WWE Raw Full Episode, 20 May 2019



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    Money in the Bank PPV results. Brock Lesnar is back!
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    1. The Wrecker

      14:27 "look at you man "

    2. Hannah Cassar

      Tbh I only watch wwe bc of Roman reigns 🙄

    3. Amanda Peter

      Becky Lynch the Best 💝

    4. ČiepaRiepaTV profesional

      Miz is loser

    5. rafi farabi


    6. Dona Dona87

      Setting lol..😑😑😂😂😂 1..04.34

    7. Mhark Mounra

      Push Mizz

    8. Gulchexra Abdusamadova

      I like roman reignes

    9. RJKuker

      1:19:00 best part



    11. Henrik Schmidt

      Would Becky Lynch have ever been pushed if she didn't talk like Connor McGregor?

    12. Henrik Schmidt

      Sorry to say this, but Brock Lesnar is so far above every other talent as far as being over.¨ I used to love Seth Rollins' original look, but I've hated the current one for years. So one REALLY should work with him on his promos. Oh, some are? Well, then ad more veterans. Imagine what Arn Anderson could have done. Or Dusty.

    13. Tahu Tempe

      I'm 30, and i still watching wrestling. Anyone else?

      1. Njpw rules bitch

        Wwe is bad these days

      2. Njpw rules bitch

        Watch New Japan!

    14. Tim Zom

      The boombox thing with the mitb breifcase only made brock look more stupid..

    15. Redleaf Boomer

      Zayn getting hawkins'd

    16. Valto Linnanmäki

      Roman sucks

    17. Andrius Andrius

      Corey so savage talking with Renee lol

    18. Leah Cutajar

      What’s sad is that Ali was at the top and somehow, SOMEHOW he couldn’t grab the briefcase... not even touch it!

    19. Tisya Aisawarya

      Aj stylish hair so beautiful

    20. JohnS20

      So I see this on my recommended and now have watched it. I'm just wondering if WWE has bought TNA and whats up the titles?

      1. Njpw rules bitch

        No they don't

    21. rey nalda

      seth & kofi vs brock in handicap match???, end game story plot's maybe?

    22. raman reingg

      Boombox Lesnar is the most entertaining in WWE 2019

      1. Njpw rules bitch

        AHAHAHHAHA, he don't even show up

    23. Rio Handika

      brock lesnar much happier when holding MITB contract than Universal Champion

      1. Njpw rules bitch

        He sucks

      2. akbar tanjung

        masa sih

    24. Krisspear

      best moment of bliss ever. the new championship is cool.

    25. Arafat Safin

      If they have told they were bringing back the hardcore title, the crowd would have given a huge pop. But no, they had to call a championship 24/7 title. How lame is that? Seth Rollins has the Monday night title and Kofi Kingston has the Tuesday night title. Doesn't mean you have to call them with those name.

      1. TubeForPeace

        There is no ''hardcore'' in lame PG era

    26. Semir Mustafic

      Brock L. is just hilarious. You can boo him all you want, he willdo his thing. What a professional.

    27. juwelzzbaby

      The best one that should hold the 24/7 title is mr 24/7 aka kofi kingston bc it make it hole

    28. pijus

      thanks for full epizode

    29. Wauw Wauw

      Brock smile face looking scare 😖😖

    30. Thunder Lordaeron

      Imagine... Braun Strowman held the 24/7 Championship belt XD

    31. Buster Minal

      Is Alexa Bliss injured? Why isn’t she compteting?

      1. christ T.

        Yes, she is. She have been injured now. Wish she gets well soon.

    32. Wenna Ra

      Hot hot hot, Seth always slay, ugh i see roman to oh my God my eyes blessed

      1. Njpw rules bitch

        Are you kidding me? Are you gay or something? This is not cartoon. And Roman is bad character, bad in ring, bad at mic, no charisma, pushed to moon. Roman SUCKS. Wrestling is kayfabe.

    33. aa qq

      lesnar sucks

    34. Brian Syarief

      I smell two belts brock :D


      24:33 roblox oof

      1. KON K

        xD :D :P : ) ; )

    36. Mr Brown

      Imagine Brock cashes in on Rollins. Karma for Rollins from 2015.

