Why Don't More People LOVE This Movie?? *Maleficent Commentary*

Dylan Is In Trouble

Dylan Is In Trouble

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    1. bellarke_ bliffin

      7:39 I cant unhear the oprah in her cry 😂😂😂

    2. Vilte Bivainyte

      Can you do a movie commentary of Maleficent 2

    3. Stephanie x_x

      20:11 😂

    4. Tran Lee

      Maleficent, the original baddie.

    5. Despina Tsitsibeou

      I actually really loved both movies


      Can we all agree that maleficent 2 is worse and doesn't even make sense even tho the visuals are stunning

    7. Shannon Wetherbee

      Why am I in love with this man

    8. ᒪᗩᘎᖇᗩ ➁➅o➀

      14:30 it's actually the real daughter of Angelina Jolie because all the other kids were afraid of Maleficent (the horns)...😂👌🏼

    9. Red Lemonade

      *starts naming off what he doesn't want to happen in the second movie* Me, having watched the movie: oopsie.

    10. Axelle F.

      I'm addicted to this channel 😍

    11. Arianna Paletta

      Her Virginity.....I literally had a choking fit

    12. Emaan

      DO THE SECOND ONE!!!!!

    13. Rachel K

      So what's funny is in the old, old, original story, the reason Maleficent is so pissed and curses their child is because they didn't invite her to their party, and the reason they didn't invite her is because they didn't have enough plates 😂 Secondly, I'm pretty sure two of the fairies give their gifts, then Maleficent shows up and says on her 16th birthday she will prick her finger on a spinning wheel and ~die~, and then because the third fairy still had a gift to give, her gift was that Aurora wouldn't die but fall into a deep sleep and could be woken by true love's kiss. Maleficent's curse was supposed to be: see this cute lil baby? When's she's 16 she's gonna DIE, the end. Pretty sure Maleficent didn't *add a loophole to her own CURSE* but...okay. On a serious note, the scene where she wakes up without her wings just gets me. Kids won't see it this way, but I think if you're a woman or if you've had this happen, you can see it as a metaphor for date rape, like he gives her this drink that makes her sleep. She wakes up in the morning alone, confused, not knowing what's going on or what's happened, and as she realizes what happened the night before and that she was drugged and her body was violated and that she's had this part of herself taken away by a man she trusted and she starts just viscerally screaming, the pain of this realization just overwhelming her to the point that all she can do is scream... That scene is just so powerful.

    14. Jasmine Matthew

      The Zooms make it seem like it’s a reality TV show

    15. edith perez

      Aurora: A true Love's kiss Dylan: it was a lie? Aurora: but it was not to be Dylan: *IT WAS A LIE*

    16. lifeoferika

      you should do maleficent 2

    17. Madeline Friberg

      Angelina did such a good job in this, her acting was just *chefs kiss*.

    18. Nova M.

      2:16 I love how people subconsciously still dislike Dolores Umbridge 😂

    19. Chetty Spaghetti

      By the second movie I definitely wanted Diaval to end up with the princess

    20. Alczix 0125

      Z O O M !

    21. misheel altan


    22. Allison Woodhouse

      Im always yelling at the screen; " *Dylan stoppp. dont ruin it for yourself! DyLaNnnNnNNnnnnNNNN* " Lol

    23. Maya Reed

      2:17 is that Dolores Umbridge??

    24. Zara Hoffman

      The fairy CGI also freaked me out "Good. GOOD. Something bad is going to happen." YEP

    25. Sofia Rose

      I’m sad and ugly as a blob fish why can’t I live there.

    26. Rachel Hall

      I really want Dylan to make a movie commentary to the second maleficent movie soooo bad

    27. Kiki White

      14:46 I remember reading somewhere that the little girl in that scene is actually Angelina Jolie’s daughter in real life

    28. Thalita Oliveira

      dylan you know that he cutting her wings was another way to say she was raped, i cried so much in the scene before knowing this and after I cried again

    29. Thalita Oliveira

      thank you, here’s 20 dolars

    30. Petrichor

      *Maleficent 2 pleaassseeuugghhh*

    31. Coolrachel 2018

      “HAH YOU POOR BITCH”-Dylan

    32. Abdulmalik Al hatmi

      Maleficent mistress of evil commentary please 😭😭😭

    33. Lucy Lee

      Where’s the commentary for maleficent 2!! ^^

    34. George Hongsheng

      The fact the fairy faces are real? or i might just be dumb.

