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WWE Raw Full Episode, 20 May 2019



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    Money in the Bank PPV results. Brock Lesnar is back!
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    1. rafi farabi


    2. Dona Dona87

      Setting lol..😑😑😂😂😂 1..04.34

    3. punk oz

      Push Mizz

    4. Gulchexra Abdusamadova

      I like roman reignes

    5. RJKuker

      1:19:00 best part



    7. Henrik Schmidt

      Would Becky Lynch have ever been pushed if she didn't talk like Connor McGregor?

    8. Henrik Schmidt

      Sorry to say this, but Brock Lesnar is so far above every other talent as far as being over.¨ I used to love Seth Rollins' original look, but I've hated the current one for years. So one REALLY should work with him on his promos. Oh, some are? Well, then ad more veterans. Imagine what Arn Anderson could have done. Or Dusty.

    9. Im sorry buy is it just me or is the WWE a bit dying? Like no real pops anymore when someones comes out, No cheering when people are in the ring, The setting is dark..

    10. Arif Budi

      I'm 30, and i still watching wrestling. Anyone else?

    11. Tim Zom

      The boombox thing with the mitb breifcase only made brock look more stupid..

    12. Redleaf Boomer

      Zayn getting hawkins'd

    13. Valto Linnanmäki

      Roman sucks

    14. Andrius Andrius

      Corey so savage talking with Renee lol

    15. Leah Cutajar

      What’s sad is that Ali was at the top and somehow, SOMEHOW he couldn’t grab the briefcase... not even touch it!

    16. Tisya Aisawarya

      Aj stylish hair so beautiful

    17. JohnS20

      So I see this on my recommended and now have watched it. I'm just wondering if WWE has bought TNA and whats up the titles?

    18. rey nalda

      seth & kofi vs brock in handicap match???, end game story plot's maybe?

    19. raman reingg

      Boombox Lesnar is the most entertaining in WWE 2019

    20. Rio Handika

      brock lesnar much happier when holding MITB contract than Universal Champion

      1. akbar tanjung

        masa sih

    21. Krisspear

      best moment of bliss ever. the new championship is cool.

    22. Arafat Safin

      If they have told they were bringing back the hardcore title, the crowd would have given a huge pop. But no, they had to call a championship 24/7 title. How lame is that? Seth Rollins has the Monday night title and Kofi Kingston has the Tuesday night title. Doesn't mean you have to call them with those name.

      1. TubeForPeace

        There is no ''hardcore'' in lame PG era

    23. Sx Wrong

      Brock L. is just hilarious. You can boo him all you want, he willdo his thing. What a professional.

    24. juwelzzbaby

      The best one that should hold the 24/7 title is mr 24/7 aka kofi kingston bc it make it hole

    25. pijus

      thanks for full epizode

    26. Wauw Wauw

      Brock smile face looking scare 😖😖

    27. Thunder Lordaeron

      Imagine... Braun Strowman held the 24/7 Championship belt XD

    28. Buster Minal

      Is Alexa Bliss injured? Why isn’t she compteting?

      1. christ T.

        Yes, she is. She have been injured now. Wish she gets well soon.

    29. Wenna Ra

      Hot hot hot, Seth always slay, ugh i see roman to oh my God my eyes blessed

    30. aa qq

      lesnar sucks

    31. Brian Syarief

      I smell two belts brock :D


      24:33 roblox oof

    33. Mr Brown

      Imagine Brock cashes in on Rollins. Karma for Rollins from 2015.

      1. raman reingg


    34. Per Pohlmann

      The biggest joke in a long time Les (then never) nar as MIB Winner .... wow he must be a very good friend of Vinces :/

    35. AndreasH900

      Brock Lesnar boombox

    36. Emilio Screve

      00:43 best funny moment of raw🤣

    37. Giorgos Trivizadakis

      hahahahha Seth and Kofi challenge Brock???? hahahhahahaha it must be a joke man hahahhahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahahahahaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    38. Tom Karsianto

      24/7 title is the most entertaining title on wwe 😂

    39. xpkx360

      24/7 title..? cmon...

    40. WizedSounds

      Alexa Bliss knows whats up, taking your cup of coffee around everywhere at work is the best.

