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    My first journey into wood gas has been quite a ride, but will work.....
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    1. colinfurze

      Well this was a journey, I've got a way better design in me but I love the trail and error and I know you like seeing it all to, stay tuned for the ultimate garden swing. Limit stock available on the merch so get it quick www.colinfurzeshop.com

      1. Ahmad Rashid

        If you guys liked his crazy vids have a look at these crazy asmr vids m.de-news.net/online/video-3CXZdK6ikMA.html

      2. mi park l

        Are you going to do a homemade steam train?

      3. AWIRE9966_09onpc

        New Idea: Garden Spout that spits out fire.

      4. rad135

        Please make lawn powered lawn mower.

      5. Addy Loch

        Could you make a fold out matal cup

    2. belchnasty

      Make it burn old plastic.

    3. ZackPlayzSpaceGames55

      Well MrBeast would be mad about wood burning as in trees getting cut...

      1. Rubayat Raiyan

        How old are you

    4. Joe Bryant

      That will upset Greta. Excellent.

    5. Dadan Jaya Purnama

      SteamPunk Mower

    6. benjamin akridge

      How much does it weigh?

    7. Sangbum Hwang

      보기만 해도, 애물단지인 물건을 만드셨네. ㅋㅋ 저래도 아내에게 쫒겨나지 않는 이유는? 돈을 잘 번다는 거... ㅋㅋ (나는? ㅠㅠ)

    8. jason edwards

      You're mad, completely mad and I love it.

    9. Tony Minnichsoffer

      Now please build a wood gas car

    10. Brian Mendez

      I love how this man gets straight to the point and how he keeps all the talking to the end and the advertising at the end unlike other people they just talk about there Merch the entire video

    11. Heartlxss

      Anythings possible, especially with colin furze

    12. Light of shadow

      Try to start the car on firewood

    13. Toool

      So technically.. you could have a lawn powered lawn mower.

    14. Zothaqqua

      Can we make a lawnmower than runs on grass clippings?

    15. phantom gamer

      Thats like the one of the things in steam age is someone agree with me?

    16. Hoya Kim

      North korea likes this technology.

    17. STONEDay

      Higher performance if you fill it with trees aka grass. When you're done you'll be extra happy!

    18. Arjan Verkampen

      It's a Grassifier🤔😂

    19. Fany Hadi Pratama

      Will you make steam engine?

    20. yeah man production

      What are u going to do with the tuktuk?

    21. Ahmad Rashid

      If you enjoyed this crazy vid then have a look at some crazy asmr m.de-news.net/online/video-3CXZdK6ikMA.html

    22. Guy Clements

      This is a Grand Canyon waste of time yes it could be done nobody in his right mind would use it

    23. Dargox

      make a gun

    24. Oliver Hayes

      Build a smoker except is comes out of the grounds

    25. Rafi Augul

      Do you smoke wood ?

    26. Damien Hampson

      No offense but your merchandise is quite boring.

    27. Dope'd Furry

      I bet he has a cork board with little idea snippets allover it and he just chucks two darts at the board to get his video ideas. This time he hit "wood gas" and "I need my lawn mowed".

    28. Dope'd Furry

      The only way to make this more dangerous is to have the blades exposed and duct tape a thermonuclear bomb to one of the blades

    29. The Clockwork Dungeoneer

      I think the water mostly came from the combustion reaction

    30. Chomuggaacapri

      I wonder, if you collected the grass clippings from your lawn, dried them out, and put them in the wood burner, could you run the lawn mower off of your lawn? I imagine there may be some issues with running out of fuel.

    31. youmama123lol tik

      When u don’t understand a Word he says 👁 👄 👁

    32. Impulseka

      What was the reason for the design choice of having it pull the gas throught the bottom instead of it going out the top like the first one?

    33. Zoltán Berzsenyi

      There was a car that ran on burning walnut shells. But the tech is really difficult and unreliable. It took hours for the guy who operated it to get the car running and they burnt down a vacum cleaner in the process.

    34. DeeZee


    35. Leoric Dabs


    36. Hat Kid

      Two gentlemen you MUST bring to the apocalipse: Bear and Colin

    37. Liam Johnson

      Yo this guy is smart!!

    38. Hachikō ಠ_ಠ

      Tar causes cancer so do not try this at home.⚠⚠

    39. patolog06

      Try to do a Stirling engine

    40. Gyzardo The Wizard Lizard

      Now build a lawn mower POWERED by what it cuts! (We actually need this as we have no way to dispose of our clippings)

    41. Vincent Sluga

      Is there a way to not use an ELECTRIC fan? Doesn't it need a battery you'd need to charge up a lot?

    42. batterymaker

      I can only imagine what you could do with an alcohol still

    43. Arian Johansen

      This is sick dude 🙌🏻🔥

    44. T0biasCZe

      Make lawnmover with Steam engine instead :)

    45. Jake Combs

      if anyone makes a h2o powered car it’s gonna be furze

    46. Linux Jedi AKA Big Evil

      Isn’t that the same thing as coal ??

    47. Shockwave_7550

      steampunk lawnmower

    48. DR Pescas

      Algum BR aqui slk esse cara é d mais..✌️

    49. K.H. Weiss

      Different wood, less tar?

    50. Peter Smythe

      Make a grass-powered lawnmower. It burns the grass it mows as fuel.

    51. Maxime Verrrstappenn

      Should have burnt grass

    52. Deskundereich

      Ah yes this will be useful when the rationing starts

    53. Sam Cooper

      this was of course used by the nazis

    54. Kenneth Nielsen


    55. Seth Williams

      I think he should patent this

    56. ShaGGY B0i

      How about a water filter?

    57. Anders Jæger

      Request: Safety Tie, how bout a Safety Bowtie? :O btw love everything you do!

    58. Troy Segebart

      Use the engine exhaust to heat the wood chips.

    59. Pigbelly19 ‘

      why did you do a smoke one, try making a steam engine lawn mower its much less harmful to the environment

    60. Zero Darko

      steampunk lawn mower

    61. j g

      Please collin dont use wood gasifiers in a closed space like that, even with the door open, carbon monoxide is no joke.

    62. VALLEY

      you should test the carbon monoxide output of it cuz, that might be kinda dangerous

    63. Thomas Busby

      You need to have a chat with the north koreans, they use wood gas to power trucks.

    64. Little Ghost YT

      Your not from the UK 🇬🇧 until you’ve watched colinfurze

    65. Jake_stvbc

      I could see this attached to a generator for good off the grid power Edit: 11:13 never mind I didn't come up with the idea first lol

    66. Gray

      It's been a while since i heard someone say 'SLAAAAG' Colin 😄

    67. Dane Hartsough

      You should make a gasification powered golf kart now

    68. Exyis Eyres

      I don't know why I never realized you were a god among us x.x you're incredibly inspiring. I've pushed my boundaries so much more after watching your videos. Every single one means a lot to me.

    69. zombockerman


    70. sween187

      Make one of these for a big chainsaw, cuts it's own food.