she tried to choke him. In USA the sexists women against men and humanity is a massive social problem. Men are bullied everyday by angry women.

    5. O G

      It's too bad the black guy had to be such a Jaleel... and tell the woman what to do with her dog. Jaleel and Sharkeisha are everywhere nowadays.

    6. First Munch

      Poor dog ,I'll bet this does not make her change her habits ,racist boot ,

    7. rbodell

      Is there any time that Karen and the C word are not interchangeable ?

    8. Jon O Reardon

      Who goes around with dogs treats and no dog? WTF?

    9. Yuriks

      Work like others and you won’t have time for shit!

    10. to whom it may cocern.

      she has a iphone 6

    11. jeif Meey

      Why has the reporter got a mask on

    12. Cardboard

      Trail by media, sure this is fair. Dude who filmed was refusing to work with the DA.

    13. Nationality Moorqueen

      I'm so disappointed in this BM another BM protecting a white woman that could have gotten him killed🤦🏾‍♂️🤬 Now he doesn't want to cooperate with the DA he does not see that he can prevent people from getting away with this🤬

    14. Abida Babida

      she was choking that poor dog nearly to death

    15. SYDNEY HI

      amy lost her job and dog lol

      1. Yungfrenchfry

        Not surprised, that dog was literally about to choke to death

    16. tj Johnson

      I would got her ass because I am a dog lover and if I see someone hurt another dog I’m gonna hurt you back

    17. greenatom

      Read the whole story (not told here). He WAS threatening. He told her "If you're going to do what you want to do, then I'll do what I want to do, and you're not going to like it." He then tried to call the dog over, pulling out treats, which he later stated that he would do purposely because it makes dog-owners afraid when a stranger offers their dog something to eat.

    18. Playlist Goddess

      Even the dog wants to get away from her

    19. Pete Pan

      "Words are just words"....YEAHHHH, tell that to Emmett Till...

    20. Rep0007

      Yes she's an obnoxious Karen and deserves punishment. BUT he admitted to putting dog treats in the bushes to lure dogs off trail. He WAS setting up and looking for confrontation about off-leash dogs. Just sayin. Not a complete angel here. He had a legitimate beef about the off-leash dogs in general, but there's calculated aggression there too with his entrapment tactics. i.e. -- he wasn't exactly HELPING by doing that.

    21. Anand Sharma

      The best thing to do is record those bullshit racist people who aren't even worthy of being called bullshit.

    22. Ali Sha

      I feel bad for this lady. She lost everything and its kinda messed up.

    23. Bajan Boo

      Madness, she feels white and privileged. That is why so many black people got killed in the past because of Stupidity and bullshit like this. If he never taped this, the 911 dispatch would of believed her because she is being manipulative

    24. HyperFrog27

      poor dog

    25. Trey Ballard

      She started choking the dog and wanted put a leash on her and hang her from a tree she made me so angry 😡

    26. Deborah McNeill

      The worst part is, he could have been killed because of this. Apology not accepted.

    27. fernan didit

      They both snitches

    28. wayne shepherd

      fake news the guy was watching her from the bushes spying on her in a park with no one around id be scared to watch the whole video good for her standing up to the perv

    29. Basketbite


    30. Joseph Wolfe

      All the fake racism makes me sceptical ...

    31. Joseph Wolfe

      Cooper the bigger person. She needs to go to jail then mental institution

    32. BOIIII

      I'm more mad at her holding the dog like that.

    33. Fonzie Bulldog

      She got freaked out and she lost all. Christian Cooper dont want to be a part of this anymore when it have gone to far he said. Thumbs up to you Cooper.👍

    34. Sweet

      I feel bad for the man and the dog.

      1. Ryo Kurimoto

        Poor dog...

    35. Dan Bryant

      I know others have said but thanks be to whoever that he recorded this. This could have ended so terribly had he not been filming. She should be sorry, her conduct was absolutely egregious. She should face criminal charges.

    36. jessica ortiz

      Horrible human being !!

    37. Sharon Kelson

      She is apologizing cause she might and should go to jail.

    38. Cora McGhee

      Never mind her or the guy, look what the hell she's doing to that poor dog!!!!