      1. Jochem S.

        That cracked me up!

    41. Adam Setiawan

      I don't really like when the iconics talking

    42. Александр Мельников

      CM Punk Best in the World

    43. AryaWiraPrabuArie RukmanaDanatungga

      Lars Sullivan VS Braun Strowman 🔥

    44. hardy Gishell

      Brock Lesnar cheats and losers 👎

    45. Rizky Arifin

      I never see John Cena Around WWE anymore, is John Cena Being FIRED, SUPSPENDED, or RELEASE?

      1. raman reingg

        You can't see him cuyyy

      2. Mr Brown

        You forgot. We cant see him

      3. Kenny Omega

        He tryn' spread his career in hollywood I guess, just like Dwayne aka The Rock.

    46. Soteris GEORGIO

      I thought Lesnar was gone sadly not so bored with him.

    47. Rizky Arifin

      It seems Lesnar Hear in the briefcase is not a "CHING! CHING! CHING!". But, Is a OPPORTUNITY for the Title shot.

    48. KdANGELO Lim

      Please I want the match Orton VS McIntyre

    49. Collins Chilee Onwughara

      I love this brock made my day

    50. Oikku Oek

      Making Brock Lesnar Mr MITB was the best decision of the decade. Finally something interesting to the title race.

    51. Tanaphum Tajamai


      1. Kakgrean TV2


    52. ɢᴀʟɪʜ ʟᴘɢ

      Who is lucha house party?kalisto sin cara rey mysterio??

      1. MARS.

        no,are you kidding?they are Kalisto,Lince dorado and grann metalik

    53. Lasha Xoperia

      That 24/7 title is really funny tho, I liked it very much

      1. DeverTonz

        Yes,This Is So Funny

    54. Слава Крид


    55. Joevint Armynd

      I wiss wwe Give a macth to Ali and Lesnar for MITB Contract who agrees with me

    56. Jul Sang Petualang

      The beast is back on raw

    57. Pork Master

      Brock back ratings go up ?

      1. Thunder Lordaeron

        But I care about 24/7 championship much more!

    58. natnael tesfamikael

      WWE is unrealistic, like how can Seth Rollins beat Brock Lesnar. It just does not sound right, it is stupid.

      1. MARS.

        @Faze Gsneaky forget it.

      2. Faze Gsneaky

        @MARS. What do you mean with "but it is the reality that Rollins beat Lesnar". What do you even talking about. Seth stands no chance against Brock in a real life fight. The script said that Rollins were going to win the match. In real life not even three curb stomps and a low blow is enough to hold him down. Brock is a legit MMA fighter while Seth is paid by WWE for scripted matches. By the way their Wrestlemania match were the most unrealistic and scripted match in the whole show.

      3. MARS.

        yes,it is not sounds right,but it is the reality that Rollins beat lesnar.

    59. Sunday Minggu

      Brock very direspect to me

    60. Kristian Madsen

      24/7 title seems like a lame attempt to make somting interresting

      1. WizedSounds

        I felt bad for Foley....

    61. Love Your Ball

      Brock is gonna get both belts

      1. MARS.


    62. un_known

      going to call it now, he'll cash in when it's a "winner takes all" match, the heat will be immense!

    63. Ezio Thapaliya

      Wow. Since when you started the full raw.

      1. Emil Andresen

        Since 2016 i think

    64. Márk Szabó


    65. อาหลี๋ เฮีย


    66. Enio Nona

      The end was epic 👍

    67. Роман Юркив


    68. ČiepaRiepaTV profesional

      Can you please this match braun strowman vs lars sullivan

    69. flexi J

      Ахаха, новый титул просто бомба. Это даже смешно было)

    70. Subscribe 2 PewDiePie

      From Shane being really chill, to a world class loser

    71. Lipto

      Dude, if there'll be a triple threat match between Rollins, Kingston and Lesnar, and Brock cashes in, and wins both of the titles, I will suck myself.

      1. Prince Patel

        Brock will not get title anytime soon

      2. Lipto

        @Human Ya It's late I think. And they already planned it in my opinion.

      3. Human Ya

        Dont give them any idea.

    72. Steven Black Chanell

      Sean mcmahoon stupid ..

