Wiz Khalifa - So High ft. Ghost Loft [Official Audio]

Wiz Khalifa

Wiz Khalifa

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    Wiz Khalifa -- So High ft. Ghost Loft [Official Audio]

    Am Vor 5 years


    1. 『MC』 luke

      May 30 2020 ✨

    2. K Clark

      Out of respect for this song, every comment must end with “uh huh”

    3. Guillermo Rodrigo Arredondo Arrarte

      los mejores tiempos con mi hermano baez I so high

    4. Marc Seabron

      I don't know where the fuck I'm going ✌🏿⛽🔥😤💨

    5. Brandon D

      you know there are so many songs about "let's get high" or "rolling a blunt" or " smoking an ounce" or "I'm so high in the sky". all those are general ideas of what it's like being high...but this song...this song is literally the most DESCRIPTIVE spot on representation of what it's like to be a true stoner. I love it mannnn. wiz details all the small idiosyncrasies of stoner life, such as : "roll another joint don't fall asleep" "tell a nigga use a grinder for that weed" "so stoned ima need something to eat" "ashes on my seat". like yoooooo those are true stoner vibes 🙏🏽💯

    6. Calvinito _


    7. Thomas Plentychief

      I lost my best friend to suicide a year ago and this was his favorite song we listened to it all the time. Now every time I hear it I get sad and I think of all the memories I had with him driving around town.

    8. DeAngelo Tdm

      Wiz Make The Greatest Stoner Music🔥🔥🔥💯💯💯

    9. Chris Brown

      Nice bro😀

    10. LikeNative MikeTV

      I saw a UFO and Aliens when I first listened to this song😂😂

    11. PatrykHd

      quarantine tune!

    12. Jesse Ellis

      Man, i feel old AF seeing comments saying yall were in high school when this came out..wow..to think i was getting fucked up when y'all were still in diapers and drinking formula and watching sponge bob and shit lol..thats crazy..man i smoked for years before this song. For me it would be like trick daddy dolla and master p, young lil Wayne like when he first came out with the Hot Boyz and B.G and Juvenile and Big Timers..Manny Fresh and Baby that's my high school era..and coal chamber and korn, Powerman 5000, food times though

    13. Elijah Greene

      I get so highhhhh *inhales blunt*

    14. Punsch Punsch

      So high Wii Cool

    15. Mike FLOCKA Duce

      Dis will always b my shit🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💯💯💯💯💯🔥 #HigherThenAMf!!

    16. Seattle Entertainment Group

      For the highest in the room "look at Travis Scott" ouch - no cred to Whiz.. Brutal

    17. Jordan Cole

      2020 Who still smoking to this??

    18. N

      in 2 days ill be 3:08 AHA :)

    19. Louis Txdd.

      This Makes Me Forget About All The Bad Energy Around Me. what do you guys think such a mood I GET SO HIGH aha I GET SO HIGH aha.

    20. تركي السلامي

      At nigh me you 💅✌️

    21. تركي السلامي

      Waek uhhhh stop girl morning

    22. Bryson Justice

      Such a perfect song to get high to sets the vibe and lets u chill💯💯

    23. Yaq

      love this bridge of this song

    24. Alexander du Plessis

      this song feels an eternity when your high lmao bruuuh

    25. Alonzo Johnson


    26. Gaming deadbeat

      Guys this sounds hella cool when your high

    27. Ryekix

      Love you if ur still repping this vibration

    28. MilangThe Explorer

      If u still listening this music 2020 you are in quarantine

      1. N

        not anymore

    29. تركي السلامي

      You wanted everything. Respect for you.

    30. Medusa v2

      This song just came to mind 6 years later 0.o Wiz is a legend!


      Reminds me of my college days. :)

    32. Shane Berx


    33. vibo achumi

      Smoking listening 2020. 24. 05 lockdown india

    34. Ambition-pk

      So happy the tik-tok generation is too young to know about songs like this....

    35. Beyond 07

      This song reminds me Those smoky day !when I just started smoke weed the bunch of girl around you smoking weed enjoying night life

    36. Michael amran

      Wiz khalifa he's the one for the best

    37. Robert Nelson

      I always be like what the f you looking at to looking ass people but then I remember I always just smoked

    38. Roaring Specks

      2020 it never gets old wish I could get more lit it be sad getting lit by my self but the song make it better like I’m with with my nephew Wiz Khalifa 😌💨🥱

    39. AK 47

      2020 😎

    40. Swifty 78

      If your listen to this in 2020 your a real 1

    41. Kothamassu Kumar

      Come to Hyderabad it's my first and Last wish

    42. Dinesh Arasan

      I am from india wiz. Love from india. i am a huge big fan of you❤❤

    43. Jason Christie

      Take a dab straight thc is good for meeeeeeee

    44. Doña Gloria


    45. Daygoro Tello

      Blowing Kush out my mask aha

    46. Romey King

      Slaps on deck!!

    47. Norm L

      This song never got the recognition it deserves

    48. Arnoldo Contreras Rivera

      🙎‍♂️🦁 shredded lettuce you broke boy😈🍎🤭🤦‍♂️ its lettuce🦇🦅🕊🦉🦜

    49. Nolan S

      I’m high

    50. Passico

      When ur still listening to this song in 2020 ur addicted

    51. Solid Rock

      so High until the morning and after i continue to smoke

    52. Don toth

      Too bad the chorus is the only part that’s not annoying as shit...

      1. Supreme KingOwl

        Don toth ur suppose to be high listening to this don't be unintoxicated

    53. on way to off road

      2020 we are here

    54. Antonio Jr Anahaw


    55. IAmDomFul XD

      Beginning reminds me of juice wrld😔 LLJW

    56. Tyl'r Gwin

      who remembers welcome to pistolvania 🔥

    57. Bradiz Sampson

      This song was my most played song of 2016 on spotify...and it still slaps harder than a pimp

    58. lil wiz

      So high

    59. Rhonkyle Arcilla

      if i are listening in 2020 like this comment

    60. Gray Tootoosis

      This is fire still 💯💯

    61. Ralph 0824

      Wiz best song ever

    62. Arturo Rodriguez

      I love it wiz khalifa

    63. Crazy Boy


    64. harrington3651

      RIP to the version of this song that had a fine woman doing a topples photoshoot

    65. Jesse Paul

      Who's coughing right now💨💨

    66. vijay singh Chauhan

      It's not a song it's a feeling best described..

    67. Whimsical

      Makes me think of those moments with the homies talking at 3a.m about how we gonna get through life when we older ❤️👌

    68. Undeadsporeking

      man this a tradition to listen to this 420 forevs high up and were floatin

    69. John Dave Fullon

      This song makes my mom wanna smoke weed