William Regal announces NXT Title Match for TakeOver: Toronto: WWE Exclusive, July 17 2019



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    NXT General Manager William Regal reveals that Johnny Gargano will face NXT Champion Adam Cole at TakeOver: Toronto in a 2-out-of-3 Falls Match in which each Superstar picks a stipulation for a fall.
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    1. NakkiKioski 87

      How old Regal is?

    2. ᴜɴɪᴋɪᴛᴛʏ

      He’s 50 years old, but looks older

    3. The Stealthy One

      They're gonna make Gargano lose again, aren't they?

    4. barbaritaa leon

      I kinda want Kyle o Reilly and Bobby Fish vs Angelo Dawkins and Montez Ford the Street Profits for NXT Tag Team Championship want Undisputed Era to win Pete Dunne vs Roderick Strong vs Velveteen Dream for NXT North American Championship want Strong to win and finnaly i know where not getting this but i kinda wanted Dominik Dijakovic vs Adam Cole for NXT Championship anyways want Cole to retain then next NXT want Undisputed Era to do a promo based on all of them winning WWE NXT CHAMPIONSHIP GOLD!

    5. John Collano

      Cole vs Gargano 3 stages of hell EXIST Meltzer's star rating system: ah sh## here we go again

    6. Jeffrey Otero

      Honestly tired of Johnny Gargano. At least go back to being Evil Johnny Gargano 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

    7. Czar EX

      Nxt: it will be Johnny Gargano vs Adam Cole in a 2 out of 3 falls (3 stages of hell) Main Roster: How do we make a creative way to go to commercial?

    8. Kirby gisher

      Oh hell yeah

    9. End Of Days.

      NXT FULL

    10. Daniel Melo

      William Regal = WWE Hall of Fame.

    11. Moeed khawar

      Now that's how you make a match

    12. Peter-James Mmbago

      Regal Hall of Fame 👊

    13. Samiul Hassan

      Gargano vs cole last man standing match😎😎

    14. S Dt

      If this goes to the third fall come on regal we know its gonna go to the last fall u better get ready with a stipulation

    15. TomForNow

      Thank goodness for putting an end to all this non-sense! Well done Mr. Regal!

    16. Spark 515

      When the ratings are low.

    17. Gamer dude 98993

      These guys put up a great match at takeover new york even though they had another match on takeover 25 I highly prefer the first one I hope that this match at Toronto can go past 5.5 stars I hope that johnny wins the title one last time before he goes to the main roster

    18. Matthew Porrini

      It will be Adam Cole vs Johnny gargano in a 3 stages of hell match for the nxt championship


      3 stages of hell is cool I think it will be submission first fall and gargano will win with the gargano escape. the second fall will be a NO DQ and the undisputed era will interfere and Cole will get the second fall and the 3rd could be anything so I expect to see another classic match between them. I'd of love to of seen a 60 minture iron match between them tho

    20. Adam Ware

      William Regal is going to make 3rd stage Ladder Match

    21. Sarmad Jutt

      No 2 Out Of 3 Falls Match Anymore Please. Don't Make It Like The Main Roster.

    22. GasparLewis


    23. zack wyatt

      So regal is picking the final stipulation It's obvious I bet he'll pick a steel cage

    24. buddy ward

      How about before the 3 stages of hell takes place. The undisputed era banned from ringside and finally settle this one on one between Adam Cole and Johnny Guargano

    25. GO4T Adams Entertainment

      3 Stages Of Hell pretty much

    26. No music No Life

      Hello)) mutual subscription)) Help please dial subscribers.

    27. bcafce123

      1. Falls Count Anywhere 2. Last Man Standing 3. Ladder 1. Last Man Standing 2. Falls Count Anywhere 3. Hell in a Cell

    28. Ethan Cobb

      Three stages of hell HHH has got to add another couple hours on to this show these guys can go it's going to take them 45 minutes to get to the first fall

    29. Ad Greenwood

      Think it’s interesting three years ago got requested to go out to the pub and there was some familia faces, then Ashley gave some words from the wise before the pace got faster again, I don’t say this stuff often but that you all it’s been eleven years since I’ve been prepared to pair up with anyone and six since I’ve even socialise with pretend friends or frienemy and twenty five since I’ve trusted anyone, so a big cheers for all the support from where ever it’s come from

      1. Ad Greenwood

        Still doing a similar gig to those on the $130,000US - millions a year ether way and don’t bother I just grateful to be able to do the part I do

      2. Ad Greenwood

        Funny comment from a random “so what do you do with your Pension?” 😆 at $175 dollars a week survive 😆

    30. Carter White97

      OMG I can’t wait for Takeover Toronto 3 stages of hell ..... BAY BAY!

