WWE SmackDown LIVE Full Episode, 16 July 2019



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    Did Kofi Kingston survive Extreme Rules as WWE Champion?
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    1. Andrius Andrius

      07:40 The new day are so savage I can hear them from a mile

    2. My pp HARD

      U Shoud Focuse On Storming Are 51- 56:22 THATS WHY I LOSE THE COMENTATORS !

    3. Juri Veikko Virtanen

      Shane vs Triple H

    4. Karel Felix

      To bad that the deadman was not there

    5. Ishfaq Khan

      KO has done best for the first time in his whole life 😀💞

    6. pita skg

      where is raw episode?

    7. Risqi amelia


    8. Heri Mahyakin

      Wwe 😂😂😂😂

    9. sparkie Bright

      I love the new day

    10. หัวกาดอ พ่องมิงสิ้นชีพ

      Give randy orton 14times champion at smack down please.

    11. Random guy

      Otis behind charlotte 9:18

    12. Ridho Wiranatakusumah

      I miss old wwe like late90s early 2000s

    13. The Gaming Empire

      KO Is The New Steve Austin

    14. jim L

      Shane must get him arrested, and kevin returns with a zamboni to arena

    15. Roman Reigns

      Where is Lars Sullivan ?

    16. Csőke László

      We want a Womens 24-7 Championship

    17. Rizky Agung

      7:32 new day and the big dog😂

    18. Михаил Лядов


    19. Kay Gamer


    20. strawberrytv

      ahahha this was funny with applo win then shane gets a stuner at the end agian hahahaha

    21. Petra Wahyu

      Yeaaahhh... Michael "The Teddy Bear" Owen

    22. Alphared nem

      stunner is op finisher confirmed by the rock xD

    23. kaskari

      shane deserved that stunner at the end

    24. kaskari

      shut up corey, you suck at commentary

    25. zaini bull

      Randy is just silent.

    26. kaskari

      ive been wwe fna since i was 7 and i wanted to be a wwe superstar. its 2019, im 15 and i still want to be wwe superstar

    27. Hengky Rumahorbo

      I hate the new day members

    28. ade syukron

      Where's ec3?

    29. raman reingg

      9:18 otis bodor bgt hahaha

    30. Angele Ko

      still waiting for R-Truth to say I`m the 9/11 champion ;)

    31. ReeF

      "You should focus on raiding area 51" XD

    32. J-Show

      cm puuuuuuunk is beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeest in the world and shane you suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck and cm punk retuuuuurn

    33. Hendry Sumadi

      Liv Morgan same with suicide squad.

    34. Collins Chilee Onwughara

      Kelvin ad roman you guys work for shane ad family show some respect. Good job shane

      1. Collins Chilee Onwughara

        @Gustav Petersson yeah i know

      2. Gustav Petersson

        You know it's scripted right? It's not their actual opinion

    35. Terry Funk

      Seeing Randy as WWE champ again would be so awesome!

      1. Terry Funk

        @SilverAle Would love to see bray as the universal champion, by winning lesnar.

      2. SilverAle

        What sense it makes to bring back bray wyatt if hes not even in title matches, just to act out a horror storyline

    36. Anthony Sosa

      randy should take the wwe championships an then be in a rivalry with samoa joe and drew mcintyre

    37. Флорентино Перес

      We need Stone Cold music after Kevin Owens stunnerXD

      1. Dawar M

        We sure damn do

    38. yoseph prajna sanjaya

      56:21 "you should focus storming on area 51" Damn that reference

      1. Cruzyi_HD

        Corey is great

    39. Danny Thelandersson

      IIconics are cowards,not worthy champions

    40. XpikaX [THEFD]

      Aleister Black. Lives in the netherlands. I live there too. Like if u live there too

