Zack Ryder vs. Mike Kanellis: Raw, July 15, 2019



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    In his hometown, Long Island Iced-Z locks up with Mike Kanellis.
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    Am Vor Monat


    1. TheJalon BaughShow

      Maria is loser

    2. Luigi Ibarra

      Maria you need to follow the Rules because you're pregnant and pregnant Womens they can't fight

    3. I'M THE MAN

      I like this.

    4. Iron Lion

      wow that match just like that mike kanellis losing to zack ryder in less than a minute LOL

    5. KingDavid - XxHellDignityxX

      Who could blame me with legs like that. for real

    6. dylan hughes

      More like in less then 10 seconds match starts at 1:02 finishes at 1:11

    7. Kalonice’s Glow

      Let’s not ignore the fact that Maria is copying Becky Lynch’s hair, jacket and kinda attire😑🤭🤭🤭🤭

    8. Kermit Kancer Lads

      The announcer was being nice it was less than 10 seconds Started 1:02 Ended 1:10

    9. Daniel Ryan

      I get the feeling they are trying to play this as a comedy situation. Only problem is that its not funny. Just a tad too mean spirited.

    10. Raynezz H

      What's the purpose of Maria? The way she talks to him is terrible.

    11. LizElla

      María Is my fave since 2008😭 so nice ti see her under some spotlight again 💕💕

    12. Mike Henderson

      This is straight gold.... keep it going

    13. Cornelius Charles

      I'm curious to see where this storyline is going. It's entertaining in a cringy kinda way but what is this leading up to? Maybe a push for her husband ?

    14. Suth Kolu

      I think they want to take it to a cuckolding angle 😉 Maria will humiliate Mike by getting attracted to another hunk n start the process soon.. 😋

    15. Fitness Lyam

      Is that a new thing with the ring announcers now, also I could just tell that thst match was only going yo last like 10 seconds or so.

    16. Fitness Lyam

      It's funny that Mike took Maria's last name.

    17. Fitness Lyam

      This is just a storyline they are goings to stay together in real life.

    18. Take One Productions By: AARON YOX

      She doesn’t have Allie to abuse anymore guess she’ll abuse the husband

    19. Handsome Arabian Prince

      Really dont get where this is going...

    20. Red Rum

      This is punishment for Mike and maria using wwe as a mealticket

    21. Phil Ouimette

      Why did they have to announce the in less than 1 minute part.

    22. Indro kifli

      Wwe gotta stop using real life story in their storyline.. Bring back attitude era!! The rating will go up!

    23. Reaper Goku

      Then brake up with him like damn 🤦🏽‍♂️

    24. Xavier Cleveland

      I’m sorry Maria has always been bad asl

    25. Muzykant

      I truly believe that losing to Zack Ryder isn't the only one thing Mike does in less than one minute 😂😂😂

    26. Elite xeno

      He won in 9 secs

    27. Antiwan Bell

      Maria still fine as hell


      Letting a pregnant women wrestle is a really stupid idea for a story line

    29. Devraj Roy

      This is exploitation of the couple's personal life..come on give them the spotlight they really deserve

    30. Rocky Sam

      Mike kaneles very good fighting in IMPACT Wrestling,but after he is join in WWE he is totally waste of wrestler

    31. SRIHARI G

      After long days its good to see Zack ryder

    32. Natividad Baylo

      hes the new curt hawkins

    33. R a a

      Curt 2.0

    34. k.s.a

      Symptoms of Vince going to buy impact wrestling

    35. Alex Valdez

      The money must be good for him to constantly go out there every week and get embarrassed like this and have his wife be little him. Scripted or not this man has no shame.

    36. Eleazar Gonzalez

      I know Maria is just playing a charter but I hope Mike Kanellis is getting some evernite for embarrassing him on live T.V.

    37. fantasy*

      Is Maria actually pregnant? I’m actually hoping not, it would be nice to see her be a full time wrestler again.

    38. jerospace

      Mike looks like CM Punk

    39. Aries Nyuratik

      I'm just here so I see Zack Ryder win a match.

    40. Tony Savelli

      This Story line needs to end it SUCKS. Pretty soon this HOSE is going to kick this poor guy out of his own house.

    41. Ghost E

      Dam it Mike put her in her place

    42. incativated

      What kind of a moron scripts these lines?

    43. Random Dude

      Maria's legs are so hot.

    44. DM Hunter

      Her gimmick as a airhead was better. Why is she even back?

    45. Blaz3 _YT

      Happy to see zack ryder win

    46. Notgoodwithnames Apparently

      LMAO that was funny af, more of this please @WWE

    47. carlson 34-7

      10 seconds


      I Feel Bad For Mike Gets Buried By His Wife Then Loses To Zack Ryder in Less than 20 Seconds

    49. alishehzadpaul

      Terrible new theme song for Ryder...bring back the old theme song

    50. Iverson Delorie

      1:12 why???😂😂😂🤦🏽‍♂️

    51. S. B

      WWE is just destroying a good relationship for a storyline that's not very interesting and for characters that they are never ever going to push to the top. 😠😠😠😠

    52. Wei Skylar

      Can somebody explain what this story is supposed to do for him?

    53. CoolWarrior600

      That was quick also this ok storyline seems ok

    54. WhoBossMe Sales

      Maria Wrestled Umaga... she can take on zack ryder 😂

    55. Lexxi Starr

      You know your career is going nowhere when you get squashed by ZACK RYDER!!! Dude got buried deeper than The Nexus in ONE night.

    56. Your one and only

      What is the point of this???

    57. LĒ4F Sçyth3

      10 second match

    58. 40link

      this guy needs to get his act together and start wining stuff

    59. Joe Paia

      I wish Maria would use her old music least one time and entrance

    60. M.Ghost

      Whoa, she said a banned word. She said "wrestle"? In the WWE? Balls.

    61. Faraan Babar

      when will these two put some sense to each other they are a gorgous married couple

    62. Kelema Cabatingan

      Is she a Walmart version of Becky

    63. Fábio Jericho Y2J

      Maria Kanellis will paid divorce to Mike K. lol... 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    64. zack Noor

      After watching... Im confused, what actually these all about?

    65. judith estrada

      Maria Sucks

    66. Dustin Martin

      She is obviously losing her mind.

    67. zangetsu 713

      I'm sorry but, who is this story for???smh🤔🧐🤔🧐

    68. Rolando Valdovinos

      Is she trynna kill her baby????

    69. Rigoletto Funyon

      Why is she so awful? Will she get her comeuppance?

    70. Gustavo Lopez

      IN 9 SEC