      1. raman reingg


    37. Per Pohlmann

      The biggest joke in a long time Les (then never) nar as MIB Winner .... wow he must be a very good friend of Vinces :/

    38. Emilio Screve

      00:43 best funny moment of raw🤣

      1. Njpw rules bitch

        And it still sucks lol

    39. Giorgos Trivizadakis

      hahahahha Seth and Kofi challenge Brock???? hahahhahahaha it must be a joke man hahahhahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahahahahaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    40. Tom Karsianto

      24/7 title is the most entertaining title on wwe 😂

    41. xpkx360

      24/7 title..? cmon...

    42. WizedSounds

      Alexa Bliss knows whats up, taking your cup of coffee around everywhere at work is the best.

      1. Jochem S.

        That cracked me up!

    43. Adam Setiawan

      I don't really like when the iconics talking

    44. Александр Мельников

      CM Punk Best in the World

    45. hardy Gishell

      Brock Lesnar cheats and losers 👎

    46. Rizky Arifin

      I never see John Cena Around WWE anymore, is John Cena Being FIRED, SUPSPENDED, or RELEASE?

      1. raman reingg

        You can't see him cuyyy

      2. Mr Brown

        You forgot. We cant see him

      3. Kenny Omega

        He tryn' spread his career in hollywood I guess, just like Dwayne aka The Rock.

    47. Soteris GEORGIO

      I thought Lesnar was gone sadly not so bored with him.

      1. Njpw rules bitch

        He is overpushed

    48. Rizky Arifin

      It seems Lesnar Hear in the briefcase is not a "CHING! CHING! CHING!". But, Is a OPPORTUNITY for the Title shot.

    49. KdANGELO Lim

      Please I want the match Orton VS McIntyre

    50. Collins Chilee Onwughara

      I love this brock made my day

    51. Oikku Oek

      Making Brock Lesnar Mr MITB was the best decision of the decade. Finally something interesting to the title race.

    52. Tanaphum TM


      1. Kakgrean TV2


    53. GALIH LPG

      Who is lucha house party?kalisto sin cara rey mysterio??

      1. MARS.

        no,are you kidding?they are Kalisto,Lince dorado and grann metalik

    54. Lasha Xoperia

      That 24/7 title is really funny tho, I liked it very much

      1. DeverTonz

        Yes,This Is So Funny

    55. Слава Крид


    56. Joevint Armynd

      I wiss wwe Give a macth to Ali and Lesnar for MITB Contract who agrees with me

    57. Jul Sang Petualang

      The beast is back on raw

    58. Pork Master

      Brock back ratings go up ?

      1. Thunder Lordaeron

        But I care about 24/7 championship much more!

    59. natnael tesfamikael

      WWE is unrealistic, like how can Seth Rollins beat Brock Lesnar. It just does not sound right, it is stupid.

      1. MARS.

        @Faze Gsneaky forget it.

      2. Faze Gsneaky

        @MARS. What do you mean with "but it is the reality that Rollins beat Lesnar". What do you even talking about. Seth stands no chance against Brock in a real life fight. The script said that Rollins were going to win the match. In real life not even three curb stomps and a low blow is enough to hold him down. Brock is a legit MMA fighter while Seth is paid by WWE for scripted matches. By the way their Wrestlemania match were the most unrealistic and scripted match in the whole show.

      3. MARS.

        yes,it is not sounds right,but it is the reality that Rollins beat lesnar.

    60. Sunday Minggu

      Brock very direspect to me

    61. Kristian Madsen

      24/7 title seems like a lame attempt to make somting interresting

      1. WizedSounds

        I felt bad for Foley....

    62. Love Your Ball

      Brock is gonna get both belts

      1. MARS.


    63. un_known

      going to call it now, he'll cash in when it's a "winner takes all" match, the heat will be immense!

    64. Ezio Thapaliya

      Wow. Since when you started the full raw.

      1. Emil Andresen

        Since 2016 i think

    65. Márk Szabó


    66. คิว คุง


    67. Enio Nona

      The end was epic 👍

      1. Njpw rules bitch


    68. Роман Юркив


    69. ČiepaRiepaTV profesional

      Can you please this match braun strowman vs lars sullivan