    73. Mak08

      24:32 oof

      1. Finzz

        Sound like Roblox was attack.

    74. Mano Van Benthem

      Hey Lesnar i have seen that you get beaten down in MMA idiot, you can nothing.

    75. Mano Van Benthem

      The only thing Lesnar can do is laugh. He don't deserve this, Ali deserves it. Heyman is a idiot.

    76. Rendy Ferdian

      I love lesnar. He is a new mr beast in the bank.

      1. MARS.

        @Fajar Putra are you from indonesia?

      2. Fajar Putra

        Lesnar is not mr beast

      3. MARS.

        NO. lesnar is NOTHING. ALI is the real Mr MITB.

    77. Kautsar Muhammad

      Sami Zayn got buried again by braun

    78. marco kokee

      hey lacey evans , i saw you stepping on nikki cross, now step and stand on me.



    80. MARS.

      lesnar is NOTHING.ALI is the real mr MITB.

      1. Thunder Lordaeron

        Even worst but U right!

      2. Rifhan Muzikkrie

        Yes bro its true

    81. andrey ermac

      Dear @WWE can you please take Baron Corbin off everybodys' tv, he is not a great bad guy, he is simply boring. I understand you will never (unfortunelly) do this to Shane McMahon (because McMahon), but at least a tv show without Corbin but with Shane will be better than a tv show with Corbin AND Shane.

    82. Tre1x

      Can anyone explain me what is raw and smackdown?

      1. Under

        @Tre1x WrestleMania is the biggest WWE live Pay-Per-View event in the Wrestling history. The first WrestleMania was 35 years ago.

      2. Tre1x

        @Under hey. And can u explain me what is wrestlemania?

      3. Under

        @Tre1x You're welcome.

      4. Tre1x

        @Under Ok.Thank you very much :).

    83. MARS.

      where is the usos vs revival?

    84. Frozy Fire

      where caesaro and ricohet match ?

      1. MARS.

        and where is The Usos vs the revival match?

    85. Smoking Lycanroc

      I love how Seth Changed From Heel To Face.

    86. T S

      It's better without the red lights on the crowd, who else agrees? Like old times

      1. Human Ya

        Lmao yeah, like neon. I hope next they do the better booking since 24/7 glorified title was give some jobbers a tv time and become a comedian on every shows now. Perfect title in PG lmao.

    87. Smoking Lycanroc

      At least Brock is actually on raw.

      1. Human Ya

        Yep lmao

    88. Sk8tchy

      Who loves Seth Rollins..?

      1. TubeForPeace

        He gets annoying as hell..

      2. AndreasH900


      3. Noel Warrior

        Sure not.

    89. olja mihajlovska

      You can hate Sami Zayn but he is hella hilarious

      1. MegaDaxter

        That doesn't actually mean that he's good. When I first saw him, I thought, it was drunk dude just accidently (ok, not accidently) got to the ring

    90. Nigel Bush

      Lesner sucks I’m gonna stop watching this rubbish because it insults me that lesser won after doing nothing bye bye

    91. blendi shahaj

      Shame on you brock lesnar cowerdsssss thief you are nathin else than just a cowerds

    92. EAST BALLERz

      I can feel Sami's agony right now

    93. David Lamos

      I will stop watching this raw! Only bcs lesnar! Omg he don't deserve money bank!

    94. Fearless Poppy

      R. I. P hardcore champ hahaha 😆

    95. Anna Spl

      ALI is real MITB, Brock only fake 😪😪😪

      1. MARS.

        yes it is,lesnar is NOTHING.

      2. Joevint Armynd

        Anna Spl That true

    96. Kata anonymous

      Русские в атаку !

    97. Frantisek Zavodny

      Lesnar Mr mitb. Lol :D It is very boring

      1. MARS.

        yes it's boring. and the real mr MITB is ALI.

    98. ruri muharrir fadhilla

      Ali is the real mr MITB. Lesnar is nothing.

      1. MARS.

        yes it is,ALI is the reap mr MITB.

      2. ruri muharrir fadhilla

        @Noora who me? I'm not

      3. Noora

        hi t series

    99. Hendry Sumadi

      24/7 Champions = Hardcore Champions ~ Soft Version.

      1. Muhammad Rifqi

        LOL that's true