YouTube's copyright system is broken

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    Warner Chappell have copyright claimed 25% of my content in 2 hours and there isn't much I can do about it.
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    1. Mumbo Jumbo

      UPDATE (as taken from my twitter) Things are a bit muddy. - I do have written permission from the artist to use the claimed song. - However; the song uses a sample that has been picked up by Warners content ID bot. So I am being claimed for a sample, not the song. I'm still hoping we can resolve this. And take this as a lesson from me: Not only should you ensure you have complete rights to the music you are using for your videos, but also ensure that you ask about any samples that have been used. Otherwise you could end up in this situation (And you wouldn't want that). Will do a video on Tuesday explaining. I am taking a day off tomorrow!

      1. RyanCR 3000

        same problem here.

      2. Mahbu

        I didn't really understand the whole situation or what even happened to your songs until I saw the Tom Scott video on copyright and youtube. For anyone who hasn't seen it, I definitely suggest looking into it.

      3. E -Box

        ​@TienOuttaTien Is taking 25% of all revenue with putting in absolutely zero work justified? I truly hope these companies that have become blind with greed take all the backfire they deserve.

      4. Templar

        What you need is a Lawer... barrister

      5. Doggo Immortals

        Mumbo Jumbo If I report this for nudity then the people at DE-news have to watch the whole thing and acknowledge it. Then the claims go away.

    2. Randomly Placed Coffee

      It kinda sucks that I maybe won’t ever be noticed and just have to deal with the same person reporting every music video I make. My music was made by me on a music app and some person comes in and successfully ruins everything. I had 4 music videos and they we’re the only videos I had on my channel, DE-news didn’t even give me the exact reason they was taken down (followed up by a copyright strike).

    3. hidde winter

      all hail robocopyright

    4. MasterGamer wasd

      Mumbo Jumbo: Uses music with permission. WarnerChappell: Wait, that's illegal.

    5. Sarotar Nin

      Charlie chaplain would take the whole chanelle

    6. Lil Yoda

      And they realize now?! After 400 videos!? damn.

    7. Moldycumsock

      Cool stairs mate

    8. Jigskavig

      yay it's obvious robbery!

    9. Salubrious GoldFish

      Good lord, that's crazy

    10. YouTube Copyright System

      I'm not broken

      1. Juice WRLD

        DE-news Copyright System yeah you are you let me use copyrighted songs but not let other people use copyrighted songs

    11. Adam Aviation

      Basically they want money

    12. Jude Finnie

      Stop speaking english the english language is copyrighted

    13. Godwill Boro

      And also which monsters dislike The world is doomed D: DE-news be rekt

    14. Godwill Boro

      You know the system sucks when even a person like mumbo gets claimed

    15. Godwill Boro

      The system is broken

      1. Juice WRLD

        Godwill Boro yeah they let me use a copyrighted song that was from Juice WRLD

    16. Distortion9000

      Maybe mumbo should build a copyright system out of redstone

    17. Tyson Graham

      Nice house

    18. Savagecatlover1029

      Petiton to start a fully legit social media war on Warner Chapell and possibly youtube itself: | | \/

      1. Savagecatlover1029

        [Btw im serious, im not a like beggar.]

    19. ChillingArc2936

      Wow is that ur real voice?!?! It sounds so different!!!

    20. mc_null

      Fun fact: one Russian HL1/HL2 youtuber named "ALLAN" got 4 strikes out of 3 because of that broken system. he got -350k subs until his 2 channels got recovered.

    21. Gideon Death

      youtube is a jerk!!!!

    22. PoPpAnDa08


    23. EmZet09

      I feel bad for your video

    24. Carl

      Was anyone else recommended this exactly 1 year later. It still feels weird without Mumbo's intro and outro.

    25. Rajdeep Goswami

      hey mumbo i can suggest you to make your downloadable worlds copyright

    26. Shadow Ghost

      Yey face cam

    27. • Łįñå •

      *The hand movements on this video were intense*

    28. April Whitlock

      Only saw this may 2020, im sorry to hear this Mumbo

    29. George Mitchell

      Feels bad man

    30. A Wasim

      Finally I can see Mumbos face

    31. CamOutlaws44

      My mans got a mansion

    32. adwa awddw Spam this link on every copyright complaint video you see on DE-news

    33. TheSeemless Show

      Warner chapel came after you. Now they're coming after our lives.

    34. rud1

      F vtbyjujjjbh iygbv twas yh. Ugbugg on8jn

    35. Gij Hkgoy

      Let me ensure you that this is the company that CLAIMED HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

    36. Aidan Toh

      youtube suks

    37. Zer0 Gravity DE-news’s copywright system is broken

    38. Sparks2026

      man didn’t know this happened to u watching most ur vids coz of corona this shit deep hope this still don’t happen

    39. megan holt

      Don't leave now

    40. Michael Crnkovic

      Fuck DE-news

    41. Joshua Hargrave

    42. iMatrix

      DE-news a piece of sh1t

    43. Myck Jubber

      Got your back, supporting however we can!

    44. Silent G4M3R

      That sucks bud

    45. Royale TO

      This video: gets claimed Mumbo: ;-;

    46. Trope A Dope

      I think they wanted to get you banned

    47. Thunder Gauntlet

      Change your name to Warner Chappell. This is Hugo Boss all over again! Feels bad man. It's clearly not just or fair, it just sucks when a company feels the need to pinch every penny for any technicality.

    48. Sullivan Deffinger

      Well it seems like youtube is slipping farther and farther downhill.

    49. Hannes Lerm

      I was unsubscribed from your channel automatically :/

    50. Kriddle T


    51. Harry Olinski

      Insensitive video dislikers...

    52. Sh0k T1LT3R

      One of your sci craft videos have the intro on

    53. MatPlay

      Monetizing videos on youtube is like playing russian roulette but with 5 bullets instead of one. Some random piece of shit may just claim all the money you made from video Someone may strike your channel And if you are really unlucky your entire channel may be terminated

    54. Oliver Preston

      Mumbo take them to court 😃

    55. Benedict Brivan

      Imagine if the dislikes in this video was automate by the boys of Warner Crapapple

    56. [TTV] Orca ツ O

      *This DE-news Video has been copywriter claimed by Warner Chappell*

    57. TNS Dylan

      Hi mumbo this happened to another DE-newsr tobjzl had this happen to him

    58. ACE

      Imaging the internet claiming every media because it's on the internet

    59. Liam Kruger

      Take them to court

    60. Daven Playz

      I haven’t got anything like that

    61. DND donut

      WHY!! This is stupid!

    62. Unusual Baguette

      Im glad they got slammed on twitter for this, that stevie fellow though, not sure where his head is

    63. Kesh Keeper

      I like how he posted this on DE-news, even though this against youtube

    64. Mogsy Games

      Logan paul: tazes dead rat, shows dead body, lies about being colourblind etc. DE-news: yeah i'll give him a spot in trending Mumbo: plays minecraft youtube: *STOP YOUVE VIOLATED THE LAW*

    65. David Bakke

      Took me a while to realize it was his intro, not his content lol

    66. aratosm

      I guess this is a response video?

    67. Teeber

      I went to their insta in may 2020 and they have 75k followers and they are verified, but they get less than 100 likes and less than 10 comments on their posts. They are a fake follower and a bad company.

    68. ImTheNidron

      F yt.

    69. CoolConman Dude

      Is is why his intro is gone, ohhhh

    70. Bryan W

      sue their ass!!!!!