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    Warner Chappell have copyright claimed 25% of my content in 2 hours and there isn't much I can do about it.
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    1. Mumbo Jumbo

      UPDATE (as taken from my twitter) Things are a bit muddy. - I do have written permission from the artist to use the claimed song. - However; the song uses a sample that has been picked up by Warners content ID bot. So I am being claimed for a sample, not the song. I'm still hoping we can resolve this. And take this as a lesson from me: Not only should you ensure you have complete rights to the music you are using for your videos, but also ensure that you ask about any samples that have been used. Otherwise you could end up in this situation (And you wouldn't want that). Will do a video on Tuesday explaining. I am taking a day off tomorrow!

      1. Kitty Bucher

        This makes me sad, because I've always really loved your intro & outro songs....

      2. cold gold

        They fixed it :)

      3. Carter04

        I just got a complaint for all of my video from that Warner Bros wbg on my outro even tho it is copyright free music from youtube audio library and I did all the crediting

      4. beastmaster 64

        You have a nice house

      5. Cory Bernhardt

        Mumbo Jumbo I think copyright system is under attack.

    2. Kristen Streck

      Seriously, how can they just say “this is mine” and get cash from it before the defending party can even present their defense? That’s not proper IMO. They should be able to claim the video, but claiming would effectively put a hold on revenue collected from it- and it should stay like that until 30 days after the claim was filed OR until the creator of the video admits to the theft of content, OR until the entity claiming the video can prove beyond doubt that content was stolen by the creator of the video. (Think about situations in which someone reuploads another’s video and claims it as their own. The original creator can prove beyond doubt that it is theirs by showing raw footage, upload dates, things of that sort.) The burden of proving innocence should not fall to the creator immediately. That’s the biggest flaw- the entity making the claim should **have** to have some substantial reason for the claim. Then, if the video creator can provide anything (like Mumbai having written permission to use the song), they should be able to easily provide said evidence of their innocence. DE-news needs to be a non-biased party in this, like a judge should be, too.

    3. The Head Derp

      I know that I am a bit late, don’t know what state you are in now, but this system is completely messed up

    4. Benjamin Bradford

      It’s really unfortunate that this is happening to creators who’ve done nothing wrong... Things like this are going to be what kills DE-news eventually

    5. Sarcasm

      Yeah youtube is a business, but if the only thing they focus on keeping happy are the companies and advertisers, they'll be utterly screwed if a better platform for actual content creators pops up in the future. DE-news will be nothing without the content creators.

    6. Sarcasm

      So does the claimant keep the money they get before it's disputed? Or do they have to return it? If they keep it... I can see why any and all greedy companies would just throw around claims for the hell of it, as it would be free money for them each and every time with no repercussions.

    7. AvWorgen

      DE-news is scamming you out of money

    8. Charles baldwin

      Life liberty and the pursuit of property I mean happiness

    9. Charles baldwin

      What I’m trying to say is a loophole has been found for patent application. your best bet is to file a design or intellectual property patent with the federal government of the United States in order to post videos on DE-news it sounds ridiculous but it’s fundamental and that’s what most people need to be doing and according to the constitution under patent applications any image or usage of video is usable by the United States government covered under the UN and us Patriot act

    10. Charles baldwin

      Hey Google owns DE-news. Google is an American company. Americans companies are governed by the American constitutional governing system and therefore, because you are not an American citizen, or publisher you do not retain those rights. So just like the light bulb or oil embargo it is not yours!. Also there is no governing system for the web. You don’t have any rights.

    11. Adewale Adeyemi

      You could download all the videos, edit the intros, and repost them.

    12. Jacob Embry

      Its the first time for me

    13. Jacob Embry


    14. Jacob Embry


    15. Jacob Embry

      It happened to me too

    16. Marquays

      Those who false copyright should have jail time... or youtube should stop being dumb

    17. SteelDecidueye - Gaming, Pokemon, and More!

      Well look at that. Vid demonetized. Close to.

    18. bingoviini

      F### off youtube!

    19. The Eclectic Dyslexic

      genuinely all youtube has to do is make it so that a company can't make copyright claims if they have made a certain number already and less than x% were valid claims.

    20. Jacob Kelia

      Hermitcraft S4 E5 is still a treasure!

    21. Oliver Bradley

      Mumbo: plays the perfect intro for his channel Warner Chappell: Hippity hoppity tihs is my property

    22. Alotofthings

      wait that's illegal

    23. LBX MEGA

      Damn... First they claim your videos Next thing you know they will go after you for your mustache.

    24. EndyEnderman2/HunterKing343

      Around same time 1 month ago, people streaming E3 and then posting their reaction videos also got copyrighted by Warner Chappell even tho it was just raw reaction footage they took from their own streams.

    25. Supernova Network

      Thumbnail: in minecraft Video: irl *you weren't supposed to do that*

    26. Mike Beringer

      Just make a falling edge mono-stable circuit triple piston extending auto copyright claim bot rejecting redstone system. That should keep it sorted for a while.

    27. Copyright

      Im offended

    28. Jielyn Sabarez

      Warner Chappell is the company embodiment of Morgz

    29. DunsparceDM

      Where is your mustache!?

    30. Waddle Dee

      That house looks modern, Grian must have built it, that’s a copyright claim

    31. Mister Whacky

      I Love Mumbo! Oh No! Someone Said That Already! I’ll be copyrighted!

