WWE Raw Full Episode, 15 July 2019



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    Brock Lesnar shocked the world at Extreme Rules by stealing the Universal Championship from Seth Rollins. What’s next for Seth and his girlfriend, Raw Women's Champion Becky Lynch?
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    1. Whandi Agam

      I'm from indonesia

    2. Valent Nikolas

      1:10:33 Thank me later.

    3. Fenix underground

      hello to all my friends I make slices on wrestling please rate

    4. remi jang boyor


    5. Andrius Andrius


    6. Alhudri Aquilani

      becky lync tai monyet banyak gaya

    7. Karna Son of Sun god

      1:09:58 best moment in my life watch ever seen xDDDDDDDDD R truth reaction xDDDDDD love this man

    8. Nisam Lopov

      You will see brock lesnar vs randy orton at survivor series Universal champion vs wwe champion

    9. Future UFC champion

      the entire arena cheering "Randy Randy Randy" Vince: oh I understand. you want another Rollins vs Lesnar match

    10. pita skg

      please put this on the proper playlist

    11. Timothy

      1:13:45. Ik think sami had A little to much drug😂

    12. Stone Cold

      1:18:00 big e is dancing

    13. Nobuyuki Rivany

      Braun Strown Man Is Really String ... uts So Johnson Tank

      1. Andrius Andrius


    14. Péter Tóth

      And again Seth Rollind. It's getting boring

    15. Juri Veikko Virtanen

      The Universal Champion Brock Lesnar and Raw Women's Champion Becky Lynch... next MIXED partner?

    16. Razzir

      First time i see WWE in 5 years you can clearly see the punches and kicks are so fake xD

    17. zaini bull


    18. zaini bull

      what it's is? New Attitude Era?

    19. ALEX JR


    20. Vincent Alexander

      The official did not see Carmella's feet hit the rope.

    21. Эдуард Марков

      Какое же унылое дерьмо (((

    22. Kevin Chen

      1:10:33 proves that Corey Graves is the funniest commentator ever 😂😂😂

    23. marcvanholden

      I agree with Renee, "what did we just watch?"

    24. Wittyozymandias

      set do the universe an favor beat the part timer

    25. RENALDAS

      Disliked. Why tf they didnt let Orton win. So boring

    26. Михаил Лядов


    27. Ri2ky Ramadhan

      Thanks WWE

    28. Surya Ega

      Randy orton is better than lesnar

    29. adam cole bay bay

      Now seth is overpushed this will be boring feud

    30. Holly grail A

      What can we do 4 summerslam.. Wwe logic ... Call Lesner

    31. Юра

      русские кто смотрет ?

    32. Kong Loei

      กากทำแม่งเหมือนเล่นชีบหาย มันไม่เท่ายุคแอดตี้จุด

      1. Kakgrean TV2


    33. Costa

      Next week Stone Cold steve austin return to Monday Night Raw Give me a HEEL YEAH

    34. K.a. A

      Now universal championship its lesnar belt again and im enjoy that 🙂

      1. B I G B O I

        nope lesnar is not a better wrestler than seth.

    35. Ivo Mujičinovič

      Seth Rollins I love to death he is my favorite number 1 Wrestler1🧡💪👍

    36. Zom Kung

      Alexa is god 55+

    37. Clovis Vetranio

      Lesnar is better than Seth

    38. ReeF

      Is it me or did Brock forget the real championship again?

    39. Роман Юркив


    40. Nigar 196

      I love Richochet and USOS😍😍😍

    41. Pouw Pouw!

      Brock Lesnar is THE SLAYER OF THE BEAST SLAYER. Problem Seth?

      1. Pouw Pouw!

        @B I G B O I you're so funny. A new born baby like you knows nothing about wwe. And you can't compare who the real fighter are.

      2. B I G B O I

        @Pouw Pouw! How? Shouldnt the better wrestler that actually shows up be the champion?

      3. Pouw Pouw!

        @B I G B O I so, your question about who are the better wrestler is completely wrong.

      4. B I G B O I

        @Pouw Pouw! ufc and wwe are 2 comepletely diffrent things so i dont see your point

    42. Shinsuke Kenta

      Im so tired of Becky

    43. Suva Riani

      Roman love uuuu

    44. Antreas Stylianou

      Sami Zayne TOP 10 Athletes cross-brand WTFH?

    45. Tanaphum TM

      bray yeahh!!

    46. Nicky Fani

      RTWM 36

    47. katarinadudic

      are becky and seth still together..? They are the cutest thibg EVER and i hope they are stil together so if anybody knows for sure pls tell me...

      1. katarinadudic

        @oalmen för att tnx, cus they ARE the cutest thibg ever😂😂

      2. oalmen för att

        They are togheter

    48. Giorgos Trivizadakis

      Shut up u Seth u are nothing!!!! BROCK LESNAR IS BETTER FROM U!!!!!!!!

    49. Michael Zootlegger

      It's so bad they're putting raw on youtube?

      1. Kevin Chen

        It's been here for a really long time now mate

    50. Trky 89


    51. Sofie Penkova Langballe

      Best one yet

    52. FouR Str1ngeR

      Give us CM Punk as the next Universal Champion, BRING HIM BACK NOW!

      1. B I G B O I

        that wont happen sadly

    53. Mister Santoso

      I thought this is gonna be Beast vs monster in summerslam but.. Rollins? Again? Boring AF.

    54. WetPussyRecordz

      Its so weird to hear Roman’s theme without the crowd booing.

      1. Jonathan Asmerom

        They were not cheering either.

    55. Pedja Karanjac

      why Drew is not in run for UC?...oh why?

      1. ryandika vernan

        He is againts The Undertaker

    56. Torture B

      Frigen lesnar..

    57. Bobby Lashley The All Mighty

      Bobby Lashley shoulda won battle Royal

    58. jordi de waard

      1:23:15 Think Seth got some spit in his face ;D

    59. sjcsiba

      wait..did Corbin just get announced as being 285 lbs???

    60. i!i!i!i!i!i!i!

      Say goodbye to Universal Championship Because we won’t see till’ next month.

    61. X Y

      We want rated R

    62. Baresi Bastalo

      I guess richocet wrestling is the best for now, he's dope

    63. Sarmanie VV Entertainment

      Why not Randy Orton he has a better reason to fight Brock lesnar

      1. Future UFC champion

        you know Vince

      2. jordi de waard

        I know right. I was actually getting hyped up to see him win....

    64. Tobias Pedersen


    65. METI

      Mitb is unfair they need to remove it

      1. unohana Retsu

        Pushing stars over the children fanbase is unfair and children should no longer watch wwe so shitstains like Roman dont get pushed over the top.

    66. Ketill

      Does anyone even like Baron Corbin?

      1. Fremy Speeddraw

        i like him too

      2. Fremy Speeddraw

        Опасный Поцык единственный умный и то русский

      3. Опасный Поцык

        I like Baron Corbin heel.

    67. яжпрограмист

      Very good episode

    68. Valto Linnanmäki

      Roman sucks

    69. jordi de waard

      Why are Lesnar's eyes so yellow

    70. Yukari MAiG

      Corey Graves : I would have utilized the small package. LMFAO

      1. Nikeri

        Corey Graves corpsing? Send for The Man!