Wolverine Bone Claws VS CONCRETE!

the Hacksmith

the Hacksmith

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    00:00 Intro
    01:26 James Doing Whatever He Wants
    01:55 How Will We Design The Bone Claws?
    05:04 James Gets A Wolverine Makeover
    06:13 The Build
    09:34 Bone Claw Test Begins
    10:02 Logan Is That You?
    10:10 Classic Wolverine Leap
    10:24 I Hate Cabbage
    10:48 The Perfect Swish With Claws
    10:55 Claws VS Bag Of Cheerios
    11:10 James Shotguns An Energy Drink
    11:42 James Punches Through Concrete
    12:07 Dirty Claws After An Honest Days Work
    12:43 Secret Wolverine Ending
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    1. the Hacksmith

      Get 20% OFF + Free Shipping @Manscaped with code HACKSMITH20 at → mnscpd.com/hacksmith

      1. lee ray

        Would you be able to make invisibility cloak from the movie predator that would be cool

      2. LUCKYSHOT21 Gameplay

        You are a legit super hero 😄👍

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    18. pop pin

      imagine a robber accidentally walking in on him jumping at rice with wolverine claws

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      12:05 HERE IS JONNY

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      After 10:13 he just went savage

    22. Sirc Naing

      If i get a 3D printer for my birthday next year, the first thing im going to make is a robot spider that has a lazer gun on its back or kirby with real life looking legs

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      What state are you in

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        Okay I was really hoping to come see you if you're where I was I live in the USA North America

      2. the Hacksmith


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      Where’d he get that jacket????

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      Honestly if you got your hair done better then you would probably make a decent movie Wolverine. Not hugh Jackman level but decent

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    53. Brent Langford

      There are actually ways to make dual action extendable claws too, and I’m curious as to if you could feasibly make them out of metal and them actually be usable as claws. There’s Colin Furze who used air compressors, but Brains Technology used a syringe hydraulic system attached to his fingers to push and pull the claws open. Geek of All Trades actually improved this though by using bike braking cables instead of syringes so you get more flexibility and use of your hand. Would that design be usable if made of metal, or would they just be fun props?

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