    31. D.I.Y K.E.S

      So basically a 3 stages of hell match, just like Triple H (😏😉) vs Stone Cold

    32. Next Level Gaming

      1st stipulation win by Submission only 2nd No Disqualification (UE interferes with the match) 3rd Regal bans UE From Ringside Last man Standing Rules Ciampa interferes and DIY goes to war with each other again Tell me that doesn't sound like that's not exactly what will happen

    33. adnan naemaz

      It’s gonna be submission, falls count anywhere and ladder match!!!! Hopefully

    34. RockMusicFan92

      regal is just like the angry dad of nxt and i love it.

    35. Emmanuel

      Please let Adam Cole retain, I wanna see all the UE with championships

    36. Pich Naton

      You know what would be a great stipulation? The first stipulation is a 2 out of 3 falls match The second stipulation will be another 2 out of 3 falls match The final stipulation will also be a 2 of out 3 falls match.

    37. unexpected things!!!!!!!!

      Haha match of the year is on the way bay bay

    38. Explicit.Content TO

      1st match will be a tables match, 2nd match will be a NO DQ match, 3rd fall will be falls count anywhere.

    39. Daniel Smith

      I smell a 5 star match coming 👍🏽

    40. JoeyTime XD


    41. Dire Wolf

      Gargano chooses Submission match, Adam Cole chooses Street fight or falls count anywhere they win their chosen fall, Regal makes the third stage...last man standing...Cole wins, Gargano is headed to Raw and Smackdown

      1. HYPERGOGETA2012

        No. Gargano wins

    42. andrew woltmann



      So a 3 stages of hell, nice

    44. MeNoSpeakJibberish

      Regal is a boss 😎

    45. Red Reddington

      I haven't followed WWE in ages - VERY happily surprised Regal is still around.

    46. Jason b

      Regal is doing an Awesome Joe in charge of NXT!

    47. Raging Kiwi TV

      So its a 3 stages of hell match?

    48. AlwaysLookCool 729

      2 Stages of Hell match? More like a 3 Stages of Hell Match!

    49. Heavy Chevy

      Nxt just does wrestling the right way.🔥🔥🔥🔥

    50. steve gunkel

      3 stages of hell takes us back people

    51. Chad Boswell

      Look a 2 out of 3 falls match with actual meaning behind it instead of a way to serve the commercial breaks.

    52. AdamREALTALKNOW Tschetschener

      Adam Cole is far and away the greatest in nxt

    53. The Phenomenal Texan

      NXT: Announces another Gargano vs Cole Match. WWE Main Roster: Come on at least give us a chance to steal the show Summerslam weekend.

    54. Juan Wu

      Three stages of hell, like Austin-Triple H feud, years ago!

    55. J Roscoe

      NXT proving how to do 2 out of 3 falls matches right!


      Johnny Gargano Will Be The New Nxt Champion

    57. Keithen McDaniel

      Child please we all know Adam Cole is gonna win its gonna be a great match no doubt but we all know the end result

    58. Bb is a cool gamer

      No I want twan as next champ or the miz’s dad

    59. TJP 123

      Gargano for Champion BAY BAY

    60. Tyler Wester

      3 stages of hell hell yea

    61. Andrew Petre

      Why can’t they call it 3 stages of hell or is it “not PG”

    62. Gurwinder Kaur

      William regal looks so different and ugly

    63. Jaychaos1989

      it is a 3 Stages of Hell!

    64. Taylar Tupou

      3 stages of hell?

    65. Brandon Harris

      picture of blackpool in the background, home town for me too regal

    66. GodsLastGift


    67. Agustin Vazquez

      Dos 205 por eso WWE no tiene ya credibilidad tienen mejores talentos y les dan el empuje a luchadores que nadie va a respetar pues cualquiera que no sea luchador los enfrentaría pues son deviluchos se supone que es un título pesado nxt se va a caer con eso sólo hacen más fuerte a la otra compañía

    68. Saman Moazzenifar

      I am his big fan

    69. Saman Moazzenifar

      I love Roman rans

    70. ZEIT PERÚ

      3 stages of hell match omg cole vs gargano will remind the match of the year