Why Megamind is a Subversive Masterpiece

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    1. Justino Igriega

      Orson pillín...

    2. jorge hiuston

      Buen video orson

    3. No1call32

      7:30 is just like keano reeves

    4. Atexoy

      16:23 Wait what? these are the one and only squid sisters... WITH THE CALAMARI INKANTATION

    5. Haffnium 24601

      Metro man Markiplier confirmed

    6. Indigo Bunny

      Literally the 20th time I watched this

    7. DREG uomosis

      7:46 Keanu Reeves you're breathtaking

    8. The Dragon Critic aka Lee O Brien

      24:09 that easily goes to the Masterpiece that needs a sequel known as Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole

    9. Chris O'Neill

      Has anyone noticed that metro man looks a lot like markiplier?

      1. Chris O'Neill

        Particularly when he has a beard

    10. Redgoldfishy

      Shrek isnt concluded, shrek 5 is coming out.

    11. Natalie Gold

      Suffering from succes😀

    12. Lachlan Bright

      He's just too fantastic!

    13. Murabito

      OK DE-news I'm watching the video YOU CAN LET ME LIVE A NORMAL LIFE NOW

    14. LeoChong

      and then Metroman Raided Markiplier’s Instagram -save him-

    15. ImpossibleDream1330

      Man Megamind was such a great movie I could even understand that as a young kid

    16. KHeartsFan2007

      Surprised that you didn't discuss all the detail work that was put into the movie. Like the split second shot of Metro Man disappearing then reappearing is actually at the beginning. Or the Ark of the Covenant in his treasures.

    17. starchiller115

      I seen Diavolo so that's an instant thumbs up from me 13:55

    18. Coolkid 59595

      So could you consider megamind a animated rom com?

    19. Tremaine McKinney

      If you really think about it hal is what could have gone wrong with Captain America

    20. lilyme3

      OH man I LOVE Megamind.

    21. Chazz brown

      police are traitors kill them all they listen to and act upon what the evil government says instead of us.

    22. Mr Phyco

      The one scene, even as a kid I knew was fucked up was when he builds himself a shield for dodgeball and gets in trouble

    23. SewKnami

      Nobody: Not a single soul: Schaffrillas Productions: I'm a sad, fat poop who spends the majority of his day nude.

    24. LaTroy Jordan

      It always baffled me that this movie didn’t get the credit it deserved. It’s SUCH A GOOD MOVIE. Also, great video! Loved the humor, edits and music choices. 😁

    25. Anna Cline

      (Hears spicy calamari inkantation in the background ) Respect +9000 But seriously how many videos have had splatoon music with out me noticing

    26. Celestial Quino

      Megamind and Rango are two animated films that soothe my soul.

    27. anxious egg

      At 12:08, Hal could literally see her underwear, that’s another reason he did that. he’s like, the worst movie villain ever, but so well built storywise!

    28. DrPluton

      I just watched this movie again last night on Netflix. I love this film because it is a fun twist on superhero/supervillain dynamics as well as well-written.

    29. anxious egg

      1:40 gave me anxiety

    30. 2-D

      "When I was a kid, I really enjoyed this movie" But that movie came out in 2010, so how old are now if you were a kid when that movie came out?

    31. anxious egg

      Finally, I’m not the only one who can dress in Megamind merchandise without being ridiculed

    32. Hello Gaming

      I just typed I a in the search and found this

    33. Jason Mangano

      first video I have ever seen from you sir. I love your breakdown. subs.......

    34. Breoxic

      why do i hear splatoon in the background very faintly xD

    35. Bulbman256

      I watch this movie earlier and my bro was talking about how Hal was an incel and decided to watch this and I agree

    36. Dat Guy

      I honestly forgot how good this movie was, it’s been too long.

    37. Fire Emblem Mark

      *A lot of Over the Hedge references* When is he gonna talk about Over the Hedge?

    38. Pierre Shi

      I'm glad I realized Megamind's awesomeness when I was still a kid and idiots were ripping this to pieces

    39. Jackson Martin

      The best part of this entire video was when the Calamari Inkantation started playing.

    40. ThatWildWolf

      So I just learned that the Metro Shitty joke wasn't in the original English version and I feel robbed of that tbh

    41. Marijuanna Man

      Roxxane's got some biddies

    42. Mr. Benjobilly

      Megamind is a fricken amazing movie.

    43. NovelistWithTea

      megamind is blue he can say the n word

    44. Redfieldニャン

      those persona references tho

    45. Mary Fangman

      I appreciate the Natasha Pierre in the background☺️

    46. AlHoresmi

      Also I think it's kinda hilarious that megamind is also an incel. By definition, at least. But as he said, he learns from his mistakes.

    47. Boner Breath

      When he was with Roxanne he was megakind When Roxanne left him he became megasad

    48. Not Spam?

      Why is there splatoon music at 15:45?

    49. swager dager69

      Human Megamind looks like Dwight from the office.

    50. Galaxy Paqui

      You still have that editing smoothness from your ytp days

    51. tum0r

      Anybody know the artist of the image used at 11:56?

    52. Stickman Player

      “And now whenever I see this movie, I really, really- **realizes he’s at gunpoint** Still like it!”

    53. Java Island

      Maybe a little late...when the movie came out I loved it

    54. Kraemer Gamer

      Things are about to get grusome

    55. Ro Me


    56. spookanide

      I didn't know this movie existed and the character designs make me want to jump out the window.

    57. Joseph Kennedy

      Just a few days ago I felt that mega mind was under rated too! What are the odds?

    58. Isaax

      13:55 of course JoJo had to appear in some shape or form here

    59. AbsoluteWeird

      i just subbed i love your channel

    60. PrimyFritzellz

      Megamind is my most fav animated movie, period. It's because of the adult humor

    61. Sandrogas

      Orslok cabron esto es calcao

    62. Ariel Harloff

      Is megamind even a movie made for kids?

    63. Doughy Town

      13:56 I mean, if you’re gonna bring Diavolo into this I gotta say: DIO is a S++ Tier

    64. Crispy Squid of The Acid Cats

      I see you with those persona references

    65. Bøø9

      I got to say, i REALLY dislike the insert songs, for being too on the nose, banking on "remember this song", and just lacking the nuance that so much of the movie otherwise had. Personally the humor skews a bit too silly (i prefer serious humor), but not any more than most other children's movies. The lack of judgement of Music-man was definitely a favorite.

    66. Luna lue

      No, she doesn't like metro man because of his muscles. She likes him because he looks like Elvis Presley, mmmmm y'all know a girl loves a man who can sing! ;)

    67. Badoat Lyf

      I heard some leftist/feminist vibes from your video, so disliked.

    68. Kyla Deerr

      0:51 whoa how to train your dragon is not the most respected we all know it’s shrek

    69. Emiralp Tuğrul Akkuş

      1:40 A Film Theory

    70. whyisblue923taken

      Nice job sneaking in Reach Out to the Truth.