    35. Emma Sturdivant

      The2nd one is awesome

    36. Yade N. Aslan

      19:12 who likes him more a pirate too ?

    37. hannah senior

      Forgiveness is never the answer

    38. Valeria Bustamante

      If someone cut off my wings I would also curse their newborn baby. 🤷🏻‍♀️ dont fuck with a bad bitch! 😂

    39. Soe Ta eh

      No the fairies faces creep me the heck out😂

    40. Moona Saikku

      You just missed the perfect joke when aurora said she’ll eat berries and black nuts 😔

    41. cody

      Literally describes the plot to maleficent two 6 months before it came out.

    42. Retro Diary

      It took me 5 minutes to realize Stefan is Aurora’s dad 🤦🏼‍♀️

    43. Margarita M.

      8:54 Dylan’s life costs $20, just so you know, guys

    44. Margarita M.

      No one: Dylan: b a r n b o i p u s s y

    45. Aaron Bitner

      me seeing the second movie: I did now see that coming Dylan that hasn't seen it: predicts it also me: oh ya I knew that was gonna happen...

    46. StrikerPlays

      Bro robin be getting it

    47. Not Lauri

      lol found it funny that Dylan predicted the plot of maleficent 2

    48. J Templar

      “She can’t get pricked if she’s chained up”....... your next commentary should be 50 shades bro

    49. DJ Art

      *I still to this day do not understand why this movie is SO underrated.* Nice to watch someone feel the same :D

    50. StaciQueen

      Both Maleficents are good, GO WATCH

    51. Angel de la Cruz

      🧡 the shirt.

    52. Joshua Bagley

      Maleficent 2 is really good that's a really good animation I mean CGI cool stuff too

    53. MLHJA

      So when u gonna watch the second one?

    54. Leanne _ oreo

      Dylan: **continuously saying that Stephen doesn't have classically handsome face** Me crying: please just call him ugly please! Don't sugar coat it **sniff**im begging you

    55. A.

      she hit the soldier because his helmet was out of iron (she can’t touch even with magic)

    56. OKami_101 OKami_101

      Lmao I got a dating app ad after barn boy chops off her wings

    57. MoonBlossomQueen

      I wheeze every time I hear Dylan’s line “I bow to NO Queen!” At 26:35 🤣🤣🤣

    58. Giulia Picchiotti

      FUN FACT : The baby who portrayed little Aurora, is portrayed by Angelina's daughter, because she was the only child who didn't burst into tears, seeing Jolie dressed as Maleficent !!!! .

    59. Richard Levy

      20 dollars!

    60. Kristal Pena-Taylor

      does this mean you'll react to part two

    61. msobon88

      I have a thing for really pale skin, perfect teeth, and the name Dylan 😝

    62. Miguel Fernandez

      Instead of you watching movies you can play the last of us

    63. caitly moose

      It's called a bitch slap

    64. Shea Samborski

      Aurora: what’s your name? Prince: Philippe Dylan: ew Phil

    65. Alessia Banu

      I like how Dylan is shorting everything lol 😂😂😂 Mallefincent =Mally Angelina Jolie =Angi Stephen =Steffi Disney = Dis 😂😂😂😂😂

    66. evadney Powell

      So I am here after watching Maleficent 2: Mistress of Evil. I need Dylan to watch the second one in the series because I am excited to see what he has to say.

    67. Harshit Vasava

      Will start review/reaction of music again?

    68. Ally

      Hate to break it to you...but that is exactly what happens in maleficent 2🤧

    69. Katelynn Elliott

      Do Maleficent 2! It’s finally out now!

    70. CeltycSparrow

      That is the one thing I DIDN'T like about this movie....the fact that when Maleficent cursed the baby Aurora, she cast the curse, but then SHE gave the fix for it herself....which basically renders the good fairies completely useless because the third fairy DIDN'T use her wish to save Aurora. I mean the fairies are completely worthless in this movie anyway and they have NO clue how to care for the baby....Maleficent and Diaval wind up practically raising the Princess themselves....but I guess the writers figured Maleficent was the best character in the movie anyway, so lets focus on her. I also hated Stefan's character in this movie. He has NO redeeming qualities about him whatsoever and he's SO BORING. I DO like the bond Maleficent shares with Aurora and the twist at the end where SHE breaks the spell and NOT the pointless bland Prince. And I DO like how they chose to do Diaval....how he is more than just a crow. He can be whatever Maleficent needs him to be. Apparently the second movie came out today. It would be interesting to hear your thoughts on it.