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    The co-hosts react to the viral video of the white woman who called police on a black birdwatcher who asked her to leash her dog in Central Park.
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    1. YYC403NOYP

      Was that necessary to include in the description of the woman " liberal Democrat" by McCain? 😈

    2. LoveMPLnD

      Is no one upset with this woman also choking her dog?! She's true trash

    3. SYDNEY HI

      amy is a racist, no wonder why she lost her job lol

    4. Yomi O

      "Might have thought she was lying ". She was f..king lying

    5. Mike Elmezian

      What did she do that was so bad?

    6. Donna Griffirh

      Maybe she did feel threatened

      1. Donna Griffirh

        Seam thing happens to white people hate the view

    7. doina SPIRU

      This Meghan she is so, so stupid

    8. Bklyn Ny64

      Was anyone else worried about the ANIMAL BEING DRAG AROUND BY THE COLLAR?! THIS POOR DOG ANIMAL CRUELTY.!!!!! Hope the dog is okay 🙏🏼

    9. Vincent Aurelius

      What a waste of a career. She worked for several of the top firms before landing a coveted position at Franklin Templton where she was a vice president. She acted impulsively out of anger and lost everything.

    10. Violet Brown

      her fake hysteria was really disturbing.

    11. David James

      What's sick is that calling the Police carries the distinct possibility of death. The Police arriving SHOULD be the mediating force, the sanity to a dispute, that separates warring parties and investigates. They're the last people who should be the danger.

    12. James Kirk

      Well. OK, if a company can fire someone for off clock behavior,,, then a company should be allowed to fire someone over skin color. See any difference?

      1. captainautobots

        Yeah, actually. The "off-clock behaviour" can have a direct negative impact on a company's reputation by continuing to employ a known racist, which is why it has incentive to fire her. If a company fires somebody *for* their skin colour, whatever that means, then the company is, itself, being racist; that causes damage to its own reputation, which is incentive to not discriminate against skin colour. The nuance is pretty easy to figure out.

    13. Jordan Fisher

      The US needs to stoop and scoop this pile of human garbage.

    14. Trista Wolf

      I keep watching this. “That is true grace. He is showing her the grace she did not show him.” Keep trying to remind myself of this.

    15. Chris Ranz

      I feel bad for the dog yanking of the dog absolutely unacceptable

    16. Woy Peg

      cooper white hates cooper black... foolish humanity.

    17. Maple leaf

      God Whoopi irritates me .

    18. Amir Khan

      Fox News and Republicans would find a way to justify this!

    19. This is Angela Marie

      What about the dog?! That was the worst part for me to watch 🤦🏽‍♀️ I would’ve hit that woman!

      1. Iowan Patriot

        Because it was staged and they don't care about the dog...Amy Cooper and the AFRICAN AMERICAN's name is Christian Cooper...I wonder why he isn't pressing charges?? Possibly married and staging it?

    20. Patty Zambrano

      Yup knew that was gonna happen

    21. Noe F

      Both wrong, and I bet both are Democrats. Here is a virtue signaling white woman who revealed her true racist attitude because she was personally affected by a black person. Although he did threaten to take her dog. Democrats are closet racists who project that racism to conservatives.

    22. Gemstones83

      Karen deserved to get fired and arrested

    23. Dorothy Danyew

      what I think Is great here .... is all sides are in agreement that this woman has lost her cookies.. we have moved forward.. yes this crap happens but more and more good people are not tolerating it.. in this day when people are getting themselves more worked up .. lets looked at how we all see the injustice the young man went through..

    24. Tinnesa

      Nobody mentioning her strangling her dog?

      1. Iowan Patriot

        Because it was staged...Amy Cooper and the AFRICAN AMERICAN's name is Christian Cooper...I wonder why he isn't pressing charges?? Possibly married and staging it? I date all skin tones..agnostic..former Obama voter who went Trump..I know so many liberals that will lie to push a narrative...mostly thieves that will say they didn't break the law because you shouldn't have to pay 10$ for make up so it's okay to steal alot of liberal women say.