    39. Lonne Blodgett

      Hopefully they have removed the dog from her custody permanently. Chris Cooper, Bravo, you are an amazing man, patient,courteous, Everyone should conduct themselves with your integrity.

    40. james morgan

      She should also be charged with animal cruelty

    41. S H


    42. P. Fernandz

      She is the original KAREN.

    43. Lena.lk98

      I really hope she thinks about her actions and why she did what she did....if you read this please take care for all people and pleeease be kinder to that lovley dog of yours, too.

    44. Sage

      Lmao she's not sorry she just wants to stop getting death threats

    45. Nya Mariee

      Karen almost killed this man and her dog y’all 🤦🏽‍♀️.

    46. Zooloo King Zooloo

      A jail term of less than two years for falsifying reports, endangerment of a man life, cruelty to an animal, scoffing city bylaws and two years jail sentence to send a message that you cannot call 911 whenever you like.

    47. Gabriel - Content Writer

      What a piece of work. So ignorant

    48. Dbl0G ETX

      Apologies denied🤬👎🏾🤷🏽‍♂️

      1. Dbl0G ETX


      2. Zooloo King Zooloo

        Jail term for this racist woman.

    49. gigggla

      Typical murica, always forcing things to be racism, they cant live without getting their racism fix haha. This is simply the fucked up "safe space" generation, you see crazy skanks like her all over youtube, it doesnt matter if the men are White Black or yellow, they act just as frantic either way. This is what the safe space anf doting on this generation have done, you reap what you sow, even the damn race bating to, seems anything that involves a coloured person in murica now days is automatocaly racism to cause out rage 😂

    50. Ben Zahorec


    51. Everyday Life

      Cooper vs Cooper

    52. Brock Anderson

      she told him her plan in advance, totally premeditated! she's a high functioning manipulator is what she is.

    53. Basketbite

      Women: HE IS TREATENING ME Man: *rolls eyes*

    54. tracksmith72

      America just can’t let go of racism. All these years...

    55. Camille Davidson

      She doesn't realize that the way society is that she could have seriously gotten that man killed or charged if he had not been recording. Sadly, the only voice black people have is social media.

    56. Mickey Rosa

      No apology needed or accepted Karen. Your actions were deliberate and could have gotten this black man killed.

    57. Jeff Fetzer

      Who are you to tell her to put her dog on a leash

    58. Harriscandoit

      She regrets getting caught. She regrets she was exposed.

    59. hydrolito

      Part of encounter was left out of video so everything he did was not shown.

    60. Red Money

      Betty Birdwatcher was Fired from her job and charged for false report as of July 6, 2020.

    61. Strong Security

      She needs to go to jail for two or three nights and get a 1000 dollar fine . People like her are the problem. Calling police for dumb shit and then other people get killed .

    62. aquamanaquaman

      Yes! She is not only racist, she's trying to manipulate the police, defame Mr. Cooper and is abusing her poor dog. The dog can not breathe!

    63. Kreolee Jackson

      I'm here to talk about the dog. American Cocker Spaniels are very sweet dogs. I know, I have one but, my dog in particular likes to dig out dirt thus, this guy... Mr. Cooper is right in thinking it could hurt the park.

    64. zeroinfinityzero

      Where does the racism occur in this video?

    65. Stevie Rae

      Look what she’s doing to her dog! Wtf she is choking it

    66. chuu

      Is no one gonna talk abt how she’s literally strangling her dog 🗿🤦🏾‍♀️

    67. Barry P

      poor dog is being choked ???

    68. 3DaiYo4Kai56

      “HURRY! HES BLACK & I’m WHITE!” “He’s black!? Why didn’t you say so!?” *SENDING ALL UNITS!*

      1. Sim ?

        *Automatic 5 star wanted level!*

    69. Trefor Gordon

      In an article that I read about this, she lost her job and got arrested and charged for Filing a False Report in the 3rd degree. She is only sorry because she got fired from her job and her life is now ruined because of this video, THAT is the only reason she is sorry. Not because she got caught, but because she ruined her life over racism.

    70. zed

      He seems like a nice guy too.