Why Michael Jordan Is Better Than Bill Russell!

Chris Smoove

Chris Smoove

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    1. Scavage Predator

      Players that are better than michael jordan. Pete maravich John havlicek Bob mcadoo Elvin hayes Wes unseld Wilt chamberlain Bill russell Rick berry Jerry west Elgin baylor Larry bird Len bias Reggie lewis Shaq O'Neal Kareem abdul jabbar Oscar robertson David thompson Hakeem olajuwon George gervin

    2. Green Ranger

      The block at 10:35

    3. Ike Holt

      He only talking bout points he had a 51 Rebound game

    4. David Josh Dela Cruz

      A sure thing if MJ didn't retire, Hakeem would have 0 rings😂

    5. penny cls

      Bron: im better them both.

    6. Maria Robledo

      Mj is slow

      1. Clyde the Glide #top5SG&top10dunkerever

        You're the one who's slow......

    7. Maria Robledo

      In the 90s

    8. Maria Robledo

      Everyone was slow

      1. Maria Robledo

        In the 90

    9. Mickeal Jdaidani

      Bill who?

    10. Emanuel Nebyou

      Mg is the greatest of all time no cap

    11. Max Backstein

      “That’s some Goat Cheese” 😂💀

    12. Roscoe the Hound

      2:25 Russell is one of the best offensive players of all time even if he isn't the best scorer of all time. Passing, ball movement, pick setting, vision, timing, Russell had it all even if he played in a weaker era than MJ.

      1. Clyde the Glide #top5SG&top10dunkerever

        @X-man trash?! That's outright disrespectful, "pioneers" would be a better term to use

      2. Roscoe the Hound

        @X-man Look at what I said. Ball movement, pick setting, vision, and timing aren't in the stat sheet. He has a higher level of intangibles that possibly anyone all time. He wasn't a great scorer but he was great at other aspects of offense. Besides scoring, MJ didn't do much else on offense for most of his career.

      3. X-man

        Russell's offense is trash. Sorry. Your delusions aren't reality. Low scoring average, inefficient shooting, low assist numbers. Jordan's an offensive and defensive force.

    13. Daniel Berri


    14. Tabyas Archie

      Dennis Rodman also was averaging about 20rpg so keep talking bs smoove

    15. Guilherme Pires

      Do you think Luka can be that guy?

    16. Hayyan zzstu Siddiqui

      I see what Smoove is sayin, but he's missing the point. Bron fans bring up Bill Russell when they are debating bron v jordan because the logic that jordan fans use is that jordan has better finals performances , and that's why he is the goat. If that logic held true, then Bill Russell WOULD be the goat, not Jordan. However, what bron fans are really saying is that the finals performance isn't the ultimate deterrent in who's the goat, and that's why the (better finals performance) argument cannot be used to say that Jordan is the goat over Lebron

    17. Mark Sweet

      They’re the GOTE, Greatest Of Their Era

    18. JunJay

      Is Wilt Chamberlain better than Jordan

    19. BsmooveGaming

      I wish that more Boston sports fans talk about Bill Russell more often.

    20. Shiota

      8:16 Patrick McCaw


      Of Lebron did a 4 titles in a row a oh

    22. Thomas McCann

      Ima Celtics fan and Jordan is better

    23. Coby D.

      So jordan first 3 years didn't count what about Wizard years 22 jordan was bounced in playoffs 22 Bron led a bad cavs to the finals. What happened with jordan though bad team? nah just a ball hog!!

    24. Coby D.

      11 rings 4peats Russell

    25. Coby D.

      Jordan 2nd 3 peat was a super team yet again you speak on scoring not other statistics

    26. Santana Robinson

      robert ori has 7 rings

    27. Yenc Lopez

      Kobe did a 3 peat

    28. Technology Arbaz x gaming

      Mj the goat but when you look at lebron you say hes the greatest player there is no way some ones better but there is and hes named mj lebron number 2

    29. Monroe Jackson

      Kobe or lebron?

    30. Casdom Domcas

      John Havlicek is 8-0 In the finals. Just saying

      1. X-man

        He was the leader of 2 of his rings. The other 6 was on Russell's Celtics.

    31. Raymond Pirini

      I've never seen a goat montage before 🐐🐐🐐

      1. Clyde the Glide #top5SG&top10dunkerever

        You liked the highlights?

