Zack Ryder celebrates his Long Island win: Raw Exclusive, July 15, 2019



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    Even though Curt Hawkins missed his match, Long Island Iced-Z rides high as "The Gratitude Era" propels him to a big hometown win over Mike Kanellis.
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    1. Trash Garbage

      I WAS THERE!

    2. Aldrin Fabon

      Hey check out Curt Hawkins's shirt

    3. Tony Bananas

      Roses are red Violets are blue Ryder should get the grand slam Woo... woo... woo

    4. Red Rum

      Hawkins beating kanellis next lol

      1. puppetmaster 274

        Tbh I think I would of rather seen that happen Instead

    5. Kejon Lowe

      Feud right their

    6. Adolfo Pena

      That's not Zack Snyder.

    7. N A

      They need to push Ryder and Hawkins to the moon!

    8. His Son

      Wwe you need to push zach and hawkins for real they have so much personality charisma. They deserve better.

      1. puppetmaster 274

        Maybe next week we can See Hawkins Vs Kanellis

    9. Planet Plissken

      is there literally a single person on planet earth that cares about this?? 🤣🤣🤣

    10. Robert Vantine

      Zack Attack! Woo Woo Woo!

    11. Political Gyan

      Make Zack Ryder Great Again

      1. Political Gyan

        @puppetmaster 274 Yup

      2. puppetmaster 274

        And Curt

    12. Romaunda Mitnaul

      1 like = how many times they said gratitude

    13. Zakk Wylde

      They didn't even give these two a real chance to defend...

      1. B

        +Zakk Wylde how are you? you sub to my channel?

    14. Lucas Ettinger


    15. Michael L. Rayner

      Quick win for Zack, but it does nothing for him.

    16. TheOfficial Logix

      Nothing big lol

    17. jordan mccluskey

      That was a Mean way he was talking 2 Cathy

    18. JonnySuite13

      Looks like Cathy just got the news at the last minute.

    19. Harshvardhan Saini

      Cathy's expressions though! :D

    20. Sadiq Khan

      Cathy is so hot

    21. Shivane

      those guys were better champs than the revival.....

    22. RicciPlayz

      Sorry but what the F was wrong with his theme music?

    23. Yeetus To The Max

      0:41 the look on her face tho

    24. Gaurav Dubey

      They both need a *Push* with *Eve* as a *sidekicker* !

    25. justice fludd

      only thing i like is the cross brand battle royal

    26. Alan Becerra

      Didn't Zack Ryder had a segment about wanting to win the Universal Championship so he could become a Grand Slam Champion? What happened to that 'storyline' if you can call it that?

      1. Aj Lyness

        @John Calebsonn Man, that sucks.

      2. John Calebsonn

        but then he favored the 24/7 title over the Universal title at the end of that segment. wasn’t meant to turn into a storyline

    27. Geoffrey Yan

      that look on Cathy Kelly's face

      1. Sadiq Khan

        She is so hot

    28. Nelson Nelson

      Edge must be proud

    29. Ricardo Vincenty

      That cool won in his hometown cool finally they ain't do nothing stupid

    30. Nate Dogg

      Hopefully they give Ryder a WWE championship run soon. He deserves it

    31. Eric Adams


    32. Ramadhan Albi

      Ffs, I wanna lick cathy kelly so bad So sexy

      1. We_GotEmBoy


    33. Sasha Banks

      So happy that he got some screen time and won. *Finally*

    34. Marc Ortega

      Zack needs to be push...This was funny Zack said to Cathy. She isn't happy.But what funny moment here by Zack said to her.😅😅😅🤘🤘👍👍

      1. Marc Ortega

        @Aj Lyness Thank you for agree me...😊🤘🤘👍👍

      2. Aj Lyness

        I agree with you so much.

    35. JRA Tu Amigo

      Zack Ryder future WWE Champion

      1. Gocel


      2. Prowel !


      3. Rene Mejias

        Lol no.

      4. Sun

        Both of you have good jokes 😹

    36. Starhunter


      1. puppetmaster 274

        Who ryder and hawkins or ryder and kanellis or hawkins and kanellis

      2. puppetmaster 274

        @Elite FxTE well hopefully you remember now lol 😂

      3. PlayerPerPerson Personal Gaming

        @Gary Taylor lolololol

      4. Y Soap

        @Gary Taylor Damn you roasted him so bad

      5. Gary Taylor

        Its funny cause they are not even aware of your existence at all 😂

    37. Jaime Garcia

      Truth won back his title

    38. Sports Entertaining

      This is gonna be his only win for a long time 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    39. Kenny Singh

      The only thing I liked tonight was Alexa Bliss, even though Natalya won the match. Whatever, Alexa's accomplished enough, let her stick to a moment of bliss, or have her and Nikki become women's tag team champions.

      1. Ümit Yatan

        or get of tv for a long long time

    40. TheNatural1

      What was with the new generic music he had? No OH, RADIO?

      1. Arkadiusz Podsada

        His TT theme with Hawkins?

    41. shing提屁

      Please upload bray wyatts return. 😁😁😁😁

    42. Igor180

      LOL!!!, Cathy's face😂😂😂

    43. Fondeus /Fondile

      Push Ryder


      Oh im 1st cause i saw the video before i commented

    45. This is Dope

      These guys appear in more backstage interviews on DE-news than on TV

    46. Samir Jones


    47. Viper631

      I seriously thought they were actually going to have him job to a pregnant women. Glad they went with him actually winning a match at home.

      1. Paul Bezerril

        Oh wait him job sorru

    48. Something Else

      What could've been

    49. Randy Orton


    50. orso gaming

      0 views 2 likes

    51. charlotte xoxo4

      2st to comment

      1. We_GotEmBoy

        charlotte xoxo4 it’s 2nd

    52. orso gaming


      1. Mr. Rayan

        Here's a lollipop for your huge achievement 🍭

    53. Adarsh Pandey

      hurrey i was the first to like and i am a great fan of roman my idle you rock becauae i feel a john's impresion in him

      1. Adarsh Pandey

        @Bhargav Chavda no we can't because hell is already filled with guys like you😂😂😂

      2. Bhargav Chavda

        Roman fans can go to hell

    54. Arvind Jayakandan