WHO KNOWS ME BETTER!? (My Brother vs My Girlfriend)



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    1. THIS IS L&S


      1. tank 28 Likajay


      2. Kiara Smith

        landon: sobre austin: tipsy shyla: almost dead drunk

      3. Cristian De La Pena

        Austin fruity af😂😂

      4. Samantha Ramirez

        Archana Pandi poppy pop kkskdkksksmsss A Tyy hu

      5. Jaurdan Magana

        Archana Pandi I u

    2. Sage Moonchild

      This was adorable.

    3. tank 28 Likajay

      👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻😂💯 funny loved it

    4. Emily Horn

      I come back to this video frequently when I need a good belly laugh 😂❤️

    5. Gaudy Gotti

      the water helped LOL

    6. Keira Mclaughlin

      Austin trying to kiss Landon is killing me😭🤣

    7. Galaxy Ester123

      Austin from ACE family!!!!!

    8. Amber Chiccino

      I loved to see this side of Austin!!! And y’all were all hilarious! That made me have a good laugh today! Congrats on beating cancer!

    9. Nadia Choudhury

      I cracked up watching this omg

    10. Clarissa Almanzar

      This whole video had me dieing 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    11. Rojava

      Landon is so precious ☹️

    12. Shay Bateman

      “Don’t worry guys my first car was a Camry”😂😂 mine was a Saturn

    13. Chip Dixon

      dang ya guys are so funny and should do a couple quiz next too lol

    14. Tanisha tan


    15. Raisa Clavel

      I love Austin’s face when Shyla says “going to the bathroom not in the bathroom”

    16. Raisa Clavel

      I can’t get over the fact how Austin tries to kiss him 😂😂💀

    17. Kimberly Perez

      I want Ryan and Leslie.. Shyla and Landon.. And Austin and Catherine to do a which couple knows each other best.. That would be the best video EVER !

    18. LONE MAN

      This is the real Austin. I honestly don't like his behaviour sometimes, he over reacted in his channel making it cliche and unreal. I want to see this Austin in ace family .

    19. Jennifer Fraser-Remkes

      Actually breaks my heart the difference in these comments to the one with his mum when shayla is acting the exact same

    20. AW Merge

      Is it just me but Austin looks darker than usual?

    21. Chrissy

      Shyla and Austin look like siblings😂😂😂

    22. Sara Chisum

      Wow I just came from the recent on that was just posted with Shyla and mama and wow Landon you are looking so much better keep up the faith you’re doing so good

    23. Gabriella Diaz

      please tell me landon is high 😂🤣 i love this video omg

    24. Isabella Insfran

      i can't stop laughing LMFAO

    25. Eva Z

      This was a good laugh 😂😂

    26. brianna Justo

      I find it funny how Austin prepares his lips before he kisses Landon 😭😭

    27. Akilome Morris

      Austin: you’re worst habit is falling asleep late🤣💀

    28. UltraKost

      Austin really pulled the cleveland cavs comeback on em

    29. Ashley Lemmons

      I couldn’t hear what Shyla said her first car was. I love these videos btw. And Landon you can tell you are getting better. I just watched the one with your mom and shyla and now this one and in a month you’ve gotten so much healthier. God is good!!! 🙏🙏🙏🥰🥰🥰

    30. duaa hamza

      Sometime i think there is some proplems between shyla and Catherine 🙊

    31. cassandraduh

      I laughed so hard 😂😂😂

    32. Gloria Horta

      0:06 haha the way they both look after he pushes them😂👀

    33. adri.

      You guys high af 😆

    34. Pauline

      I freakin died when Austin burst out laughing after shyla said she was his only gf 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 deaddddd freakin cried omg

    35. Kiara Smith

      landon: sobre austin: tipsy shyla: almost dead drunk

    36. Pauline

      Shyla said don’t worry guys my fav car was a Camry 😂😂

    37. Elle Jimenez

      7:57 - 8:05

    38. Robin Sanchez

      What was shylas first car? 😂 I couldn’t hear what she whispered

    39. Hey Its me here シఌ

      They should do this challenge with Shyla and his dad or his dad and his mom ,

    40. Drill gossip

      Who’s here from who’s knows me better wiv landons mum comments 😂😂

    41. Leila Dia


    42. hailey scott

      Shyla: “one me what’s good”

    43. Kay J

      Okay this is a side of Austin I LOVED

    44. Noa Acefamily4ever!

      Bro when Austin said that I was like why is that something I would ask 🤣 4:42

    45. P A P W L A

      I love austin's laugh 😂😂

    46. Caroline Govender

      Shayla and austin laugh ..you guys crack me up ...😚😚😂😂😂

    47. athziri santiago

      You should do one with your dad and girlfriend

    48. Kaitlyn Beihswingert

      They are so unfiltered here and it's so refreshing, like I'm genuinely dying of laughter.

    49. Jessica Hernandez


    50. Nadith Hannah

      Is it just me or don't they look lit a'f!? 🤣😅

    51. Kesh Mosqueda

      This shit had me roflol

    52. Linda Beckering

      Austin’s laugh when he asked how many girlfriends have I had

    53. Linda Beckering


    54. Linda Beckering

      Landon looks really tired in this video

      1. Leila Anoa’i!


    55. Potato BooBoo

      7:54 Tell them again Shyla

    56. Emely Lopez

      I juts came back from watching the one with Landon’s mom that just came out and this is my second time watching this one🤣🤣they are so hilarious

    57. Tech Is Life

      When Austin said no and they both started laughing

    58. Clarissa Santana

      After watch Shyla vs Landons mom, I just had to rewatch the previous shyla vs Austin again. Both videos 😂😂😂 Shyla has me laughing at her answers

      1. Chidiebere Ezenechukwu

        Me too,I had to go back and watch the austin vs shayla video

    59. poini tongotea

      4:40 the only thing Austin was focus on was the product for his hair. SMH!

    60. Almandes Vertrauens

      Shyla is soo pretty OMG

    61. FNsantoss145

      hahhahah austin jeezus he made the video so funny it crazyy

    62. FNsantoss145

      austin made the video ahahahhaha

    63. Sarah Devon

      Austin’s laugh kills me everytime 😂 they get it from they momma 😂

    64. Natalie M

      Shylaa is a mood😂😂❤️❤️ one period wassgood?😂

    65. true 912

      That Austin-- i love it

    66. Justin Persaud

      Imagine Landon pulled back and Shyla and Austin kissed😂

      1. Natacha Lajara

        Nasty asf🤦🏻

    67. ACE Family

      Love you guys so much god bless you

    68. Margarita Pena

      love u i bought all your merh


      I will never get over the fact that shyla is so frickin pretty

      1. Super Power

        Yessss Shyla is Gorgeous!!!😍😍😍😍😍