    25. Ken Lasso

      No one died??? Stop hyping up the anti police BS. Don’t get me wrong this lady deserves everything she has coming. I’m also a minority too so I understand this brother situation. But the police wasn’t going to show up and shoot him. STOP IT. Majority of police officers are good people.

      1. captainautobots

        Defund the police

    26. Nabil Baskou

      Without the phone and the movie this brother would have been jailed

    27. Luis de Leon

      Chris Cooper point about addressing the bigger picture is all good but he seems to be letting Karen off the hook. She should not be absolved. She should be charged for false reporting. Consequences.

      1. Iowan Patriot

        Her names Amy Cooper...I wonder why he isn't pressing charges? Possibly married to her? Staging it?

    28. Cavin Hutchinson

      Her apology....unforgivable...she is a racist point blank I hope she loses job..dog..home..and livelihood....what an idiot Never ever fogiven

    29. Justin Case

      Maybe she has PTSD from being raped recently. Maybe she is playing the victim. Nobody knows her backstory. Everyone is making assumptions. She has signs of recent trauma based on her behavior. But then again, she may be really good at pretending to self victimize. Hard to say.

    30. Philip Beall

      F her. Go birds

    31. Philip Beall

      He's bad. I am with Karen. What is he doing?

    32. climbergreen

      these people did everything, tried their best to make them scary for others. They have to work hard to disprove that this is their nature. I am talking about you know whom (I cannot write anything about these people, cuz they will erase my comment immediately)

    33. climbergreen

      I cannot comment on this video, they erase it!

    34. John Dockert

      Good girl. You didn't see what wasn't filmed. Lock em up!!!!

    35. Skywalker1

      It's rude and intimidating to film a lone woman in an empty park, I don't even think that is legal. She asked repeatedly not to film but he ignored. No filming means nothing to him. Forget about the colour, who was right? She must have scared to death.

      1. captainautobots

        @Judah Mourneth except when you call the police and start off by saying you're being approached by a black guy before even mentioning what the emergency supposedly is, and then emphasising the guy's race several more times to make sure the cops know; then it very much is about racism.

      2. Judah Mourneth

        Every situation is not always about racism. This is getting out of hand.

    36. Kelly B

      But she is the one killing the dog, by strangling the dog, with his leash.

    37. Michael Hardy

      I am glad the end has the result of what needed to happen. The man, who is obviously poised and completely rational, and by the way, this is what I wished all men would be like, is a true gentleman. The woman got everything she deserved, plus, she needs to spend time in either a jail or a mental institution for a couple of years. Absolutely absurd as to what she did.

      1. Judah Mourneth

        What did she do!??

    38. Alpha Delta

      This is incredibly dishonorable and absolutely, textbook, racism.

    39. mark1138

      Shes getting charged...after losing everything ..good good..

    40. Soph

      Could we also highlight the fact that she's choking the dog too?

    41. Phoenix G

      Meghan. Please!!

    42. Sebastian m

      "We know it's possible to see it anywhere." Then you need to tell Joy to STFU.

    43. Sleyk

      UPDATE! Homegirl is getting charged! You crazy white Karen's days are numbered. Keep making those false reports. Even the corrupt Police are getting tired of you now. www.cnn.com/2020/07/06/us/amy-cooper-central-park-birdwatcher-charges/index.html

    44. Sebastian m

      This didn't happen in some Southern state? Wtf is that supposed to mean? 🤣 That New York City is some kind of magical fairy place where bad people aren't allowed? New York City is a bastion of crime. Except these criminals aren't arrested because their crimes are committed in the name of the people, more specifically the victims. Their crimes are the robbing of rights of law abiding citizens in order to increase false security. Then they have the gall to increase taxes to pay for the false walls they have erected. New York City is a prison for all, but the wealthy.

      1. captainautobots

        Not gonna comment on all that but will explain the reference. NYC is generally/ stereotypically seen as a place for democrats, SJWs, liberals, people who hate trump, etc. (think SNL). So you'd think that racist ladies calling cops to lynch a black guy for nothing would happen in one of the cities or states that loves trump's racist rhetoric cuz that fits the stereotype; but it didn't. It happened in liberal NYC. A stark reminder that racism can happen anywhere.

