YMS: Kimba the White Lion



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    All music used was from the various Kimba series.
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    1. Spooky


    2. Lol Y

      I’m 13 minutes in and I just realized this is 2 and a half hours

    3. Wildebeast

      Oh. Oh man. I'm only 37 minutes in. I thought I was approaching the end.

    4. Smelly sugar

      this video is two hours long and I am five minutes in

    5. amira b

      are you a disney spy

    6. Watzit Tooya

      Kudos, you might've single-handedly put this controversy to rest.

    7. O Med

      honestly, leo's role in the tribesman vs the leopards conflict makes sense as long as you remember that, as a rule, leo's perspective is the white colonialist perspective. *ALWAYS.*

    8. DannyBoi The Muppet Man

      This is excellent if you listen to this as if it were a podcast, but watching it on video form is also important.

    9. Damian Koolray

      Anyone know the music at 2:13:43?

    10. The Batter

      Honestly is Kimba really successful in Japan or something? Because the only reason I (and probably a lot of other people) even know what Kimba is, is because of the comparisons.

      1. Megrez Alberich

        Yes, Kimba is iconic in Japan, and was also quite popular in many different countries (Spain, France, Italy, Germany, the USA, Indonesia, some Arabic countries, etc.). However, that was a very long time ago (the popularity of the show reached its peak in the 60s and 70s) and almost everybody has forgotten about it. Besides, it hasn't aged well and it's understandable that the younger generation has absolutely no interest in watching it. So to this day, it's mostly popular in Japan only. I went to Japan 2 years ago, and I saw quite a lot of Kimba and Astroboy merchandise. But Tezuka is still worshipped like a god over there.

    11. J-Jeaze

      Damn Adam! you put alot of work into this, appreciate your hard work.

    12. Alex Martossy

      19:30 Literally WTF?????!

    13. Dane Walther

      Peter Griffin -we borrowed SO much from the Simpsons-

    14. Nuclearchezburgr 385

      This man is now included in the Wikipedia article for Kimba the White Lion. Well done.

    15. Pleasure Panda

      Kimba was my favorite cartoon back in the 1960s/70s. Lion king reminded me of Kimba but the story line was way different. My favorite episode was how his mother died when the ship sank where she and Kimba were being kept in a cage. She convinced him to escape thru the bars. His dad i think was killed by poachers. It was very different from Lion King. Kimba was way better.

    16. The2012Aceman

      You have done us a great public service by doing such thorough research. Well done sir!

    17. Jack Cimino

      My dad grew up watching Kimba, and he did tell me that The Lion King is not a rip off.

    18. ToastyGlow

      I honestly don't think the lion cubs in the concept painting are different colors? I assumed they were just two average tan lion cubs in different light. kind of a black-and-blue/white-and-gold dress scenario.

    19. Eric Bonesly

      The critical thinking utilized in this video is making me hard.

    20. Totodile IsBlue

      Long man good.

    21. SomeCallMeTy

      Everyone who disliked are the Kimba Crowd who didn’t do their research

    22. biygas back baby

      Why does Kimba sound like Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer?

      1. Super Girl


    23. Recca The Samurai

      I definitely agree with this video. I've actually watched the new adventures of Kimba and the jungle emperor Leo film and have read the manga and claiming the lion King is a ripoff is like saying Pokemon is a ripoff of Digimon, Sure both are similar but you are only going to call one a ripoff if you have way more experience with the other. Lion King is a great movie and Kimba is a great series and you are allowed to enjoy both.

