YOU WIN FLIGHT! IM TRASH!! FlightReacts Cash vs Julian Newman!



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    1. Its me Aiden

      Me and cash just laughing at flight 😂

    2. Hoodbaby JJ

      Flight says anything: Cash: YOU LOST TO CHEESEAHOLICSS 🤣🤣🤣

    3. Oliver Garcia

      This negreo said he dominated im done 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    4. CEONHD

      Mj did win all his finals. That's why he's GOAT.

    5. Emmanuel Goodwin

      It’s funny because cash actually think he can shoot😂

    6. King ObitoUchiha

      Cash stop saying don’t leave u open top of the key u been missing a lot lately. no hate💯

    7. bdpchamp

      Flight is such a frustrating troll lmao

    8. Cameron Coventon

      Cash shoot everywhere like 1,000 times a day on the 3pt line

    9. Area 361

      yea cash them socks ...

    10. Aisce

      that yoo was so weeeeaak lmfao could tell it was gonna be rough 😂😂 but hey flight lost to rug 😂

    11. Mario2icyyy

      How come we never see flight play good on cameras but he is a hoopiest off cameras

    12. EmManu3L

      13:57 sounded like my car starting ngl

    13. Giovanni Tellez

      I wanna see a rematch.

    14. Zachery Houston

      A longer arm what !?

    15. Christian Flores

      Cash I love you bro but you not a hooper at all fr

    16. Albert Morty

      "lebron dont win every finals" nigga thats the NBA you literally strugglin against a 5ft guy

    17. Tyler Alverio

      Yo flight dating he could be drafted in the mlb now too

    18. kalaeb helm

      9:39 had me dead🤣

    19. ツJos3fx

      Flight says: Thats stuff that I do Flight literally does nothing except airball

    20. TJ sweat

      Miles brown

    21. Von

      Cash u talking about flight ain't a hooper, after this game, what are u?

    22. Chase Cotta

      Julian is buns watch him vs img sad stuff

    23. Kris

      10:47 I did that with the cameras off one time.🤣

    24. Tobi

      Lmao. I like how cash makes a video named I MIGHT BE A HOOPER HOOPER and loses miserably to julian newman

    25. Jesther Borjas

      Everything flight is saying to cash is sum he should say to himself lmao😂

    26. drawingmanga kun

      Why flight still trying to finesse about his basketball skills

    27. Charles Maratea '22

      COVID ain’t that serious

    28. Michael Werts

      cash depends on his shot more than his game and also every shooter knows that there´s a time to shoot and to not shoot like cash we need you to start driving again.

    29. Eli Marshall

      Bro I gotta feel bad for cash he had a terrible day of shooting and everyone will have a bad day for shooting eventually and we all know cash can shoot now well... let’s say he can shoot a lot better but he still gets hate about it I mean you gotta give him props he did get a lot better at shooting and if he drives all game on someone that’s short he still get hates about it not being a fair cash can never win

    30. Jozef Koky

      Your not a shooter!!!

    31. Laws S

      Bro cashes confidence watching this back just left

    32. CXZ

      Bruh not shooting don't mean you gotta use muscle lmao, go dribble god some

    33. Big Dawg

      cash i noticed you was lazy with your jumps you was barely comin off the ground usually your elevating more

    34. Kuhnle

      Cash I can make you a better shooter. I promise you I can. We can 1v1 if you want but I’m tellin you I can shoot the rock. Freshman man year I’m averaging 20+ points and at least 4-6 3-pt shots a game made. Please trust me my guy.

    35. jxn Gxs

      flight is the definition of delusional

    36. Hisham

      nobody flight i just didnt have the cameras on cash lookin at him like seriously

    37. Armando Martinez reyes

      Flight saying he wouldnt loose to a 5 foot player but he lost to a 4 foot 9 🤔😂😂

    38. Jaylan Nesbit

      How you got all that muscle and still airball

    39. Astro Caution

      Cash this is just SAD

    40. scott brown

      Cash shot stiff asf smh

    41. Samuel Pierre

      Anyone else love this flight delusionalness? He's being delusional for the team.

    42. Flacolivelife YT


    43. FortyTheRapper (DoubleYT)

      As much as Flight be, he's like most of us. DRIVE. You're listening to the 3 people that say you use muscle all the time

    44. Landon Price

      I’m gonna be honest, Cash has gotten worse, his defense has substantially slipped, he misses a lot more layups, and shoots and unnecessary amount of 3s just to hit 20% of them and call it his hot spot.

    45. Kingkhriz 401

      Top of the key cold spot

    46. Forzxns

      idk why everybody throwing cash under the bus he said him self he not a hooper hooper he just a hooper and flight stop saying everybody copying your moves lol

    47. We The People

      Flight JUST SHUT UP G,,,, u SORRY

      1. We The People


    48. We The People


    49. We The People

      I'm short,,,, flight and I swear you ain't getting na points

    50. We The People

      Yeah CASH no excuses riding a bike, never forget your form BIG CASH BIG HOMIE,,,,GET IT DONE,,,,AND YEAH IF YOU DRIVE ON HIM YOU'D KNOCK HIM THE F out

    51. We The People

      Flight calm down homie,,,,BIG BRUH u a drama QUEEN at times

    52. POPITEEZZ_

      I’m not surprised, it’s Julian Newman after all

    53. naz

      20:43 this man did every 2k dribble move in the book on him I could get on 2k right now and copy every single thing he did

    54. Kylo iOS

      Cash =🗑 Flight=🚬

    55. Foodstampbandit2

      Look at flight man

    56. Kody Mackie

      Apparently he can leave you open top of the key.

    57. Harris CR

      Cash was trash anyway

    58. Glorykidd Gaming

      Julian definitely like 5’5 goin to 5’6

    59. The Abhinav

      I remember the days when people used to say that Julian>Lamelo ball & now Lamelo is a top 3 draft pick & Julian is playing DE-newsrs 😂

    60. The Abhinav

      Bruh Google says that Julian Newman is 5'7 but he don't look that tall tho😂

    61. Paul Ivey

      God I hope this humbles him we don't need 2 flights

    62. Good Night

      I thought you were going to say yooo like a sad way before the video I can’t believe this happened

    63. Skxer

      Cash ur not a shooter you get lucky days

    64. Ethan Tan

      Flight can’t say shit about cash Flight can’t hit a shit too

    65. RaptorZ

      If cash stops shooting he won’t be as good but since he has a muscle body he can be a better paint player and he would score more so cash would be way better! No hate I’m just saying it’s true.

    66. Infinite-ONeil24

      Full power cash nasty vs kid flight 80 overall who y’all got

    67. T- Sween-

      Cashhhhhhh you canttt shooottttt stop it bro you can’t shoot top of the key not from the wing not from no where you are a slasher my dude and barely that you a post scorer ..TIGHTEN UP STOP TAKING L’s

    68. SelfMadeBr

      It’s Cool Cash You Still The Best Basketball DE-newsr out there 🐐❤️🙏🏽

    69. xXAHMED24Xx

      Cash forgot volume shooter 🎚

    70. DB THE GREAT

      Spam bricks 🧱🧱🧱🧱🧱🧱🧱🧱