    32. Stephen Abraham

      Chris Smooves studies basketball lol.

    33. Noah Drafts

      What about wilt chamberlain

    34. Random Reviews

      Hey smoove lebron is the goat if you’re looking for your answer

    35. D Unknown

      Smoove with the facts💯

    36. Silva Pascoal

      That’s some Goat 🐐 cheese 🧀 😂😂😂

    37. Christ Alone 89

      Dennis Rodman is one of the greatest rebounder an defenders ever he might not have been a great scorer but he made up for it on the other side of the ball

    38. Conde X Steven

      wow i love these mj highlights

    39. Djhaunn

      Someone made SMOOVE MAD 👀NBA BS ANYWAYS

    40. Van Dillard

      Bill Russel wasn’t a Wilt stopper?

    41. Nolaboy Cap

      Anthony Davis entered the chat 💬 👀. 1-0 in the NBA Finals .

    42. JAI

      Magic is the GOAT stop sleeping best all around player to touch the floor

    43. Di mo ko makikita

      "Bill Russell is better than MJ because he has more rings". That logic originated from Jordan fans when they're going against LBJ fans

      1. X-man

        @Di mo ko makikita No it didn't. Bron fans are just too stupid to comprehend the rings argument altogether.

      2. Di mo ko makikita

        @Bo Spiritual read again. The logic behind the "More rings than = GOAT" started from MJ fans when arguing against LBJ fans

      3. Bo Spiritual

        Why would they need to use bill russel as an example if Jordan has more rings than Lebron pretty sure they could just use Jordan 😂🤔

    44. James Wilson

      It's not about the rings bill Russell gave a platform standing for rights doing a rough time

    45. Lawd Zoe

      You ignore bill Russell 5 MVP an a era where the players voted.

    46. Lawd Zoe

      I can debate for bill Russell. Because you are inaccurate in a lot of points.

      1. Sheogorath

        Yeah i tuned out after the claim he wasnt a 2 way player.

    47. - Frank -

      Bill Russell is mentioned because when it come to mj vs LeBron all you hear is rings rings rings , no one in their right mind thinks he is better then LeBron or mj

    48. TyJamar

      MJ is the G.O.A.T

    49. Juwan Plummer

      Look MJ is arguable the greatest Lebron is too I think is Lebron others think is mike it’s all an opinion

    50. Live Love Life

      Lol so deff don't make you a top player 😂😂😂

    51. Live Love Life

      Bill played a team game he could've have put up those numbers too lol

    52. DsLmaNiaC

      Man destroy those Bronsexuals.

    53. Subiraj Bhullar

      Now make a video about wilt being better than jordan

    54. The Taker

      twice 3 peat< 8 in a row

    55. Rahaman Awelenje

      So u basically saying points and scoring is what make u a better player? U gotta Put on an offensive show to be better?🤔wow just disrespecting defense smfh .

      1. Sheogorath

        More to offense than points Russell was a top notch passing center and offensive rebounder.

    56. Damon Anthony

      The Celtics had Red Auerbach russell Jones and cousy etc. Jordan is better than LeBron. LeBron is better than magic Johnson. Jordan was better than Kobe. I think the 60s was weaker.

    57. Ntsako Mathebula

      All I know is someone will be better than Jordan. It's just when

    58. Bumster Dumster

      Ion kno who be sayin Bill > MJ

    59. Luca Prod.

      not forget Moses 106 points

    60. Miguel Diaz

      If Magic never got HIV he would’ve been the goat man is a beast💪🏼

    61. cromulentparty

      10:33 are you kidding me....

    62. Blxde YT

      10:35 AYOOO 😭😭😭😭😭🔥

    63. Trevor Anderson

      Lebron the goat and there’s no question🤷🏾‍♂️

    64. HollowFrobe

      Please do mj vs lebron next

    65. John azfer Dela cruz

      Chris smoove opinion is much better than watching the nba analyst

      1. Christ Alone 89

        He's clearly bias tho

    66. H20 Ryu

      Im only 23 so i never got the chance to truly watch jordan. but after a lot of thinking I understand why people say MJ is the best of all time

    67. victor main

      There's no argument, Jordan is the GOAT.

    68. Official Kelly

      These mj highlights are some cheese 🧀

    69. MWILL 0430

      Brees v Brady video