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    You can't stop Megan Rapinoe, Serena Williams, or Lebron James.
    Just as you can't stop Naomi Osaka, Cristiano Ronaldo or Leo Baker.
    Because as athletes*, we are never alone. Sport unites us. Strengthens us. Keeps us pushing ahead. No matter what, we will always come back stronger, together.
    You can't stop sport. Because you can't stop us.
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    Nike strives to bring innovation and inspiration to every athlete* in the world. (* If you have a body, you are an athlete.)
    Our mission is what drives us to do everything possible to expand human potential. We do that by creating groundbreaking sport innovations, by making our products more sustainably, by building a creative and diverse global team and by making a positive impact in communities where we live and work.
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    1. AamirTime

      These companies can't help themselves but tell everyone what to do because 'they know better'. I've always avoided Nike....hopefully more will too after this rubbish.

    2. Haz Tech

      All Muslims and others please report this video and let’s see it taken down and Nike issuing a public apology

    3. eioshen boboi

      I am a Muslim and seeing this ad makes me really offended and uncomfortable. Good job Nike, good job...

    4. viraldope

      Boycott under armour and nike

    5. Nayab Someet

      I'm Muslim and Nike doesn't fits me.. Total boycott

    6. Fida Rasool

      Nike why you focus on Hijab Muslim Woman instead you add Christian Lady who wear Scarf too or any other religious. Why ? You just try to Hurt Muslims feelings but we believe on our the strongest faith and religion. Sham on you Nike 👎

      1. eioshen boboi

        As a muslim this is so rude.i am disappointed with nike

    7. Vaishant Makhijani

      Justice for Uighurs Nike, shame. Uighurs are forced to work in your factories in China

    8. Saleem Ahmad

      Great work ...

    9. زكريا الخفاجي

      Offending one group in order to satisfy another. What is this stupidity

    10. marou tima

      I’m muslim and i’m not insulted ! I mean c’mon what do you hold against rainbow 🌈

    11. Naut Den Hartog

      child labor

    12. Naut Den Hartog

      child labor

    13. Naut Den Hartog

      Nike still has child labor, so screw them

    14. Naut Den Hartog

      Haha en die kinderslaven maar werken

    15. Luca Schindler

      Nike forever💪

    16. Areeb Ur Rehman

      Im a muslim and im never buying another nike product after this video

    17. Sebiha Acat

      Samsung blackpink reklamı kadar güzel olmuuuş bayıldım😘😘👍👍👌👌

    18. Cross Word

      This modernism cracks me up. You guys can accept people marrying their pillows but not a muslim woman's hijab. Well the good thing is that anti hijab movements have been going on for centuries but we muslim women still wear hijab and niqab with faith and passion. Jokes on ya!

    19. Dimitry anyanwu

      0:29 so addidas it is hugh?

    20. Nakul Nagra

      Hats offf

    21. Rex King 3.0

      As a muslim this is so rude.i am disappointed with nike

    22. Tom Hooker

      "You can't stop us" from boycotting your products and buying from other companies... That is true... LOL

    23. Stephen Shelton

      Why do you discriminate against *stunning and brave* obese female athletes? I thought you were a _woke_ corporation? I also don't see transsexual athletes being represented in the numbers they require to prove that you aren't bigots.

    24. Cevest_Blirobo

      I really don’t care if you like this ad, hate this ad, love Nike, hate Nike, buy Nike products, boycott Nike products; and the same goes for religion. So please stop posting comments about these subjects.


      All muslims please share with all muslims and tell them never to wear nike again. Me myself have 2 pairs of nike football shoes but that will soon change

      1. Mahboob Van Oberstein

        @WINTUS GAMING i dont understand what you mean by that 🤔. Care to explain.


        @Mahboob Van Oberstein you are blind

      3. Mahboob Van Oberstein

        Why? They represented us on their ad. You wont see a person wearing burqa in a white previlledged country? This is empowerment.

    26. asadullah

      Death can stop you the leader of Total who was a very powerful man, and who even influenced presidents from all over the world had a plane crash and the angel of death took his soul, today he’s all alone. steve jobs who was the head of one of the biggest multinationals and who had billions of dollars when he realized that his money could not help him to cure cancer he said himself that he regretted having spent all his time running after money and he died in his room all alone miserably. So you think you can not be stopped but each one of you as a human you can be stopped at any second.

    27. David More

      Who is "you" and who is "us"??

    28. Mohammed Sayed

      An entire book book can be written from the scene of the Muslim girl transition to that LGBT ( الله اكبر )

    29. qsdfventure

      After seeing this video, i'm going to buy a new pair of fresh Nikes. Let's change the sport.

