Will Smith Reacts To Jada Pinkett Smith & August Alsina Dating Rumors



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    Will Smith reacts to Jada and August romance rumors. Kanye reference an old Drake rant. Plus - Cardi B reveals new tattoo.
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    Will Smith Reacts To Jada Pinkett Smith & August Alsina Dating Rumors

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    1. Trip Dose

      Will:when she said she loved August I thought she meant the month 😔

    2. Tekura Marsters

      Pisses me off that this isn't what the caption says about the video "will" I had to skip to find the part of will crying fk this video smh

    3. Gina Beck

      How she take that " wow" didn't he like break some chica cervix bone.....will I'm sorry bud I take you home lol

    4. Shit you

      Jada is 48y/o And August is 27y/o

    5. BFM Casino

      I made this song for you Will💪🏽 de-news.net/online/video-vYRErYCTWCI.html

    6. *Freedom of speech * R have U 4gotten

      How to turn a hoe into a house wife

    7. bob George


    8. Brittney Walter

      I just don't know what's wrong with some ladies nowadays.. like seriously Jada 😒😒

    9. Krissi Berry

      You deserve better Will...

    10. Ken Banks

      This dude look like don trip

    11. FIT AT 48

      See how their people LIED about the accusation not being true well Jada just CONFIRMED it that he was blowing her back out. Will didn't give him permission Jada said ol boi was confused about that but they were so called separated then🤔? Yea right I believe now that they have an open relationship and STILL don't want nobody to know they get down like that so they claimed they were separated smh.

    12. Mark Smith

      Their marriage is a Blockbuster Hollywood marketing scheme for the gay community. They are both gay. They don’t really love each other that’s why they have an “open marriage”.

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    14. Angela brookes

      A song jumped into my head soon as August started speaking (IF YA PLAY YA CARDS RIGHT EVERYTHING GONNA BE ALIGHT) Will get tht strap!!

    15. Ra'Chelle Banks

      ... is the girl's name "Colonic"?

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    17. GG BRAN

      Wait, they split up?

    18. T. Houze

      Jada is cute but her ass on flames for those younger men's.. Stop trying to be a life coach and trying to solve someone else life struggles and take the time out to figure out her own.

    19. Shawna

      does anyone not notice that the kanye video of him talking looks alot like the muted etika final words video?

    20. Mellzy m

      Didn’t will and jada have an open marriage? They’ve been messing around on each other since the 90s

    21. J TOP MUSIC

      Great video

    22. Hibo Samatar

      Where is Will reaction as your title indicated? Click bait?

    23. Darkness Sweet

      I won’t vote for Kanye even if they pay me a million dollars, he’ll literally “ DESTROY AMERICA”.

    24. N McN

      Hollywood is trying their best to divorce Will and Jada. May the best person win.

    25. Killerbrick

      You actually, kinda look like Will Smith.. BTW.. just saying..

    26. wendy thomas

      Wow, Jada pinkett is every black mothers nightmare. Manipulating young men for her personal gratification,. Her and will join the ranks in Hollywood. Both of them playing with 20 Yr old feelings.

    27. Sheena Alexander

      Will smith is lying

    28. Gregory Isgett

      I don't want to get into My boy Will Smith and Jada Pinkett's business or relationship you know how media and tabloids looking for gossip won't stop until they can dig up things on celebraties people mind your own Damn business stop sticking your noses where there not wanted hey will how is Carlton Alfonso R?

    29. Veronica Brown

      These tattoo is possess

    30. 100cv cv

      2020 for you guys

    31. K.M Radcliffe

      All that led up to one word, WRONG

    32. Evelyn Carrillo

      The fact that Will and Jada are lying makes me not respect them.

    33. Ann Wambui

      Why do we care about grown people bedroom affairs . That boy wanted to boost his career . 🤓

    34. Danny Delgado

      2:05thats all we need to know right there

    35. Kevi SpaAndLashbar

      2:08 Jada move slightly away from Will, will realize then move closer to her again, what's the tea Jada?