    24. ShadowLightMew EndlessOceanMew

      DE-news keeps recommending this but i still won't watch it. I might have if i had seen it appear because i would wanna see if it is more fuel on a dead fire or not or as i stated multiple times on other pages "a dead Horse people just can't leave alone and thus continue to beat it and kick it". I don't want to watch it cause this video was the reason i was bullied on a Jungle Emperor Leo page last month. One can't come on a page they clearly don't belong on and of an anime they clearly hadn't watched to just spit on Osamu Tezuka's grave and spit on his work to then order me and others to watch this video and to assign loyalty to Simba and Simba only instead of enjoying both. I grew up with both Jungle Emperor Leo and The Lion King and as an adult, yes i enjoy Jungle Emperor Leo more because Jungle Emperor Leo 1989 is darker and more mature than the previous versions Osamu Tezuka made, it was also his final project and it was released in my birth year. But i still enjoy The Lion King's franchise too, in fact i own all 3 movies on DVD including the 2 disc edition with the morning report song they didn't bring back for the Diamond Edition which only makes the 2 disc special edition better and more special. I also watched everything of The Lion Guard so yeah, still a fan. I simply enjoy both and i wish people could do that without bringing up the controversy which honestly may as well have been a badly handled misunderstanding. Osamu Tezuka was inspired by Walt Disney's Bambi, in fact he was a fan and fanboyed when Walt told him he could make the Bambi manga. I still wish i could own the manga cause it is the closest thing we have to a collab between a Japanese storyteller and Walt Disney who was a known storyteller himself. And it is completely okay if people that worked on The Lion King after it was salvaged from it's 80's development limbo (working title Bambi in Africa and being King Of The Jungle by title for a short while, we sadly don't know which other titles they had before deciding on the one we got) had watched Jungle Emperor Leo as Kimba The White Lion because inspiration is okay, it means you found a muze and have that boost to create just like how Walt Disney's works and Bambi were inspirational muzes to Osamu Tezuka. I bet that both would be saddened by the whole "controversy" cause their goal was to tell great stories, nothing more and nothing less so can we please just stop? Introduce kids to both and once old enough to the 1989 Jungle Emperor Leo as well so both will continue to be cherished and never forgotten. Cause both deserve to exist! And yes even The Lion King's remake deserves to exist! I like the remake, it fixed some things about the Hyenas and even shows Nala's escape which was something i always asked about as a kid and now we finally have a canon answer. Maybe someday i can watch this video but the flavor and mood are still soured by the bullies. Also i still think it would have been interesting to see Disney use the Albino Lion idea still in something cause the concept art was there in the very early development and could easily be plucked out to be used in a Disney docu story. They actually did a docu about a Gazelle called Bambi in Africa (coincidence or poking innocent inside joke fun at a once working project title? who knows) and they still have their Zoo so why not refurbish the idea they scrapped into something new with morals related to acceptance etc. I mean i would watch a Disney story about an Albino Lion for sure cause Albinoism is so interesting with how it works in the animal world: upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/1/15/Earlypresentationreelwhitelionking.jpg Ps: not here to stir anything up, i just wanted to add in my 2 cents and come out as a fan of both, i hope i'm not alone on wanting peace

    25. Matt Marinelli

      Why is this so long?

    26. Edgar BM

      12:58 Its ok to be White

    27. Katzun

      I have always found the “lion king ripped of Kimba” argument REALLY FUCKING STUPID and I felt like I was going crazy bc no one agreed with me. Thank you Adum for this video ur a genius

      1. sʟᴇᴇᴘʏ ʜᴇᴀᴅ

        Didn’t expect to see you here and agreed, I didn’t pay much attention to it

    28. Yoshua Solis

      Anyone know the song at 2:13:43 ?

      1. Darien West

        It doesn't have an official release/name but most people call it the Ru Ra Song or the Lu La Song. You can find an MP3 for it here: de-news.net/client-postUgxy1rcJrc9UCl4qrk14AaABCQ

    29. Noodle Poodle

      1:33:25 I had to rewind it because I couldn’t believe he actually said that. American politics give me psychic damage and I don’t even live there. Are y’all okay?

    30. Caleb Voisine-Addis

      Watching the section on "From Goods to a Good Life" book made me feel like I was having a fever dream.

    31. Richenbaum Fotchenstein

      Remember in 2007 when some people thought Beowulf was a ripoff of 300? That was fun. And you know why they keep using the 97 clips. Because they’re all just copying and pasting it from one idiot who did it first.

    32. Tyler White

      Using your logic, I can’t really say whether or not even this is true, given I haven’t seen Kimba either. Still, I have enough of an idea to say the controversy is really dumb.

    33. Mathieu Jolliff

      Wow I used to watch to watch Kimba the white lion as a toddler... no wonder I’m so screwed up

    34. Slee Skunk

      this dude adam is spittin some hot fax

    35. Slee Skunk

      18:45 man I laughed too hard

    36. GryphonNecro X20

      52:56 I'll be real, the DVD release was shit, but I gotta admit, this part was pretty funny.

    37. Heater123

      Nobody: Kimba character: *falls off a cliff*

    38. The Faceman

      The most significant underlying message (that I took away) from all of this is to not join followings (social, political, religious, etc.) without an understanding of them that you came to on your own as opposed to here-say from popular sources.

    39. Fibonochos

      what im getting from this is that Kimba is literally a drug trip. oh and site your sources so people can call you on you bs, but mostly that kimba is literally visual narcotics

    40. Spirit Productions

      the sole fact that people didn't do their research just makes you believe no one ever does their research unless its their job honestly, this also shows that with proper research, resources and looking at more then comparison videos, it comes down to the Lion King IS NOT SIMILAR AND DID NOT RIP OFF KIMBA Kimba was actually made BEFORE THE LION KING, and on top of that the anime itself is more comedy and humorous while the Lion king did have comedic parts, it honestly felt like a play like hamlet which like YMS said. was the original inspiration for the Lion King long story short: Do your god forsaken research like YMS did, and thank you for getting me into Kimba, though I guess that was my own choice?

