Worth it - Fifth Harmony ft.Kid Ink / May J Lee Choreography

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    May J Lee teaches choreography to Worth it by Fifth Harmony (feat.Kid Ink).
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    Am Vor 4 years


    1. Chandresh Prajapati

      2nd batch was 🔥❣️1:30

    2. prince Birla

      Same steps in so many different styles! Really love this😍😍🤩

    3. goku mendoza

      that good

    4. Emawarni Hanisa

      Malaysia 22 oktober 2019

    5. Gumiho Mochi

      Bongyoung Park tho! OOF🥵🥵😳

    6. Dela Diah Kumala

      October 2019?

    7. Sunfruit

      that guy dancing in the white shirt is everything

    8. Chi

      I need this choreography with hwasa attitude 🤣🤣🤣 #hardcoremoomoo

    9. lifewithtiara

      the choreography!!!!

    10. Datdamnguy radio

      Sings:"I see colors I love colors blue white pink purple red black silver,their can be alot of colors oooo colors I see blue white black pink purple and red colors are beautiful silver is shining like the light!!!!! Oooo I love color,silver,pink,purple,black,blue,white

      1. Datdamnguy radio

        I love dancing and I dance in school and every single girl is jealous and boys watch me dance😎and I was singing in my head while dancing "head+mind:I see the darkness with the night,the moon is in the clouds I see the light in my heart,I don't care I don't care!!!! I know I know u was in the light of the sun,dark darkness and light lightness😇i know the dark and the light!!

    11. lorena Trezzini

      3:10 c mato el men V:::

    12. Nofrianti Pratiwi

      JYP: "Dance is about trick." My body: HAHAHAHA. I TRICKED YOUUUU

    13. Daffa Ash shiddiq

      Me:trying Lungs:"dont ever do that again"

    14. Lim B

      This dance video is legendary

    15. Pan-pan UwU

      Alguien español? Joker 2019 :v 👇

      1. 凯ESP

        @Pan-pan UwU pos yo mariposol :v

      2. Pan-pan UwU

        @凯ESP a pos yo dinosaurio :v

      3. 凯ESP

        Yo español no se pero se chileno xd

    16. 티 버블

      이분한테도 거의 역대급 안무 중 하나일듯

    17. Neha Massey

      Which version of the song is used in this video? Or they have edited?

    18. ginnylin

      Wow I totally dig the guy version.

    19. XX WW

      2019 still watching 👇

    20. 바부개똥

      와...저 센터 단발머리언니 근육 지린다...개멋져...언니ㅜㅜㅜㅜ 너무 멋져요 하고싶은거 다 하세여 언니 ㅜㅜ

    21. 선인장

      이 영상 왜케 조회수가??

    22. Md Murad

      I like this song

    23. Susan Ting



      Body goals, i like it🔥🔥🔥

    25. Jasmine

      Anyone else watching from 2020?

    26. Cassandra Lopez

      me trying to dance this: oh, it looks easy my bones: bitch what?

    27. SA 1

      May J Lee is a very inspirational and bold . Truly a person to look up to

    28. Олег Майстренко

      Жесть, насколько же это КРУТО!

    29. 미소사랑해

      This is the coolest thing ever! I wish I can dance to this but I can’t dance ;~; All of the dancers did so good😭😭 ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    30. Jam Lee

      Who's watching in January 2020?

    31. Defne Wilson

      This song's Choreography is more suited to Girls than Boys

    32. Errol Meeks

      I don't fell their passion

    33. Faty the Queen


    34. Anzhela Miller

      Who knows what type of dance it is?

    35. S H A H I D F R A I S

      3:12 This boy is really excited 😭😂😂😂😂 but loved it 😭💜💜

    36. Lee Eun-Ki

      Man... If we didn’t have the comment section I’d forget what year and month I’m watching in!

      1. Lucie

        Lee Eun-Ki 😂

    37. Patrick

      Who is watching this in March 2023? (just trying to get a head start)

    38. HappyBoys\ M_R_Like_YouTube

      Русские на месте) 1е крутые!!!

    39. Karemen Elezaby

      I'm really so crazy about you guys..this 1 million dancers team Their movements are very harmonious and harmonious they make you feel like you are dancing with them.. make you feel the song.. they are like they born to dance💖💖💖

    40. bibhuti kalyan Mech

      Second group's first line middle black outfit... I love her... Can i just know her name??

    41. poprostuKiko

      Boys are the best!!!!

    42. new way

      This girls which contry

    43. Sapna Mandal

      Very best dance

    44. Lapin Tout doux

      Who is watching in October 2019?

      1. Lina Lin


      2. george raisa

        its me

      3. Lavinia Sela


    45. Vishnu Deepthi

      3:11 Omg i thought it is also a step

    46. abinash yumlembam

      Red group is amazing 🥰🥰🥰

    47. Juan Vivanco

      Red girl hit it hard on the 4th one

    48. kang jungshook

      Everybody(?): Literally everybody: Including Me: Saw this dance practice in ff :v

      1. kang jungshook

        @Z4ID4И's Life it's not free fire.It's a fanfiction

      2. Z4ID4И's Life

        Where Free Fire was published?Singapore or China?

      3. 박아름

        Me too😂

    49. ASMR Victoria

      I love it❤️ 2 .0 ..1 ...9 .....?

    50. Zalina Bkv

      November 2019??

    51. Abduvali Abduvaliev

      Это мижики или девочки ?

    52. vida de raposa kawaii Alexandrina

      Nem Eu consigo

    53. A_u_p_n_ Ma___c_ot


    54. 호이박

      THIS IS KOREA ? 안믿기네

    55. Muhammad Mukhlis

      Org indo:Keren bangets

    56. 서채은

      메이제이 데뷔해버렷~

    57. Parikrish Gaurav

      *damn y/n*

    58. chimmy kookie army uwu heartue

      I always mix her up with Lia Lmao

    59. Reuben Vaiphei

      OMG😱😱 superb

    60. Apong Kips

      My Body is laughing at My mind thinking that I can do these steps

    61. onelove for music

      My routine is supposed to be heartbreak songs/playlist at night...but now i have this dance choreo, they're my recommended vids everytime i refresh my phone. Idk, i cant even dance. Lol they're so talented.. Now i cant sleep.

    62. Nia

      The guys killed it 🤷🏼‍♀️

    63. Tatjana Babic


    64. Papi Chris

      Love them all

    65. Katriina Korhonen

      Best music ever✌🏾❤️

    66. atoosa 아트사

      1:33 , the girl in the striped shirt is hardly seen at all... i feel bad for her and at 4:24 the two dancers at the front are hardly on camera for more than half of their dance, they should do it in smaller groups so that everyone gets to be seen. but still, this choreography is lit

    67. Steve Yang

      Because this video, like 1MILLION and dance

    68. Potato King

      They should get some men to dance this That would be weird

    69. Sir Cumference

      I'm just here for the kpop guys... naw jk songs pretty fire though