    30. Gilipo de Macedonia

      gj Nike, since you are more focused in ideology I have discovered brands selling superior equipment at better price that doesnt try to lecture about ideology. Thanks, Im not buying your crappy items anymore. Good Luck with your crusade at the accionist anual meeting.

    31. Mahboob Van Oberstein

      0:29 الحمد لله! Seeing LGBTQ and a muslima represented together makes me feel so happy. Thank you Nike on behalf of every muslims. 🏳️‍🌈🕋 انا احب هذا الفيديو❤❤❤❤


        How could you!!

    32. NIHAD SNDI

      Delet this garbage

    33. Hassan Aidid

      im switching to adidas

    34. KING YouTube

      I'm muslim boy and I'm never buy nike shoes Astakfirlla

    35. Серж Сиванский

      I’m not religion guy and i will buy Nike.

    36. Muhammad Faraz

      NO MORE👊

    37. Muhammad Faraz

      Boycott nike no more

    38. Leonardo Felipe Cupnng

      I'm here because I have a homework

    39. Walter .W

      Gonna boycott Nike for their propaganda. #BoycottNike

    40. Makeup by Ana Effendi

      Delete this

    41. Cr 7

      If we don’t fit the Nike , we’ll change the Nike

    42. themahfujalam

      Something bad is coming for Nike company soon .I can feel it . And yes you can change the sport but you can't change us . We as a Muslim respect and love LGBT peoples .

      1. NIHAD SNDI

        No we don't love or support lgbt they are against our islam

    43. ayuub muhamed

      Lets make the video reverse

    44. ayuub muhamed

      Who is here after lifeofq

    45. gurum

      Nike keep say "Don't be racist". But in this advertisement ,There are only few asians. And they disappear very quickly. Nike is hypocrite.

    46. L P

      Politics aside, as a graphic artist this is beautifully edited. The images seem to flow so seamlessly. Very creative and brilliantly done.

    47. 촤컬릿

      putting muslim n lgbt in a frame is so disrespectful

    48. Mickyle Dud

      Ooooo Nike is so progressive this ad is bs Nike uses slavery one of the most inhumane things anyone can do

    49. thesnoopmeister Snoops

      00:50 “when things aren’t fair”. Like when you got benched so you started kneeling to get attention.

    50. حراري YT

      If we DON'T FET the sport..thin F**k the sport and Nike

    51. Wayne Wilson

      I'm just here to say from a stylistic POV, this AD is pretty damn good. From a political view; I don't care. Divide and conquer right.

    52. Mohammed Idrees

      rascist nike

    53. W D

      I think there's nothing wrong with this ads. I am muslim , btw.

      1. Nil sevim

        You need to see this

    54. Grady hf

      #Never buying from Nike again

    55. Malak Hayat

      What does a Muslim niqabi have to do with a lgbtq person? Are yalla tryin to say that Muslims niqabi have to Change just because u think its wrong to be a Muslim hijabi? Absuloutly disgusting. Never buying from Nike again. I really supported u guys but never again.

    56. OriginalUncutzTV

      I‘m a German and I will never buy Nike products again

    57. Bujji Vallepu

      People always need to look brighter side..there is no offense for me in that add..I don't knw about others

      1. NIHAD SNDI

        What bright side you talking about? This ad is so desrespectfull.

      2. Apple Jack

        This ad was made for sheeps like you.

    58. HodgePodgeSee

      I'm Muslim and God damn brothers and sisters, you guys completely missed the point. They where showing two groups of people who are considered minorities doing something that is uncommon for their own group. A women who is a lesbian and a Muslim women riding a skate board. It's not trying to tie the two together at all. *Facepalm* gah sometimes my own people can be so embarrassing

      1. HodgePodgeSee

        @Nil sevim I do understand, but this ad has nothing to do with whats happening in China, i'm talking about the advertisement.

      2. Nil sevim

        @HodgePodgeSee i'll leave the link so other muslims can see that nike is one of the brands that torture uyghur muslims ok? You might not understand what I'm trying to say but some people do. Have a nice day

      3. HodgePodgeSee

        @Nil sevim II don't know what they're going through and i'm assuming by your comment you do, and if that's the case why don't you spend some time helping them instead of mis interpreting an ad and getting offended by it? There is no offense if the message is translated wrongly. Prophet Muhammad taught us to be smart, to act logically before we act emotionally. Maybe you should re-educate yourself about your own religion.

      4. Nil sevim

        I really don't care about this ad and your opinion. I'm just shocked by the fact that you don't even know what some of your "god damn brothers and sisters" going through and yet you are so arrogant

      5. Nil sevim

        Yeah sorry

    59. Rakib Hasan

      I will refrain from purchasing your products in the future In Shaa Allah...

