Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha Impressions: The Wraparound Display!

Marques Brownlee

Marques Brownlee

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    A concept phone with a 360-degree surround display 👀
    MKBHD Merch: shop.MKBHD.com
    Mi Mix Alpha: www.mi.com/global/mi-mix-alpha
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    Intro Track: Jordyn Edmonds smarturl.it/jordynedmonds
    Playlist of MKBHD Intro music: goo.gl/B3AWV5

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    1. JerryRigEverything

      Can I borrow the phone for a minute? I need to.... um... make a phone call...

      1. Aomine Daiki


      2. Felix Ernest01

        I didnt expect u here

      3. Zyki Playz

        Uh oh…

      4. Dx Gamerzx

        Ah, sh*t here we go again

      5. sheetal singh


    2. Yudy Ma

      this phone not suitable for "oily hand" people!!!

    3. MOTOring AutoSports

      cell phone fact. 80s: seems holding a brick 90s.seems holding a brick with keypad and pulls up antenna. 2000s:hold a cell phone with some keypad and consider 'ok' screen. 2010-2019:prime of cellphone which is called as SMARTPHONE. 2020:Holding a SCREEN dude!!!!!!🤣🤣

    4. MistyVlogz

      Xiaomi said: If you can see it from the front, Wait till you see it from the back

    5. The Nigger Killer

      your dead bro it has chineee virus with it

    6. Muuzuu

      Xiaomi should've got rid of the back screen and just made a samsung s20 except huge edge screen

    7. Abe's Tube

      Looks cool

    8. Javier Perwz

      Imagine watching porn in that phone and the back screen reflects the front!😂😂

    9. Grey_Croc

      Man I'm a OnePlus guy but this phone seem nice

    10. Omeng Adjust

      Ada gak org Indonesia,yg nonton.. Kalo ada like👍

    11. USA gang

      Nem jo rajta játszani

    12. Flyboi Clarkston

      this phone cost 7000 dollars WTF

    13. thedarkinsignia

      I like it just for that charging animation

    14. Afif Ramandha

      gabisa buat nonton bokep anjirr, auto ketauan:v

    15. Orginal Content

      Love the thumbnail. Lol

    16. the insane eye

      can they make a mini fish tank

    17. jrpradojr5

      What kinds lights at the blue and orange ones?

    18. HOW


    19. SD Comedian


    20. SD Comedian


    21. SD Comedian



      This phone is a nightmare for clumsy people like me.

    23. Noman Sajid

      Apple left the chat.

    24. Mehdi Bohsina

      Marques: tries to open the box Also marques: opens with apple pencil

    25. Arnav Rathi

      No one : Me: So we could take a selfie from the rear camera....

    26. Keanu Hades

      that very cool dangggg

    27. tuhin kar

      I am just thinking..... If it falls 🥴🥴🥴🥴🥴

    28. Silas Tucker

      Hello you're the best

    29. The Asia Times

      Your website ain't working.. shop isn't opening at all.. probably you should hire me for the job :D

    30. Dipak Sinha

      Brother i am your great fan please send me a pubg game playing smartphone ...i am very poor i am from india...

    31. Isheanesu Chirova

      like bro 12GB RAM is a 500 fps in fortnite bt no fortnite just wants to do its own thing and put a very small frame rate limit

    32. Walter E. Jones

      Try putting a case on that thing

    33. 海随风


    34. freddy mawrie

      This could beat all other phones on the planet

    35. K3zz21

      Homeboy just used an Apple Pencil to pry out the packaging. That’s a flex if I’ve seen one

    36. SazzAt Al-mamon

      give me

    37. Danbertcute Sison

      Glass is glass ,and glass breaks

    38. seongsu kim

      Looks fucking goood haha But i like Samsung

    39. Furqan Hussain

      1:20 he uses a Apple Pencil to open up the Android boxing Apple: (GASP)

    40. Denni BLANK

      phone case maker : am i joke to you???

    41. Spinnetti

      Very nice..

    42. vainly El

      Very very nice

    43. Nirav Modi


    44. namus innocent

      how can i do video call with the tiny back display ???

    45. EdgyShooter

      OCD fingerprint nightmare

    46. EdgyShooter

      Drop it and you're boned

    47. Исходя только

      I need a case

    48. Ahmad Rasheed


    49. Tu Thai

      I think that a lot of people can think of that idea before them.

    50. Epic Gamer

      69 precent charged in the thumbnail

    51. Putu Gede

      Pake bahasa indo bang

    52. HS zeus yt

      Tendi foi nada

    53. rabotmondaytuesday

      What’s the song playing at 1:12?

    54. Toron 1totrini

      XIAOMI MI MIX ALPHA: king of design ASUS ROG PHONE: king of specs IPHONE: king of price

    55. MC


    56. Mohammad Shuaib

      U are very white.!!! 😂

    57. J.Y.C

      Brah of u drop the phone it will crack either side u will still be sad


      Why did you used an Apple Pencil to pull this shit out

    59. 1 2 3 GO

      Now Trump will start the war on Xoiami

    60. Justin Lyngdoh

      Poor for gaming

    61. NATURE BOY

      Don't believe Chinese products...😷😷😷😷 ...Like Corona. Virus...

    62. Matteo Deideri

      Is the first

    63. shrey chauhan

      Uses "apple pencil" to unbox a "prototype" phone SHOW OFF

    64. MEVO


    65. Hindi wala Trick

      I am from India

    66. Durjoy Sarkar

      cheapest China product

    67. Nivu Techy

      I am Malayali from kerala

    68. Ransai Basumatary

      Please give me one xiaomi mi mix alpa

    69. J Martin

      Comments: When i saw the thumbnail I thought it was a powerbank lolol Me: Shut the fuck up.

    70. Erron Bugayong

      Rip phone cases