    36. Maxamillian Steele

      SKIP TO 1:50

    37. K dog

      Will Smith goes both ways any ways. He probably sat there and watched it. Tamberine player.👋

    38. Big Kunta

      🤣🤣🤣🤣will a fuckin freak

    39. J Valdes

      Breaking News: Will Smith adresses INFIDELITY rumors and Kanye West rants about old BEEF with DRAKE..........also cardi b got a new tattoo or something

    40. Lufefe Ngilana

      I think I know exactly why I don’t follow celebrities. 🚮

    41. Jennifer Whittington

      I'm sorry but I believe August... He's been through too much to be lying about that. Plus, Will and Jada are weird ASF 🤷🏾‍♀️ijs

    42. T Fam

      End of the vid he had a guilty face cuz he knew that “Will Smith responds” heading is not what ppl were expecting. “Sorry for the clickbait” 🤷🏾‍♂️

    43. Nene's Eats Plus

      Did anyone else catch 1:18 check out Kanye shapeshift

    44. JustJerz Beatz

      Complete click bait that is being reported DAYS after shit happened..

    45. straight lace

      He got turned out young strong money lots of gifts and sex and dirty things going on that's not connected to marriage and Will is Fully aware. This young man ain't lieing his pride feelings are hurt because he wants a long term relationship but the party's over she will use him for sex and company Only! Aug feels like that's degrading at this point will don't care he's doing his own thing Jada got caught up in this it might really be over this yime


      What's the purpose of a worthless video like this who gives a funk tough luck for ole Willie

    47. damnation

      "cardi b reveals a new tattoo" 😂😂😂 the 'guy' who said it, i cant imagine his life, because im a guy

    48. v hoy

      I believe August... Jada knows the truth

    49. TheyCallMeFhaze

      When did he react In this vid?

    50. mazamorano78

      This is bullshyt, what a waste of time. Straight up lie..Will didn't say shyt.

    51. Infertile Myrtle

      Y’all call him “Will Smith” I always call him “Not Tupac” 😆😆💯

    52. Judy McGaugh

      The Smiths want to mold the way they are seen by the population. They write the scripts that they want all of us to believe. Making sure that they always come across on a higher level than the rest of us. In reality they have a very messed up family with kids that are feel they can do whatever they feel like because the whole family thinks they are entitled and above the rest of society.. I look at their brainwashed kids that think they are much more than the rest of us. They don't even know what they are or how to get along without Mommy or Daddy. He's an actor and sometimes rapper, and she's , you know I don't even know what she does any more. But they need to get over themselves, and I mean the whole family.. Jada either cheated on Will ,or he said it was Ok. NUFF said, own it, and go away, the world has more issues to deal with than for us to care who is doing the NASTY with who..

    53. cooley hottboxx

      Some bullshit!!!!waste of time...

    54. TR808


    55. 2001Canes BestEver

      Anyone else notice at 2:05 Jada moving away from Will and him recognizing it and moving closer?

    56. Taniya Walker

      So Will never responded to anything who cares about their problems? They are still human.

    57. sam Sam

      This family needs help! Urgent!

    58. Cali Jokes

      lol Idk why simps get married

    59. Chelsea Blackman

      Hmm.. Whether they did or didn't, whether will gave permission or didn't, I really don't care. People have nothing better to do than to study other people's lives. If it works for their marriage, more power to them. I still think they're a great couple, and that ain't gonna stop me from seeing the next will Smith movie to hit theaters.

    60. Ko te

      You might as well... She belongs to the Streets, or go out like Dr. Dre

    61. VanneyLee Thompson

      The Smith family knows this rumor is true....

    62. Skittlz Boy's aka. Skittlz Nation

      Skittlz Boys is in the comments! #muchlove from Skittlz Nation #goodvibesonly Shoutout to: Will Smith "he does it all" and pikachu

    63. mdooms76

      Wasn't nothing alleged! August hit and Jada loved it until she tried to go back to playing married with wayward Will. I'm so sick of those two weirdos.

    64. Dontae 0523

      This that rich people crap . Now if Will and Jada was that normal family . Some one would be in jail . Car windows blown out, sucker attack and more . And now normal folk going to try this and loose the worth of a true marriage and it's vows .

    65. Renee Danley

      It’s real she did sleep with him those two swing

    66. edgar olvera

      Your show sucks

    67. Taniya Jenai

      the smith family has some fixing to do.

    68. Monique Lane

      He talking about the black population while making whole babies with a white woman, make it make sense...

      1. Tashema Haynes

        Angel Whitney: Period! 👁

      2. Angel Whitney

        Scott Freeman23 that’s white too

      3. Scott Freeman23

        FALSE, She("Kim Kardashian ")is Armenian

      4. Tashema Haynes


    69. Cornelius White

      Will's "rep" responds.

    70. Victoria Ragland

      I love u will smith