    60. The phase in the funeral

      All Buslims right now: We are gonna bring you down.. lol Guys comment on real issues like the case of Uiyghur Muslims in china. The transition was cool. No women can play sports in that black cloth. Headscarf is okay though.

      1. The phase in the funeral

        @thesnoopmeister SnoopsYes, that's what they are on right now, heading towards Nike headquarters to make everyone working there wear that black thing. Lol

      2. thesnoopmeister Snoops

        Is that like a Muslim on a bus?

    61. GRAVISPORTS Marble Runs

      To all muslim-moaners in the comments: Are you guys all triggered and thin-skinned conspiracists willing to interpret things always in a way to read something insulting and discriminating between the lines or are you just slow thinking? The concept of the commercial is based on the idea that no one can stop people giving their best to reach ambitions by working harder no matter what people say (physically handicapped women in wheelchair - "doubted") , what amputation they have (women with one leg - "held back"), how they look like (corpulent guy - "not taken siriously") or religion they belong to (muslim woman - "don't fit the sport"). They all get bad influence by things people bring to them from outside. Things and words which could hold them back. Nonetheless they go on, improve and get stronger ("play as one", "go farther", "proof them wrong", "change the sport") Espacially in the case you guys are all complaining about from perspective of the muslim woman: Everybody says we don't fit in this world of sports because we look different on grounds of our faith/religion. They don't want us, they don't like us, they don't need us. Everything we will reach in sports will get back to the point that we are different because we're wearing a Hijab. Next to their silly prejudices that's what people always got on their mind when they see us instead of appreciating our achievements. That's what people think, that's was society thinks, thats what the world of sport thinks about us. but We are more than this. We are actually so strong that we are able to change people's ("sports") direction if we are strong enough to show the world what makes us. We're able to make sports to something it should be. Something that doesn't care about how you look like, where you're from, which faith you got or sexuality you are. We can do this like a woman in a wheelchair is able to play basketball, a one-leg-woman can do flickflacks or a fat guy can reach his dreams in sports. THIS is the massages the commercial wants to place. Do you really think Nike is silly enough to offend and insult muslims hard enough to risk a big loss at one of their key markets or being polically instrumentalized obvious as hell? Everything is so well planned by them and they are nothing less than marketing magicians: The real massage is great and the misunderstanding by so many poeple brings attention that soaks up 10x the loss of the few people who want to set a statement never buying anything again and die in their silliness someday. Sorry for the bad English in some lines and thanks for reading all the way down :)

    62. Trollforlif3

      Muslim And proud Never change or trade anything for my religion🦶🏾

    63. Alex Hamer

      My god, so much misunderstanding in this comments section its not even funny. It's not saying turn Muslim women into LGBT. It's not trying to change Islam. It is about changing social attitudes towards what is acceptable in sport. There have been controversies about whether or not Muslim women, for example, should be allowed to wear traditional dress such as a hijab when it is not the traditional sporting attire. Of course, they should be able to. They shouldn't have to compromise on their religious principles just to play sport. LGBT have also experienced discrimination in regards to playing sport, hence why they are put together. Make the sport accept you, not the other way around. THAT is what the ad is saying. Literally the opposite of how a huge number of people seem to be interpreting.

      1. Nil sevim

        Justice for uyghurs

      2. Wayne Wilson

        People will always find ways to be unhappy about something.

    64. Joobitbomin

      Muslim values does not support lgbtq because God (Allah) forbid it. Remember, we are not anti-lgbtq or hate the community, we just don't support them. Also, you should've use religion based clips for the transition. I mean, is it hard to insert a pastor or a nun riding a skateboard after the muslim clip? It makes more sense than combining muslim woman with Lgbtq. This is disrespectful. This is mocking our belief & God's will. I don't want my future kids watching this and thought that muslim support the Lgbtq community.

    65. Thanks Thanks

      China: how many slaves do you want Nike: YES

    66. hamza

      I'm never buying @Nike again . لن أشتري nike مجددا

      1. sehhi vooty

        Bangladesh already starting movement boycott nike 👍

    67. Roronoa Zoro

      Nah im sticking to adidas now

      1. sehhi vooty

        Thank you so much nike, i'm never buying your products ever again

    68. 50 subs with No video


    69. Es gibt keine Zufälle

      Shame on you Nike ! Islam lives (rest in peace Nike).

    70. Klesk Quake

      Camp david cape Canaveral Tokio.. qui chiedono d nn far casino cn te.. lol M spiace per i denti ma sn sicuro sto lavoro lo conosci.. cordiali saluti..