    32. lynKx :P

      Mom: What did you do!? Little brother: It wasn't me! Bruce started it! Mom: Bruce! Come down here! Me: Wtf

    33. Richi

      You should make those videos private, so those suckers won't get money from them.. This is so disgusting... Really hard not to swear dude, how do you do this?

    34. Austrian Bish

      Theoretically, can I steal a video, then reupload it , monetise it and then copyright claim the person who made the video? That's pretty dangerous.

    35. G0blin

      i just checked out their youtube channel and every video has an immensely bad like/dislike ratio and all the comments are disabled. I'd say they have definitely suffered repercussions lmao

    36. Atomic_bananaS

      Programmers create DE-news for earning money, not like a social and good platform...

    37. The Living Graveyard

      Warner Chappell is a prime example of someone abusing the DE-news content ID system. They claim they own absolutely ridiculous things, such as the opening cutscene to Pokémon games and even some movie clips. Hell, I can register your face as something owned by me and therefore take this video down. The system is awful and Warner Chappell is taking advantage of it.

    38. WierdSponge

      Time to dislike warner chappel

    39. MoCreatureGuy

      The like to dislike ratio on this video is 237:1, DE-news really needs to redo their copyright system

    40. Jamie Lofts

      They got me for the title of one of my songs. The song in question is completely different in style, chords and lyrics. The only thing that is the same is one word in the title and chorus. They disputed it so did I and its come back that they don't agree so now I'm stuck. Looks like they win even though they have no evidence of me stealing anything because, I haven't. Imagine if they owned the rights to the power of love. Christ, that's at least 5 songs getting taken off.

    41. Razia Sultana


    42. userering

      *May* have copyrighted materials

    43. Kyotaka shi

      DE-news: hello Warner Chapell: yes edit: also i know youtube's automated system is s**t and i completely agree

    44. Anonymous King

      Warnerwhatever leave mumbo alone #SaveMumbo

    45. Phoenix Veal

      What happened to innocent until proven guilty 🙄

    46. QuiqueQ303 '

      Little did you know... Warner Chappell is secretly controlled by Stingy.

    47. Sam the Salty Miner

      ik im watching this late, but you took this very well. your a good person

    48. Aneeesh Kalla

      Spam those idiots

    49. Stellacore Productions Colleen Ford Yes Bluefong No

      1 second later... This video has been copyrighted. Sorry :/ Mumbo jumbo: Screw you! Warner Chappell: Hahaha! Oh and I will ban Warner Chappell, don't worry...

    50. Epsilon

      DE-news only cares about making money they give 0 fucks towards content creators like you even though this is your livelihood, I do hope though that the disputes go in your favor

    51. Salad Man

      DE-news: Hello Company Company: Hello I like money DE-news: So why would you copyright a second video Company: Money

    52. Xycrol

      I got a fake copyright strike from Aiplex Software Private Limited

    53. pyro boi445

      Bruh claim your own vid

    54. Jack Bishenden

      DE-news's system is flawed and there is a simple way to fix it. Have it so that the person who has been claimed against has their revenue from the video paused and held by DE-news until the claim is resolved. If the claim is found to be false then the youtuber should be paid everything, and if the claim is found to be true, then the claimant gets their money, not they claim and it just gets paid to them until it's disputed

    55. Jacob&Sam

      why don't you go to YT h.q. and show them the letter and maybe they will take you off the copy rite strike

    56. Alexander Le

      Companies and channels that issue false copyright strikes should have CONSEQUENCES, There needs to be some kind of punishment to avoid these automated systems that copyright claims videos.

    57. TheGameGrinder

      DE-news: I'm sorry, but redstone from Mojang. Mumbo Jumbo: screw this. Me: Ummmm.............?

    58. TheGameGrinder

      My God. DE-news is actually being as stupid as a CAVE MAN. Just, why. DE-news, if you don't fix this, I'm moving over to twitch. Oh and I'm gonna tell EVERYONE in my school about your BROKEN © SYSTEM

    59. Sherlock H 11

      Warner chappel : sends mumbo 400 copyright claims Mumbo: tweets

    60. Aiden Clark

      The 472 dislikes are youtubes copyright bots

    61. JR Norris

      Hey Mumbo, I ran across this today. Is this guy's music the same? Have things worked out yet? 4 of my 7 kids and I love watching your channels. We are rooting for you!!

    62. Rodrigo Adrian Rodríguez Aedo

      F*ck you DE-news

    63. mesa undefined

      youtube:why do you want to claim this video? company: youtube:hell yea lets do it

    64. ByRO YT

      The DE-news are being such greedy people’s taking the money of hard working DE-newsrs

    65. UMadBro ?

      Next video: AFK disputes farm.

    66. The Noobest Girl

      These story pisses me off. This is why as a new creator I am legitimately wary of the system because it's so broken and I wonder if it's even worth it getting into this mess in the first place. DE-news is so biased towards the companies filing the copyright claims and even when they are completely wrong they experience no repercussions for their actions ever. They should be fined for every single false claim that is proven not guilty and the money should be given straight to the creators for their grief!

    67. Mitch Mine Shafter

      I have two questions Has the person who has gotten 8% of your revenue giving back the money? Has DE-news gave you back one of your three DE-news strikes?

    68. Finnian Quail

      Hwere the fuckerie is the moustache