    41. Nuclearchezburgr 385

      Glad MauLer gave you a shout out. This was a great, indepth video!

    42. TheHullo124

      50:38 thank me later

    43. JackPauler4Lyfe

      Hey guess what YMS (You Mr Stinker) you lied about a frame of the kimba movie where the entire cast of the lion king was present in the 1893 manga, which makes your entire argument invalid. Although I have never played Kimba and the chamber of secrets, I saw a guy who told someone their aunt worked for kingdom hearts, and they admitted Sora was originally going to be Kimba, so yeah. You are nitpicking and biased, I win, bye bye.

    44. Bellick666

      So what you are saying is that both Kimba and The Lion king ripped off that obscure lion comic. Gotcha

    45. Cookie

      I wonder if Kimba can be compared to Hamlet...

      1. Megrez Alberich

        Not really, no. The only thing in common is that the two stories are about a young prince who has to reclaim his throne from an impostor, and that's it. In Kimba, Bubu (Claw) is not related to Pandja (Caesar) and didn't kill him. Bubu is just a rogue lion who used to be Pandja's old rival, and who then proclaimed himself the new king after Pandja was killed by a hunter (Ham-Egg), seeing as Pandja had no heir (Leo was born on a ship and didn't live in Africa for a while).

    46. DarkestElemental616

      This is the longest fucking cliff drama montage ever, and I love the sheer amount of spite that went into creating it. Also, thank you for the education and frankly, completely accurate analysis. I was completely unaware of all of this.

    47. fRiƎNd

      < For the last few hours of my relatively meaningless existence that consists primarily of youtube, porn, video games and casual racism....I have been going to every 'Kimba/Lion King' video I can find that has not turned comments off already and calling people literal pieces of SHIT for believing it. It feels wonderful. And its all b/c of YOU, Adum. Bless you.

    48. Gaz

      What in god's green earth is wrong with Tezuka? Seriously, that sequel series had some eldritch-levels of twisted morality and logic.

    49. Tyler Harper

      the only thing similar is that they are lions. I grew up with the lion so I like it more

    50. Sam Frank

      4 minutes in: "Yeah, okay, seems like an open and shut case, Lion King for sure didn't rip off Kimba *sees 2+ hour runtime of video* (☉_☉)

    51. H0ly_ _Slay3r


    52. H0ly_ _Slay3r


    53. mateusz molenda

      Omg that DUB is FUCKING HILARIOUS.

    54. Bill Morgan

      Running around with your dead dads body for years,,,,,wouldnt he oh I dont know decompose at some point lol.

    55. xxKuramaxx

      I agree Disney is a shitty company but they didn't steal kimba

    56. Hum Drum

      The way they treat Kimba's sad's corpse is the most bonkers thing I've seen in a while. It's like a lion version of The Boy lol. And the dub quality kills me, half of it sounds like it came from a "lost episode" creepypasta

    57. The JoJo Referencer

      I cannot see your name as anything but "Your Movie Sucks Do Torg"

    58. ElectromagNick

      So on top of Kimba being super racist, he also makes _Goku_ look like a downright extraordinary parent. Edit: That law professor is a fucking charlatan

    59. Hannah Gs

      Because if this video I constantly have “WAH WAH WAH WAAAAAAHHHH WAH WAH WAH WAH” stuck under my head like all the time

    60. jetfoxproductions

      lol, i love this vid confirms what already believed, still even if the lion king was a rip off it was still better, and simba didn't carry his dad's rotting corpse around like a stuffed animal.

    61. PoorBEE puns

      they could have used pineapple

    62. Cory -

      tag yourself I'm BDSM warthog

      1. Afton McIntyre

        You poor bastard, I don’t think anyone deserves that kind of pain, of anyone else for that manor.

    63. Yoshikage Kira

      This shit is fire.

    64. Loser not a lover

      I still like Kimba better tho

    65. The Good Man

      This video is seriously under rater

    66. random dude

      kimba's tried vegetarianism, but it didn't work for the predators, they had to eat proteins, what they did is change to eating insects , like in the lion king, but I guess lions eating insects is also coincidence.... (the locusts they trap in the caves.)

    67. cool man

      My conspiracy theory: the Kimba-Simba thing was all invented as a way to hide the TRUE fact that Atlantis was a copy of Nadia: Secret of Blue Water

    68. Starmarie Jackson

      Your analysis is very accurate . I also found out that Kimba's name was originally going to be called 'Simba' but there was a drink beverage called 'Simba' that was discontinued . So Osamu Tezuka changed it to Kimba instead.

    69. Quadrenaro

      So Adam made a two and a half hour long video defending Disney? And right when Disney has been outed for paying off critics to defend their garbage? "Hmmmmm. Suspicious." I'm joking guys.

    70. God Of Spaghett