WWE’s real-life comic book Superstars: WWE Playlist



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    WWE is full of larger-than-life Superstars that could even fit right into the pages of a comic book. Check out this collection of epic Superstars, featuring The Hurricane, The Ultimate Warrior, Kane, The Undertaker and more!
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    1. Brock Lock

      Cant believe they forgot the Hamburgler

    2. Colton Godzilla

      Undertaker is #1!

    3. Talbot McKee

      Finn Balor is badass in his demon king gimmick. But these days, we don’t see that side of him because he’s being booked as a baby face right now. Hmm... maybe a heel turn will bring the demon king gimmick back?

    4. Tim Kruse

      brood entrance till this day is legendary!!!

    5. Данила Ivanov


    6. Ceul Gai

      Poor curation

    7. Marcel Mcdanielsthebeast

      Hmmm maybe I want to be a villain in comic con, hahaha

    8. TheEVN7

      Great compilation

    9. Sukhpreet Singh R

      14:40 unseen wrestler legend

    10. nii genius

      I still get goosebumps for Sting debut in WWE. I thought it will never happen. I just wish he is still young and never have to retire just to watch more of his WWE matches. But Rey Mysterio is surely the favourite WWE comic character along undertaker and Ultimate Warrior..

    11. My Name Is Mr Fucking confused

      Beth Phoenix the Wonder Woman of WWE

    12. K_Z Elite

      Hey wait a minute they forgot sincara he had his own comic book series

    13. MiguelSousa

      Let's go to san diego

    14. Seif Damak


    15. Karan Singh

      Hurricane is better than other

    16. Lee Jun

      My favourite real life comic book wrestler.... Samoa Joe


      Bring back Phantasio gimmick please!


      The Nasty Boys were the real life Bebop and Rocksteady.

    19. jack medina

      book hurricane & santino to win the 24/7 title on monday

    20. Judy Chen


    21. Sovannara Phan


    22. Jipsu mies

      Phantasio got one match in wwe. Wwe has made like 10videos about him. Also boogeyman is in every video like this and every raw special episode. He never was raw superstar. He got like 10matches in ecw and smackdown

    23. Vcent Lee - The Unexpected One

      They were definitely missing some wrestlers in this. I only really wish they would a part two. That would be cool to see who would had been in part two playlist. Who would you guys pick for part two and maybe even three?

    24. Rahul Rymbai

      Mankind after The Undertaker ... Ultimate Character

    25. HitmanSavi

      Mordecai and undertaker as tag team would actually be lit or rivals

    26. Olivia Courtney

      cena looks scared

    27. Ummad Qureshi

      It feels like demon balor will take pin from fiend

    28. Leonardo Beltran

      wheres Stardust? oh wait...

    29. Leonardo Beltran

      First time i see Phantasio that was funny

    30. Jashmeer Rampearie

      The shark is shark boys grandfather

    31. Jashmeer Rampearie

      In the old days you could believe wrestlers were dead, demons, vampires, zombies, magicians, KKK members, superheros, boogymen, and whatever else u wanted without budding an eye.

    32. Jashmeer Rampearie

      WWE's real-life poor gimmick and wasted superstars

    33. VonDZ

      That crowd dubbing during phantasuo’s match

    34. The Hurricane

      Stand back there's a Hurricane coming through !!

    35. The Hurricane

      Stand back, there's a Hurricane coming for 7/24 title !!

      1. little Skinner 2

        He gonna fly away with r truth

    36. Coding World

      Mordecai looks like Matt Morgan from TNA!!

      1. Jashmeer Rampearie

        No his not lol🤣

    37. Coding World

      Phantasio is sting

    38. Rohit patole

      The Brood

    39. ashutosh pal

      The Brood.... I just love their theme

    40. kris h

      23:35 Great to see my Energetic Ultimate Warrior.😊

    41. Dee Gravelrama

      Someone should make a battle royal with all of these guys in WWE2K

    42. Sanket Sathe

      Woken Matt Hardy Brother Nero and Wyatt family didn't make into the list?

    43. kris h

      6:12 ohh my undertaker looks like an evil bodybuilder giant.😮😮

    44. Brazen X. Calibur

      Gotta love the gimmicks!! 😂

    45. Jason S

      Tell me you all heard what the guy in the crowd said at 16:18...haha

    46. talking ben

      what about stardust and neville? lucha Dragons? and konor and viktor?

    47. Vasuhan Culbertson

      And Rigby

    48. Utkarsh Mishra


    49. Jerimiah Hickmon

      Kevin thorn and Ariel Kairi sane Pac( aka Neville ) Ember moon Alexa bliss The miz Charlotte flair Triple H Io shirai Rusev and lana

    50. Nosferatu Xodd

      Mordecai is a damn beast Also Foley is God

    51. Johnathan Rice

      The Hurricane And R-Truth The Heros Truths And Carmella Aka Cyclone Carmella

    52. TheGentleman'sGuide

      what about Tiger Mask?

    53. Lord Mojo

      No Vader No Neville No Rosey

    54. Lord Mojo

      Mordecai should have worked WWE failed Kevin Thorne

    55. Maria Cardenas

      What about Blue Blazer?

    56. Bradley S

      I understand why the Blue Blazer isn't on this list, but he should be dammit.

    57. Alejandro Villa

      I miss mordecai vs undertaker !!!! Please!!!!

    58. Isaiah Garza

      I bet u the boogie man always felt weird cuz he had to drool all the time

    59. Patrick Chivallier

      Boogeyman returns to raw next week i cant wait

    60. Reza Berau

      The hunt from NXT UK is interesting

    61. Docmain Joseph

      Shark making his appearance. "You fat mother...."

    62. Max Power

      So Goldust wasn’t on this list

    63. Breno Oliveira

      Finally wwe can use once again the wwf logo

    64. Killer Studios

      Kane should return like that

    65. Reza Berau

      Hurricane for cruiserweight champion

    66. Logan Moose

      How tho? 6:49

    67. Jason Camacho

      What about Jushin Thunder Liger

    68. Kate Wos

      XWee so much stuff. Respect 🃏😅💪👍


      papa shango ,is not in comics?