Worth it - Fifth Harmony ft.Kid Ink / May J Lee Choreography

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    May J Lee teaches choreography to Worth it by Fifth Harmony (feat.Kid Ink).
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    1. jackay k

      China army_aaa hellu khan we are sending you flying alaadin carpet bomb . Me:but how? China army_check the video worth it yess bad for you yess. Carpet boy_lingardium gandiosa fly to his home .

    2. It’s the Random me


    3. لوجين التركي

      مين فيكم عربي🙄🙄

    4. EmiliaQ

      Every time I think I’m good at dancing, I come here to humble myself lmao


      The girl in between is slaying... Love ❤her moves

    6. Ana Anna

      👋👋Class!!! 🌟👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻🌟

    7. 곽Gary

      요즘 유행하는 ‘깡’ 한 번 춰 주시면 안되나요? 보고싶어요~

    8. bangtan luv

      this dance reminds me of fanfics😭..when y/n is dancing with her friends😭🤣

    9. Zevi

      not to exaggerate but i would die for sunglasses guy in a heartbeat

    10. cutie vivi

      why doesn't anyone say that she was a mentor in 'produce 48’

    11. Marah Exo_l

      I will support you because l will be one of the millions dancers in your school

    12. isa :D

      Vou começar a malhar pra ficar igual a mina de cabelo curto do começo

    13. 양양

      ㅗㅜㅑ 알고리즘의 순기능

    14. Pratishtha Parmar

      That last girl is so low on energy I didn't even feel her enjoying

    15. Euro Walker


    16. سمور محمد


    17. Shebecdotes

      Waiting for the guy in sunglasses after reading the comments.. Saw it. Haha. Damn Bongyung. Who else

    18. Montano montano

      Yall need to take vitamins ,,lack of energy..hahahah..

    19. Celina Li

      So ugly!🤮

    20. Sidboy 001


    21. Malayali Youtuber

      de-news.net/online/video-YybiPf8ZMPI.html Try this video its called passionate dancing Spot choreography Wonder stuck

    22. The miss Aiko kz


    23. あああ


    24. Hindavi Honey

      I watched it more than 20 times ... 😛.... but still not bored ... just luv there moves... and specially that guy in glasses is super cool ... he was the major part of attention

      1. Hindavi Honey

        @noah wilson thanks for telling..🙃

      2. noah wilson

        bongyoung park 🤞🏼

    25. Ekaterina

      Exijo el nombre del chinito guapo, el de gafas uffff

    26. Mukesh Waghela

      Nice dance I love you may j Lee

    27. Sxxtry Nxght

      Am I the only one here trying to learn this dance so I can dance with bakugo from that one video-

    28. 뀨앙

      세번째팀 센터인분 왤케 웃기지ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

    29. madhu Chunwal

      OKAY!!!! I'm going to live with them to learn this dancing.!!!!!

    30. Susmita Dhar


    31. Susmita Nayak

      Still watching!!!

    32. XXXGacha_ Coconut

      The guy in the glasses has more ass than i do..

    33. Lu Randir

      just wow, first group is amazing 10/10

    34. divya kapil

      Trying to learn these dance steps in this lockdown.. anyone else?

    35. Banteilang Hynniewta

      Why dont you ever contest at AGT or Britain's Got Talent...

    36. CarlyCChapman

      I've seen this choreo somewhere and I don't remember where

    37. Noor Fatima

      I try to do but no i dont do this one

    38. JustSomeRandomStuff

      The guy with the sun glasses killed me when he kept try to make the sun glasses stay put at 3:??? something

    39. lakshmi laki

      This is standard level of dance, and the persons who dance are as standards, and their dress studio everything. I wknder what these people doing with their dance skills.

    40. Aliyah Samporna

      *this choreo is worth of 160+ million views*

    41. Khadine Allen

      I think I just broke a bone from trying to attempt this dance.

    42. silvana ferreira

      Algem brasileiro

    43. Pandoi Arjun

      This is a Indian song Language - Telugu Movie - spider

    44. Hiong Kim

      I love it 😭😭😭😭💕

    45. Programming Made Easy

      Oh my god 😱 16 crore views

    46. Lemon Juice

      No one: Kageyama: 00:51

    47. Jeon Jungkookie

      When you see this in BTS ffs: 😁😁😁

    48. Manoj Yadav

      The guy in white and the guy in dark green shirt are dammmmmnnnn skinny It looks like that they didn't have blood in their body

    49. Pan Nhoy

      E con gái mà nhìn cj ở giữa clip đầu mà thèm

    50. Jaya Prajapat

      Could you make tutorial of this vedio please?

    51. Ariva Maharani

      160 MILLIONS VIEW?!?!?!?!!!!!

    52. bia ssi

      GUYSss that sunglasses guy is Bongyoung park :)

    53. King Boy

      I am the only one who thinks they should perform on a talent show.

    54. Yong Dong

      I'm going to include that song

    55. Minton Barry

      0:37 Smiles

    56. MJ Friginal

      I do all of you're dances

    57. respectthefish

      omfg the last trio yes

    58. respectthefish

      boy with sunglasses stole my heart

    59. raaijj patel

      i bet the guy in the back is having a good time 0:25

    60. Catherine ie

      The guy with the sunglasses killed it🔥🔥🔥🔥

    61. Ashly The Weirdo

      Nobody: Me: give it to me I’m worth it- I AIN’T GET NO SLEEP CUZ OF YA’LL!

    62. richie teow

      All the fine sweet asses for the 1st grp

    63. Ayla Antonio

      Me: Trying to practice, doing slowmo, mirrored the video Lisa:more feelings! Smile!

    64. Manasi Ghalsasi

      Who else is here not for the first time or may be in quarantine 👇😅

      1. Soleïna Kepseu

        not the first but deffinitly 2020 quarentine

    65. ibsiqah hjh norsidah

      tbh sometimes I come back here only for outfit inspirations 😂

    66. B B

      분명 누가 어떻게 추는지 알고 보는데도. 하얀티셔츠 남성분만 나오면 넘기고 싶어지는거..... 엄청 치명적이고 싶어하는 느낌이랄까... 항마력이 좀 딸리네요

    67. david teoh

      Who's here watching during the quarantine

    68. Amazing Asia

      7:22 is best part bcuz all of them are good dancer

    69. Kerabond Ultraionic