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This landing page, de-news.net, offers you access to three project websites with headlines about Germany – in English and French: GermanCorrespondent.com, GermanPolicy.com, and journal-allemand.com.

de-news.net was established by Thorsten Koch, MA, PgDip. He has been a writer and researcher since 1995. As a journalist, Koch has made a career in, successively, the fields of regional, IT, financial, and political reporting.

Besides, he is an NGO Manager, having served, among other roles, as a Senior Expert on Mauritania for Amnesty International. Since 2017, he has engaged in the field of soft counter-extremism. In this regard, Koch is the founder of the non-profit Policyinstitute.net which also emphasizes ways to counter hate and capacity building in the Sahel.

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