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    Greg is the strongest family on the internet, we're the fastest growing channel on DE-news, and we make fire content. So, instead of making up some pun using my name and calling my fans that, I decided to use a different name entirely. A name so strong, haters tremble when it is spoken. WE ARE GREG. AND WE ARE TAKING OVER THE INTERNET. And all you have to do to join is hit subscribe and turn on notifications.

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    1. thatarmyxx

      Dentist students are actually using those teeth to carve teeth into stone(?)* *it's not an actual stone but idk what it's called

    2. Sven Solheim

      I like how both my ads in this video were wish ads lol

    3. I’m Yeet god


    4. Kaliana Rentz


    5. d m

      2:25 the cats paw is tied onto the cage, actually made me sad

    6. YaBoiiSwipeyy YT

      Wish is the black market’s backup plan

    7. Michelle Guenther

      wiSh DoT cOm

    8. Ayşe Naz Karakoca

      15:56 it is for old people who has memory problems if they leave their homesand couldnt remember their homes ,it happens in my country sometimes old people get lost and they search for them but the gadgets suck

    9. Sam #15

      Gets wish ad during video. THEY'RE WATCHING US

    10. Samuel Gould

      Guys I think I'm too close

    11. LOVE LIFE TM

      You can't trust wish..

    12. Rice Cakes


    13. Swerly AJ

      Btw, its all super cheap cause its shipped straight from china and ttakes forever. Cause most things are made in china.

    14. Xav Williams

      No joke while watching this I got a wish ad!

    15. The First Kinght

      Try aliyexspress

    16. Gray Girl A.S.

      If anyone was wondering his shirt says: “IF YOU CAN READ THIS YOU’RE TO CLOSE!”

    17. Edgar Jägare Nyborg

      I got a wish ad before this video

    18. Jaysmoke Future

      Aye bro I love wish is the best

    19. Benjay

      I just got a wish ad during this video for an alarm clock that runs away

    20. Harper Bloom

      Never order anything expensive on Wish.com gamers, u will either get nothing or the worst thing u can imagine- i just use Wish for small stuff like dice

    21. MoFlo Flo

      The fact that the ad before this was Wish.com is just the cherry on top

    22. Cynique OwO

      I got a wish ad for this video

    23. samar elhawat

      Dan's shirt: IF YOU CAN READ THIS YOUR TOO CLOSE ME: but now I can't see my ipad Cries in corner just wanting to watch his video Me: comes closer Shirt: 😡😡😡 Me: uhhh.....just g-gra-grabbing m-my....... potato that was close t-to my.....ipad hehe Danny : just there talking about all wishes weird shit Me:still crying to the fact that I can't see my ipad because of the shirt 🥺🥺😭😭😭😭🥔🥔🥔🥔🥔

    24. soobit

      I bought a shirt from wish in 2018 and it still hasn’t come 😐

    25. Jacob Ulrich

      "I feel like there's a kink in the supply chain" Danny. There's a kink alright. But it's not the supply chain.

    26. Terubby

      wish is a very bad website NEVER buy anything from them they hardly ever deliver on what they advertise its all cheap knockoffs from chrina i dont know how its even still up you really shouldnt buy from it the prices are usually either a lie or its not the real product god i hate it so much ive never bought anything from them and i hate their ads

    27. 1k subs without any video challenge

      why can't u stop laughing

    28. Sugawara Koushi

      I got shoes off of Wish one time and they were actually really nice quality for being only around $20

    29. Shadows Cheeks


    30. Caroline Guy

      Wish advertised crack pipes to me... And I swear I don't smoke crack

    31. Lyndsey Grazer

      I wish I was joking I got a WISH add while watching this

    32. Crosto 64

      16:59: this dude really managed to contact Mario

    33. Gracie-may productions

      A wish ad came on

    34. killer 2000

      I just got an ad for wish and they got smart watches and my brain: *BUT WHY?*

    35. Jacob Olson

      Corn boat

    36. Valkyrie IsBad

      Wish is the online retail version of the weird uncle who comes to the family reunion every year.

    37. Ridley But Red

      Did anyone else get an ad for wish when they clicked on this video

    38. Caleb Piekarczyk


    39. Angelique Carter


    40. Sarah Stacey

      why did i get a wish ad before watching this?

    41. Marlee Ramirez

      I saw a wish ad on this video

    42. Murillo Lobregat

      Just give me my human teeths

    43. Tara Reid

      I laughed so hard at “look how happy that hamster is!”

    44. Joseph Aviles

      When you look up the spy camera to see the blurred picture (btw nothing really showed except her side boob and her butt)

    45. Gacha_Vin

      I got a wish ad before the video started

    46. Joseph Marble

      God I love these

    47. Skie the folf

      I bought the 4 breath of the wild amiibo on wish

    48. camille ds

      I just got an ad for a wish during the video

    49. Rosetwins

      I got a ad saying no ones laughing In fl :me in fl: laughing cause Danny is a comedic genius

    50. GoopyGang

      I got a wish ad while watching this

    51. Jenna Dalton

      I ordered a prom dress from wish because, why not... It said it would be there in 2 days, and my prom was in a 7 weeks. The dress came 2 months late... I did get a dress though, and one that looked just like it.

    52. Cristian Davis

      Oh my gosh!!! I love H U M A N T E,E T H.

    53. Yelena Karapetyan


    54. GrandTheft Lemon

      The chicken helmet sound effect has me DYING 😂

    55. Becca Sands

      i got a wish ad on this video

    56. RSB

      Who else got a wish ad? Like wtf theyre listening

    57. Pylo Sunset

      I got an add for wish on this video

    58. Micah Oton

      You are on of the funniest DE-newsrs

    59. Sen Bilverglate

      I got a wish ad on this video lmao

    60. Nora Playz

      I got an ad at 11:15 ........ It Was A WISH AD!!! ;-;

    61. umcow

      if you read this you’re

    62. Drempty

      Put the baby down so the camera can watch it

    63. Jackie Johnson

      No one buy from wish!! Please!!! Theres a reason the items are so damn cheap, and it's because they use extremely underpaid workers from other countries. I know lots of stores do this, but wish is one of the worst.

    64. The Hockey Squad

      I literally got an ad for wish during the video it was about 10$ smart watches

    65. Vampire Cat

      *ABS* olutely JACKED

    66. FunnySkeleton

      He searched chicken helmet tongue porn

    67. Sonny Wilkinson

      I got an ad for wish at 5:57 that was hilarious second wish ad I think I'm gonna turn into count from sesame Street 1 WISH AD, 2 WISH AD

    68. silverwolf17

      why did i get like 7 wish ads in a row after watching this video danny did you curse me-

    69. MrGloriaGoo

      I got a wish ad.

    70. Aisyah Iman

      nayh, that's an acrylic teeth for dentures =)