    45. Sebastian m

      WTF?! You have nightmares about a White woman calling the cops on your Black son? 🤦‍♂️ Do you actually hear what your saying? Maybe these shows should be scripted.🤔

    46. Sebastian m

      "She could have gotten him killed." 🤔🤦‍♂️ Really. That's putting faith in the police, and our government. That is a racist statement. Is Whoopie actually saying that the police would have killed him without any other information, beside that he is Black? 🤦‍♂️ To quote Wanda Sykes: THAT'S FUCKED UP!

    47. Kerrie Hartin

      Poor dog.

    48. S R

      While I know this woman was in the wrong, that Whoopi Goldberg, a black woman, decides to say that it is the woman who confronted the man is a very typical lie that black, minority, Liberal women will have no problem adding to the situation no matter what happened. What this video really exposes is the dishonesty that is so laden in the Liberal party. You can't believe a word they say. Facts mean nothing to them!

    49. 5utoob

      .............................. Okay... What do you do if someone asks you to STOP taking pictures, RESPECTFULLY (“Sir, I’m asking you to stop”)? What do you do if someone calls that request racial intimidation, and KEEPS taking pictures? ...............................


      She wasnt afraid ,this was attempted murder

      1. Judah Mourneth

        Little dramatic are we

    51. E S

      Good. Busted. Don’t be racist or you will be on camera. Have fun at your court appearance

    52. nikorn chinakul

      Why is Calling on black people deemed to be Racist now in America? Has anyone seen the police force lately? Especially in the N.Y.P.D? Not all looking like this lady, who is white and most are blacks just like this so-called Bird watching guy...I think this poor lady should consider bring this matter to justice against ABC for slander her as a racist! just like that incident out in D.C against the high school student...God Bless America.

    53. Ben G

      Only fired but wasn't deported. She is Canadian citizen, oh wait, she is white, so nothing else will happen to her.

    54. Stacey Bryce Adams

      Has nothing do with D or R it's American culture problem

    55. Natalie Bedford

      Woopy is right, we have no control over what some of those consequences might be. And if she was fired that was between her and the employer, I know I wouldn't hire someone who acted like this and lied to law enforcement. If they are going to lie to the police no doubt she'd also lie to her employer.

    56. Markus Johnson

      McCain has to point out she donated to Obama

    57. RobloxGaming 4K

      She supported obama but hates black people? _wat?_

    58. Rae Vandenberg

      I love the way McCain keeps pointing out this woman is, in fact, in the liberal camp. Lots of hypocrisy from a group of people who continue to support the Democratic Party - the party that supported slavery during the Civil War.

    59. Shulrhak Yah

      I wonder is this the 9th time she's done this or 18th 👀

    60. George Lyle

      Why can't everyone just get along? Oh yeah, because of White people. You know it's true.

    61. Sistagal Sistagal

      No - she needed to be fired and charged for filing a false report to police.

    62. Joe Conner

      Disgraceful! You don't compound your mistakes by making more! If you don't believe me, then ask President Bonespurs!

    63. Lorraine Macrae

      Why did she say I am being threatened by an African American man like he is another species?

    64. SJ Taylor

      That woman, I hope is in a missionary begging for forgiveness. Fake victim...if you are reading this...punch yourself in the face.

    65. SJ Taylor

      She Voted for Obama? Now you know she’s got issues.

    66. Brian J. De Palma

      The P.O.S. McCain starts by saying a donator to Obama...what a low life scumbag.

    67. Patricia Ritchie

      Too much grace if he was shot then what

    68. Patricia Ritchie

      Sad world

    69. Joker

      Point blank she couldnt handel the fact a black person told her what to do if it was a white blond haired guy saying the EXACT same thing - she would have probably be WAY less agresive and just walk away . She knew by calling the cops and telling them a black guy was "threating" her life she would get that kid shot and there for punished for dare calling her out on something .

    70. Kean Co