      1. Thomas van Ingen

        Frans Atsma Rezar

      2. XpikaX [THEFD]

        @Frans Atsma oh ja? Wist ik ook niet

      3. Frans Atsma

        Nxt is ook nog 1die uit Nederland komt ben even zijn naam kwijt

      4. Tunsi26

        Hoop dat hij op een dag WWE champion of Universal champion wordt

      5. XpikaX [THEFD]

        @Humpy Dumpy inderdaad hahah. Nooit geweten

    41. Casper Brinch

      They not even know who is on which brand... Aop where in the back when the show started and they are on Raw. ffs wwe... I hope Eric Bischoff will show up at Raw Reunion next week and will be in a conflict with Paul Heyman, and so they maybe will end the wild card rule. (52:09) Randy Orton: R-K... fans cheers O (52:16) Xavier Woods: RK what? (hahahaha lol)

    42. Micke Dela Victoria

      New day so annoying.....

    43. Francisco X

      Shane, the coward, deserves what he's got.

    44. Hammern28

      33:17, I call that... Wet Dreams.

    45. David Guobadia

      And that's the bottom line cuz KO said so

    46. fist shadow

      53:50 randy like a bosss!!!!

    47. LordNeo [LORD OF WISDOM]


      1. AslamGeto

        LordNeo [LORD OF WISDOM] true

    48. fist shadow

      I love how all westering stay together :D

    49. Zsófi Jakab

      I loved to see the womens division pushed especially Liv and Ember ❤️

    50. Best Music

      Come on Randy🙏

    51. dxrebel

      10:50 Liv seems close to tears

    52. daniel bryan

      Fight Owens fight

    53. Aa Aa

      1:19:32 corey disrespects saxton for the 17267383838 time

      1. SilverAle

        its so funny coz its been going on for years, mike kanelli is turning saxton too. and that 200 loss losing streak hawkins had was legit savage

    54. wietse boersma

      isnt it weird that actual fight sports have banned all fighters with implants only wwe doesnt care about the wellbeing of their fighters

    55. Sri Jaya Brass

      Iiconic twibon from raw ??? They from sd live dude...

    56. Sub Zero


    57. gandalf6700

      btw. if anyone wondering why andrade get that MAJOR PUSH? .. he is dating charlote flair ;)

    58. Baresi Bastalo

      Why kevin owen do a stuner? Stuner is identic to steve austin of course, is like repeating old wwe, "mcmahons got stuner", for me is no no, sorry wwe, come on be creative

    59. Czekolada

      Ronda Rousey vs Asuka YES YES YES YES YES

    60. Teresita Pundavela

      Shane shame on you, your money money money cannot save your soul !

    61. Ace Shamgod

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    62. Rimuru Tempest Fehér Balázs

      R-Truth what the hell are you doing here the washing machine? 😂🤣

    63. curious pug

      So i guess you guys finally admit that your program didn't sell so y'all just gonna upload it on youtube so people can watch it for free, huh?? 🤔 Y'all just gotta admit that WWE are dying right now. Vince McMahon should retire

      1. Cruzyi_HD

        Theyve been uploading for a lot of years buddy.

      2. oalmen för att

        They have uploaded episodes here for some years

    64. Fighter20K


    65. HORIZN

      That was an awesome episode of SmackDown!

    66. Strahinja Stajic

      I cant wait next week to see Sasha Banks returns😍😍😍

      1. Anis Nadarevic

        @Strahinja Stajic petar pan

      2. Strahinja Stajic

        @Anis Nadarevic Ko si sada pa ti?

      3. Anis Nadarevic

        Samo cekaj

    67. BlueNoodle79

      Wow, Roman actually appeared on Smackdown for once 😳

      1. BlueNoodle79

        Hugemetalfan92 Well, maybe, but not that much

      2. Hugemetalfan92

        he is on this pity run on both shows every week, wtf u on about :D

    68. Henri Daniel

      I can't stand the new day.

    69. El Didith


    70. finnewar

      shane macmahon is a crybaby.